Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 24.2: XiaoShenXiaoGuIsAMatchMadeInHeaven has become good friends with you

Once Shen Jue left, the entire house was quiet. 

Gu Yanshu was someone who enjoyed serenity, but now, he felt slightly irritated by the lack of noise. 

It was probably because he was used to Shen Jue’s presence, and now that he was suddenly gone, he also felt an emptiness in his heart. 

Gu Yanshu felt that habits were a strange thing. 

Try as he might, there were some things that he could never get used to, even after five years. 


Yet, there were some things that only took a few days before it became a habit. 

He felt that he was really useless. 

These thoughts were running through Gu Yanshu’s mind when his phone rang. 

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Hence, something that was mostly a lie, added with a small amount of truth, became a true rumour after it was spread. 


And if the company was to really pursue this matter, they could not ruin their own artist’s image for two people who were not part of the company. 

Ding Yun was rather meticulous in this matter. 

Gu Yanshu was used to this. 

He turned on his laptop and logged into his main account. 

True enough, the phrase “Mr.C the rookie” was rising on the trending list. 

In the forums and social media, every single fan and site were trying to piece together the bits of information that had been exposed, and had already more or less confirmed that Chen Ran was the person in question. 

Apart from that, a few other hot comments and publicity accounts had already started promoting “The Greatest Stage”. 

“Don’t say anything more. Mr. C is really pitiful. A rookie doesn’t have any rights at all. He managed to secure an opportunity to appear on The Greatest Stage, but someone else took his place instead.” 

“Could his chance be stolen by Gu Yanshu’s agency? I was wondering why people started praising Gu Yanshu after Mr. C’s bad performance the previous time. Clearly, someone had led them to say this.” 

“Gu Yanshu’s probably very resourceful. He’s even going to feature in Qin Fan’s new movie OST. Can you guess which wealthy person he managed to snag?” 

“Do you have any evidence of all these? Prove them, or you’ll just be liars.” 

“Whether it’s the truth or not, won’t we find out in this week’s The Greatest Stage performance?” 


Gu Yanshu scrolled down the comments, and as he saw those provoking comments, he heard Fang Yuan say, “Xiao Shu, we’re going to release a statement.” 

“There’s no need,” Gu Yanshu replied decisively. 

Ding Yun had done a good job trying to prime people of his appearance. 

If he failed to win, that would mean that he wasn’t as good as Chen Run, and all would be good. However, if he managed to win Chen Ran, that would mean that he had snatched Chen Ran’s resource away too. 

Any of the two outcomes would be detrimental to him. 

That was precisely the reason why Gu Yanshu had been unwilling to replace Chen Ran directly. It was meant to prevent people from gossiping about the matter. 

Unexpectedly, Ding Yun still managed to dig a hole for him. 

Gu Yanshu pulled out a voice clip from his cloud storage and sent it to Fang Yuan, “There are still three days to The Greatest Stage. You don’t have to care about what Ding Yun is doing in the next few days. But when the results are out, wait for them to release their side of the story before you send this voice clip out.” 

Fang Yuan replied immediately, “I understand. But Xiao Shu…” 


“Are you really all right? Did Shen Jue bully you? Even though I watched the live stream today and felt that he seemed to care about you…” 

Even Fang Yuan, who cared so much about him, felt that Shen Jue was taking good care of him. This showed that Shen Jue was really looking out for him. 


Gu Yanshu replied calmly, “He’s fine.” 

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s good. Have a good rest then. Tomorrow, I’ll bring to you The Greatest Stage’s set for a rehearsal.”


After Gu Yanshu hung up the call and turned off his computer, he rubbed his aching temples. 

Clearly, Ding Yun wouldn’t stop at this, and if he were to retaliate each time, even if he won, the public wouldn’t view him in a positive light. 

And to be honest, Gu Yanshu felt that it was beneath him to have to battle against Chen Ran. 

Hence, he might as well wait for Ding Yun to throw out all her cards before finishing her off with one blow. 

Besides, people were fools, neither were they blind or deaf. In the end, all tricks aside, when it came to showing off their skills, it would be clear who was qualified to stand on that stage. 

Gu Yanshu really didn’t like to deal with such things. 

However, even the most obedient kitty would learn to fight if they were wandering outside for long enough. 

At the very least, he wanted to tell Shen Jue that he was able to protect himself now, and he wasn’t afraid of those bad people anymore. 

However, why hadn’t Shen Jue returned yet? 


Gu Yanshu lay on the bed and looked at the dark and shrouded night through the clear glass ceiling, and felt that it looked rather terrifying. 

He turned to the side and took out his phone. After he closed the call history page, a small notification from Weibo for his alternate account appeared. 

He was about to log out when another red dot appeared beside the app. 

This was an alternate account that he didn’t even bother changing the username for. How could there be any notifications here? 

He decided to check it out. 

The Weibo notification was: “@XiaoShenXiaoGuIsAMatchMadeInHeaven has become good friends with you.

Gu Yanshu: ……


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