Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 26.3: His Looks Could Kill

He was originally known as an arrogant and overbearing young master in the capital, but he had been relegated into Gu Yanshu’s personal chef. 

He chuckled helplessly at the thought of this, then he brought the soup upstairs and placed it on the coffee table. “Come over and have dinner.”

“Give me a minute,” Gu Yanshu replied in a hoarse voice. 

Shen Jue went over to feel his forehead, then remarked, “Why does it feel a little hot again?” 

“I was pressing on it.” 


“Does your mouth still have a bitter taste?” 

“A little.” 

“Open your mouth.” 

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“Ls oyu,” Qw Zydpbw alrzkle nszezu.

Shen Jue was speechless. 


Forget it. He would punish this heartless brat after he recovered. 

“It’s snowing tonight, so it’ll probably be even colder tomorrow. I won’t be able to accompany you for the rehearsal in the morning, so remember to wear something warmer. Do you hear me?” 

“I’m not a child. Don’t nag at me.” He was clearly disdainful of Shen Jue’s words. 

Shen Jue was fuming, but he still smiled and said sarcastically, “When you’re sick, I’ll have to look after you again. How can you ask me not to nag?” 

“Whoever told you to look after me? Even if I have a high fever, I’ll be able to take care of myself. I don’t need you, Sir, to look after me.” 

He even used the word “Sir”. 

This kid was getting better at making others angry now. 

Shen Jue bore the grudge silently in his heart. 

“You’d better remember what you just said, don’t expect me to take care of you.” 


Hmph?! How dare you snort at me?! 

Shen Jue felt as though he was really being belittled. 


True enough, as Shen Jue said, it started snowing that night. Snow fell twice overnight, and the temperature dipped even further. 

The next morning, apart from Gu Yanshu and Jie Shuang, who had to attend the rehearsals for “The Greatest Stage”, the rest of the cast were made to sweep the snow. 

By the time Gu Yanshu woke up, there was already no one in the room. 

His body, which had just recovered a little, suddenly felt sick again. His head was heavy, and his knees were aching. 

He really hated winter in the north. 

When he turned around, he saw that Shen Jue had placed warm water, medicine, heat pads, knee pads, as well as hand warmers for him. 

Gu Yanshu was silent for three seconds. 

Forget it, winter in the north wasn’t so hateful after all. 

However, his body was reeling after an entire day of rehearsal. It was only during make-up that he managed to squeeze in a bit of rest. 

The style that he chose this time was drastically different from his usually innocent image. 

His hair was combed back, revealing his forehead and accentuating his delicate and sculpted features. Since he was naturally fair, his make-up was glowing. His brows were drawn in a way that increased his masculine air, and the corner of his eyes were curled up. This made him appear aloof and cold. 


He wore an obsidian satin suit, which exuded a dark and mysterious aura. The suit was tailored for him, and the double-breasted outfit outlined his slender figure. 

Since he was performing on stage and not attending a formal black tie event, he did not wear a shirt inside. And so, his fair skin provided a stark contrast to the dark fabric, intensifying his visual appearance. 

His collarbone was visible, and a tie hung loosely from his neck. 

It was an extremely erotic sight, the image of a cold and desirable man. 

Jie Shuang saw him and secretly took a photo, before sending it to Xu Fangfang. “This is epic.” 

Xu Fangfang immediately replied, “OMG. I’m going to show this to Teacher Shen!” 

“Tsk! Teacher Shen didn’t have a reaction after seeing it. I’m disappointed.” 

“Ahhh!! Gu Yanshu is so handsome! How can us actresses survive being compared to him?” 

On the other side of the room, Gu Yanshu studied his reflection in the mirror, but did not appear affected by his change. Instead, he seemed used to looking at his gorgeous looks. 

He tugged the tie and said in an indifferent tone, “This is too soft. Is there something harder, something that feels more restrictive?” 

“Let me try to find something,” the stylist replied, before searching through her accessories. 

Gu Yanshu took a look too, and pointed at a black metal choker. “Can I use this?”


“Ah! This is good!” The stylist was overjoyed, and quickly helped Gu Yanshu to put it on. The metal piece fit snugly below his Adam’s Apple, and the glow from the metal had a coldness to it. When it was wrapped around his pale and slender neck, the minds of anyone who looked at him would surely go astray. 

And what completed the look was the flush around the corner of his eyes, making him look extremely desirable. It was an effect that even eyeshadows could not achieve. 

How did a man manage to look so good? 

This was hateful. 

Everyone was envious. 

But only Gu Yanshu himself knew that this flush was caused by his fever recurring again.

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