Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 28.1

The bullet screen was filled with comments. 

“It’s not your fault! It’s not your fault! You’re so handsome, nothing you do is wrong!” 

“This is really, really, really, epic! Damn, anyone who watched this would have thought of bondage plays! If he took on such a sultry image previously, I would have become his fan sooner! Why does he have to take those innocent, fairy-like image?” 

“Gu Yanshu’s performance should be the pinnacle of what idols are capable of.” 

“I think he’s already shot past the pinnacle, I’m willing to concede that he’s a singer.” 


“His performance today is really good. I’m straight, but I have to admit, I was mesmerised.” 

“And this stage is truly outstanding! Even though it’s simple, it’s perfect! I’ll slap anyone who dares to refute this!” 

The other guests in the waiting room also showed their support, and all of them stood up to applaud him. 

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Yet, even though Gu Yanshu was simply standing there expressionlessly, the aura he exuded completely overpowered Chen Ran’s. 


He looked towards the audience. 

He saw Sheng Ping, Xia Qingqiao and Xu Fangfang in the first row, but he did not see Shen Jue. 

He lowered his gaze, but he did not know if he was feeling depressed or relieved. 

The host began to announce the voting results. 

When he opened the first envelope, a trace of surprise flashed across his face, but he quickly regained his calm. “I’ll announce the results of the online voting. Chen Ran received a total of 53,212 online votes, which amounts to 532 votes in total. Gu Yanshu received 31189 votes, which amounts to 312 votes in total. And so, Chen Ran leads Gu Yanshu by 220 votes.” 

There was immediately an uproar in the venue. 

“Is there a bug in the system? The last time, Jie Shuang lost in the PK voting, and I would accept the explanation that Jie Shuang is not as popular as Chen Ran. But how can he win against Gu Yanshu?! Are you telling me that Gu Yanshu’s popularity is not as high as Chen Ran?!”

“This is a joke. Even though the QingShu [1] Sisters might have become much more benevolent, we’ve never lost any voting competitions before, alright?!” 

“I don’t know about you fans, but as a passerby, I voted for Gu Yanshu.” 

Even the host could not accept this outcome, so instead of doing an interview, he unsealed the second envelope and said, “Next, we’ll announce the votes from the three hundred audience judges.” 

After he said that, he paused for a moment. 


The entire venue was holding their breaths. 

“Drumroll…… I’m so nervous…” 

The host sounded excited as he reported, “Gu Yanshu received two hundred and sixty of the audience judges’ votes, while Chen Ran received forty. Right now, both sides are tied! Now, I’ll announce the votes from the thirty professional judges… Woah! That’s really unexpected!” 

The audience’s throats were in their hearts, and they really wanted to kill the host for creating this suspense. 

Finally, the host said solemnly, “Let us congratulate… Gu Yanshu! He has received unanimous acknowledgement from the professional judges, and obtained all thirty votes, breaking the tie with a three hundred votes win! He has successfully won the challenge!” 

There was resounding applause from the audience. 

“Congratulations, Gu Yanshu! You deserve it! I’m satisfied with the results today!” 

“Fortunately, the people in the audience today were neither deaf nor blind!” 

“Tsk tsk… Someone received fifty thousand votes on the internet, but only forty from the audience and none from the professional judges. What a joke!”

“The prettiest boy in the world, Gu Yanshu! The natural vocalist, Gu Yanshu! The king of dance, Gu Yanshu! The sexy yet boyish Gu Yanshu! You won’t regret standing by him! Let’s go!” 

[1] Qingshu = love letter, probably a fandom name for Gu Yanshu (Love Shu)

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