Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 31.2

Shen Jue paused, then looked at Gu Yanshu, whose ears were burning red, as though he had just offered an incredible invitation. He chuckled, before replying, “I’ll be there.” 

Since the pendant was already given to him, he had to add the necklace too. 

Otherwise, how could I lock you up? 

Shen Jue recalled the feeling on his hands when he played with Gu Yanshu’s ankle for the whole night yesterday, then smiled devilishly, as he sent the measurements to his assistant. 

He was not angry at all. 


Beating is a sign of affection, scolding is a sign of love. 

No matter what, Xiao Gu was very cute. 

The moment they returned to the villa and opened the door, Xia Qingqiao dashed up towards them and gave Gu Yanshu a bear hug. 

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After asking about Gu Yanshu’s condition, Jie Shuang took out her phone and handed it over to Gu Yanshu. “Here, this is a video that some of the seniors asked me to record for you. All of them have high expectations of you, and they hope that you’ll recover soon so that you can continue your good work next time!” 


Then, she sighed. “Oh, the juniors are surpassing the seniors now. You won the moment you joined the show. I’ve been on the show for so many weeks now, but I only won once.” 

Gu Yanshu was not used to others praising him, so he pulled his cap down even lower. 

Sheng Ping had worked with Gu Yanshu a few times before. During those times, Gu Yanshu had always appeared mature and aloof, but during their interactions recently, he finally saw the boyish side that people his age should have, especially when he bickered with Shen Jue. 

He felt that it was rather fun to tease Gu Yanshu. 

Hence, he smiled and added, “Indeed. Otherwise, why would Director Qin look for Xiao Shu to record an OST song? Wow, he’s indeed young and capable, not to mention he’s so good-looking. As his senior, I’m afraid I can’t last for much longer. Oh, Xiao Shu, don’t be shy. I really mean what I say!” 

Gu Yanshu was adept at dealing with people he didn’t like; he would shoot them down with his words. However, he was also easily embarrassed when it came to the friendly jokes and praises from his seniors. 

Seeing that the lowered cap was going to cover almost his entire face, Gu Yanshu chuckled and helped him out. “Don’t worry, Teacher Sheng. You’re strong despite your age, and so experienced that you can probably survive for twenty more years.” 

“…” Sheng Ping replied, “Why don’t I feel happy listening to your compliments?” 

Shen Jue raised a brow. “Really? I’m sincere about my compliments though!” 

Sheng Ping: “….” 

Fine, protect the boy all you want. 

Since that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being cruel. 


“You’d better praise the production crew. They have something to say to you.” 

Shen Jue turned and narrowed his eyes at Cao Dan.” 

Cao Dan was trembling as he handed a book over to Shen Jue. 

Shen Jue took the book and flipped through it. “What is this?” 

“Accounts book.” 


“It records the amount of money you’ve borrowed from the crew over the past few days.” 


“Tickets for the amusement park and the cotton candy, money for the pork ribs you used to brew soup for Xiao Shu, money for buying milk, vegetables, fish and other meat. After adding all these small sums up, Xiao Shu and you now owe the crew a thousand, one hundred and twenty eight dollars and thirty cents.” 


“We haven’t included interest. Based on market interest rates and rounding up the numbers, you now owe the crew a thousand, five hundred dollars.” Cao Dan spoke confidently. 

Shen Jue sneered, “Repeat this again. How did you do the calculations?” 


“It’s based on market interest…” 

Shen Jue took out his phone and dialled 110. “Hello? I want to make a report about a loan shark.” 

“Hey! Don’t do that! It’s just a joke, why are you so serious about it?” Cao Dan instantly became a coward. “However, it’s a fact that you owe us $1,128, it’s all listed in there. Everyone here has an image to maintain, so how can you not return the money?” 

No one really needed this small sum of money. 

Clearly, the production crew wanted them to work and earn money in the programme again.

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