Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 36.2

He chose to ignore Shen Jue, then took out his phone and launched the Weibo app. 

However, when he started the app, he was stunned for a moment.

The entire homepage was full of posts from @XiaoShenXiaoGuAMatchMadeInHeaven.

Gu Yanshu slowly realised a problem. Hadn’t he already unfollowed this person previously? Why did this account appear again?

It was only when he clicked his “following” list that he realised what had happened. Back then, he had just casually followed a group of users under Weibo’s “Bloggers that you might be interested in” list. 



How did the trashy system decide that he was interested in this stupid and rich CP fan?

Gu Yanshu closed his following list and returned to the homepage again. As soon as he refreshed it, @XiaoShenXiaoGuAMatchMadeInHeaven had reposted two more Weibo posts.

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@DkysFbldDkysQwGYyvnbYyelRdTlyhld: “Mblal’p ds dlle vs twlpp. R oyp vblal. Mblu alyzzu jkpple.” ///@MblUVpRFwrrsavQlvpYyaakleXdMblFrsv: “Gbbb!!! ! ! Ohlausdl, nsxl yde oyvnb vbkp zkhl casyenypv! Mblu jkpple!! Mblu jkpple!! Mblu jkpple, aktbv?!!

Geekvksdyz: Akels Nkdj [Fbld Kwl Fyhkdt vbl Uyv, Qw Zydpbw Fyhkdt Fbld Kwl]

Qw Zydpbw: “…”

Tso nswze y rlnj sd vbl qsalblye cl nsdpkelale y jkpp? Ebyv oyp oasdt okvb vblpl nswrzl qydp? Mblu nswze lhld es pwnb y vbkdt?

Qw Zydpbw zssjle yv vbl plnsde Elkcs rspv kdekqqlaldvzu.

@DkysFbldDkysQwGYyvnbYyelRdTlyhld: Qw Zydpbw oyp vbl sdl obs ckv bkx. Rq bl oypd’v vbl sdl, R’zz nbsr xu blye sqq yde zlv vbl qydp jknj kv zkjl y cyzz. ///@MblYlvknwzswpzuXcplahkdtQkaz: Gbbb! ! ! Rq vbl rbsvs pldv cu vbl rasewnvksd vlyx nwv swv vbl kxytl sq Qw Zydpbw, Fbld Kwl yde vbl nyv, vblu zssjle vss xwnb zkjl y qyxkzu sq vball! Gde obyv oyp oasdt okvb Fbld Kwl’p xswvb? Ebs ckv bkx? Ebs ckv bkx?

Qw Zydpbw: “…”


Who would f*cking bite Shen Jue for no reason?


If you have the ability, you’d better cut off your head and kick it like a ball for me.

However, Shen Jue’s injury…

It really looked as though he was bitten. 

Then again, who bit him? 

He knew that if it wasn’t himself, it couldn’t be anyone else.

So, if he thought about it in another way…

There was no other way to think about it. 

All other ways did not exist. 

Because it was f*cking impossible.

Gu Yanshu logged out of his alternate account coldly and logged into his main account to begin working.

Then, as soon as he opened it, he saw the top comments under the official Weibo of the production team.


“Ahhh! It was too warm! It was too heartwarming!”

“When will Gu Yanshu and Shen Jue start following each other?] You’re already a family of three! It doesn’t make sense that they aren’t following each other!!”

“The atmosphere yesterday was so sweet. Even if you’re putting up an act for work, you should at least act more realistically. Follow each other!”

“Ahhh, Shen Jue followed Gu Yanshu! So, when would Gu Yanshu follow back?”

“Gu Shushu, if you don’t follow back, Mommy will think that you’re rude.”

Are you even as old as me? How can you even think of becoming my mother?

Gu Yanshu didn’t want to pay attention to Shen Jue at all, but he felt that he had no choice because he was morally kidnapped. Hence, he reluctantly searched for Shen Jue’s homepage.

Then, he clicked on it.

@Shen Jue: I was bitten by a cat. ///@TheMeticulouslyObservingGirlNumberTwo: Ahhh! ! ! If the photo sent by the production team cut out the image of Gu Yanshu, Shen Jue and the cat, they looked too much like a family of three! And what was wrong with Shen Jue’s mouth? Who bit him? Who bit him?

To be able to bite it like this, has your cat become a demon?


And why was it a cat again? Why was Shen Jue so against cats? And he even said that Gu Yanshu looked like a cat? How did he look like a cat?


Shen Jue said that he looked like a cat. Shen Jue said that it was a cat bite. At night, he was alone in the room with Shen Jue. He forgot everything that happened after he got drunk. 

Gu Yanshu’s knuckles on the phone stiffened. He tilted his head and stole a glance at Shen Jue.

Shen Jue caught him peeking. “Why are you looking at me?”

“Who’s looking at you? I was just looking out of the window. It’s snowing heavily.” Gu Yanshu carried Gu Gu Gugu and turned around in a panic.

Impossible. That was absolutely impossible. Even though he wasn’t a good drinker, he definitely wouldn’t do something reckless after getting drunk.

Besides, if he really lost his rationality and did something to Shen Jue after getting drunk… Would Shen Jue still treat him like this?

Gu Yanshu hugged Gu Gugu tightly and buried his face in its soft stomach.

Liking Shen Jue was his secret, and his taboo. He couldn’t possibly say it out loud.

Shen Jue looked at the tips of his slightly red ears and chuckled. “Yes, the snow is quite heavy. If it’s any heavier, the flight will probably be cancelled.”

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