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  • Just Want to Be His Lover

    Chapter 36.1

    What a lousy name.

    Gu Yanshu felt that there was nothing wrong with the little ball of ginger sharing his surname, but it was a cat, so why did it have to be named Gugu? It wasn’t even a pigeon!

    Just as he was about to raise his objection, the tiny ginger kitten, which was lying in Shen Jue’s arms, suddenly purred a “gru” sound excitedly.

    Gu Yanshu: “…”

    Why did it sound like it was quite satisfied with this name?


    The little ginger ball couldn’t possibly know whether the name was good or bad anyway. It only knew that it seemed to have been taken in, so it grabbed the front of Shen Jue’s shirt happily and wagged its little tail as it rubbed against him. It was clearly overjoyed.

    And so, the matter was decided upon with the consent of the three parties.

    After saying goodbye to the mother cat, Shen Jue put the kitten into his coat pocket and followed the film crew down the mountain.

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    Fs, Qw Zydpbw tzydnle yv Fbld Kwl nszezu. “Ebu yal usw cwzzukdt y nyv?”

    Fbld Kwl: “…”


    This cat’s surname was indeed Gu.


    This look of absolving all responsibilities after eating something clean was in their blood.

    Yet, he couldn’t help but fall for it.

    So, he sat back in her seat lazily and poked Gu Gugu’s head with a finger. “Forget it, I won’t argue with you. You cats are like this anyway.”

    “What do you mean ‘you cats are like this’?” Gu Yanshu said calmly. “Besides, didn’t you say that you like cats?”

    “Yes, I like cats.” Shen Jue reclined his seat and lay back onto it. “Even though it hurts when cats scratch people, they’re so cute when they act coquettish.”

    It turned out that Shen Jue liked things that were coquettish and cute. He indeed had a straight man’s aesthetic taste.

    Gu Yanshu lowered his head and stroked the little ginger ball’s fur.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to wheedle.

    The mountain road was rugged. In order to avoid motion sickness, there was no recording in the car. When the director seated at the side heard what Shen Jue said, he also smiled and gossiped, “It seems that Teacher Shen likes the cat type?”

    “Yes.” Shen Jue replied casually and didn’t deny it.

    The director continued to gossip. “Then, Teacher Shen, which artists in the industry do you think are cat type?”

    Shen Jue paused for a moment, then turned to look at Gu Yanshu, who was stroking the cat with his head lowered, and chuckled. “I think Gu Yanshu is quite like a cat.”



    The smile of the director, who was used to watching such entertaining moments, froze awkwardly at the corners of his mouth.

    Gu Yanshu also stopped stroking the cat.

    Shen Jue raised his eyebrows slightly and said in a lazy and satisfied tone, “What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?”

    Of course there was something wrong!

    Didn’t he know that saying such things would make people’s thoughts run wild?


    Gu Yanshu’s ears were red and his expression was very cold. “I don’t see how I look like a cat.”

    Shen Jue chuckled. “You look quite like one right now.”


    Gu Yanshu’s face was so cold that cold air seemed to be seeping out of it. 

    The director quickly slapped his forehead. “Aiya! I almost forgot what I wanted to do! Teacher Shen, Xiao Shu, please repost the group photo that the production team has just posted on Weibo to express your gratitude to the netizens. You might also want to say something along the lines that you hope everyone can pay more attention to these farmers, who are leading difficult lives.”


    His intention to change the topic was glaringly obvious. 

    However, Gu Yanshu also appreciated it. “Alright.”

    He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to help himself and would beat up this straight man like Shen Jue, who flirted so unconsciously, if the conversation continued.

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