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  • Just Want to Be His Lover

    Chapter 30.1

    Gu Yanshu got a clear look at the item in the gift box. 

    In the next second, the expectations and gratefulness he had were thrown out of the window; in fact, he was on the verge of killing a certain person. 

    However, as he thought about how Shen Jue might have stayed up the entire night for him, he forced the violent tendencies that were surging through his veins, and covered the box expressionlessly. Then, he pointed a finger at the door and said, “Please leave. I shan’t see you off.” 

    Shen Jue raised a brow. What’s the matter? Didn’t you like it?” 

    F*ck! Why would I like this?! 


    Gu Yanshu felt that none of the young, male idols would ever, possibly, like a box of four pairs of thermal leggings in black, grey, white and red stacked together. 

    Is Shen Jue sick in the head? 

    Who would use a luxury brand’s box to store these thermal leggings?!

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    Shen Jue patted him, then chuckled softly, “Hurry up and wear the pants, then go back to film the show. If you’re not going back soon, Cao Dan will come over.” 


    “You can wear them yourself.” Gu Yanshu shrugged his hand away, then sat up and prepared to get off the bed, looking extremely unhappy. 

    He had never worn this thing since a young age. How old-fashioned! 

    Which young man in this day and age would wear thermal leggings? 

    Shen Jue was f*cking mad. 

    Shen Jue grabbed him quickly, “Come back and put them on.” 

    However, he used his other hand to push Shen Jue away, “I’m not wearing them.” 

    Shen Jue reached out and pulled him back by the waist, “The doctor said that you must wear them. If you’re not going to warm your legs and take good care of them these couple of years, you’ll not be able to dance in the future even if you want to!” 

    Gu Yanshu didn’t have any strength in his arms to push him away, so he raised his leg, wanting to kick Shen Jue. Unexpectedly, Shen Jue used his move against him, and grabbed his leg! 

    His entire body was under Shen Jue’s control in an instant. 

    Gu Yanshu was startled. “Shen Jue, are you sick?” 

    “Aren’t you the sick one? You’re not eating proper meals or sleeping properly, and you’re even using your voice when your throat is overworked. Your knees are injured, and you’re still dancing, and your ankles are all bruised. Your body condition is below healthy levels, so who is the one who’s sick here?” 

    Shen Jue became sullen as he spoke, and in the end, there was no smile on his face, and one could even tell that he was suppressing his unhappiness as he spoke. 


    He seldom treated Gu Yanshu like this. 

    It was really rare for him to be angry with Gu Yanshu. 

    To put it in another way, apart from the times when Gu Yanshu made himself sick, he would never lose his temper at him. 

    Gu Yanshu felt a bit guilty, but he still tried to pull his ankle back, “You don’t have to care.” 

    “If I’m not going to care, who else will?” Not only did Shen Jue not release him, he even tightened his hold on his ankle, then looked down at him, his expression turning serious. 

    Gu Yanshu was reminded of the first time he was sick, and was pushed into bed by Shen Jue. Back then, the latter had said to him, “In the future, just tell me when you’re sick. If no one cares about you, I’ll care.” 

    At that time, he was like a small animal, which had been wandering for a long time, and had finally found somewhere to stay. He carefully became greedy about it, and he remembered his words, so every time he was sick, he would really rely on Shen Jue. 

    As for Shen Jue, he could only be his leader and brother, and the bad attitude and princely habit slowly dissipated after this. 

    Yet, didn’t Shen Jue not care about him for the past five years? 

    Perhaps people might become more needy and hot-tempered when they were sick, but when he thought about this, he felt aggrieved. His face was cold as he said, “We’ll just be troubling each other during these few days of filming. Don’t make it sound like we’re close.”

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