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  • Just Want to Be His Lover

    Chapter 18.2

    And on the other side of the room, the conversation had moved on. 

    Gu Yanshu only heard Xia Meng say, “Stop fighting with the Old Master anymore. Previously, in order to anger him, you left home and signed up a rotten entertainment company and formed a boyband. In the end, in order to pick up the mess, don’t you remember the state in which the Old Master was forced into? And now…” 

    Before she could finish her words, a voice saying “Mr. Gu” interrupted the conversation inside the room, and the thoughts outside. 

    Gu Yanshu suppressed his emotions and turned around, replying calmly, “Dr. Tong.” 

    “Have you retrieved the x-rays?” 


    Tong Huo took the x-rays with one hand, and opened the door with the other. When he took a close loo, there was no f*cking problem with the bones, but he had to act solemnly. “Hmmmm…” 

    When Gu Yanshu saw his expression, he unwittingly spoke quickly, “Is there a problem?” 

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    Even though he looked displeased, he simply replied in a soft voice, “Mmm.” 

    Without any hesitation. 

    Shen Jue was mildly surprised. 

    A large chunk of moral blackmailing speech was stuck in his throat. 

    Then, he glimpsed upon a very, very pale flush between Gu Yanshu’s gold eyes, and his tongue rolled around the words “all the time”. However, he felt that he shouldn’t want a mile after getting an inch, hence he swallowed his words, then leaned back into his chair and smiled gently. 

    “I’ll have to trouble little classmate Gu then.” 

    It was already past midnight when they returned to the villa. 

    When the door was opened, the warm and bright lights in the room washed away the coldness from the winter night. 

    No one had gone to bed. All of them were in the living room waiting for them, worry evident on their faces. 

    And saw Shen Jue, who had left the house perfectly healthy, and returned with a sling on his arm.

    Huang Yinan was extremely upset. “Then who’s going to cook tomorrow?” 

    Shen Jue kicked him teasingly, “Get lost.” 

    Huang Yinan dodged his kick, then casually slung his arm around Gu Yanshu’s shoulder, “Is Xiao Shu hurt?” 

    Gu Yanshu replied gently, “No.” 

    “That’s good. I was so worried.” Huang Yinan heaved a sigh of relief, then started scolding furiously, “Those sasaengs and paparazzi are terrible. It’s already bad that they are sneakily taking photos, and now they are still trailing our cars?” 

    “That said, Teacher Shen, you looked really suave today. It was like the live-action version of a domineering movie king falling in love with me.” Xu Fangfang gave him a thumbs-up. 

    Gu Yanshu: “……”

    Xu Fangfang quickly explained, “Xiao Shu, don’t be mistaken. I didn’t mean a domineering movie king falling in love with me, I meant a domineering movie king falling in love with you!” 

    Gu Yanshu: “……” 

    “Ahhhh, not in love with you too!” 

    Shen Jue chuckled, “So who is the overbearing movie king in love with?” 

    Xu Fangfang didn’t know how to explain it anymore. “I’m not saying that you fell in love! What I meant was that you are overbearing! Rich! Handsome! Protects your…” 

    Before she could say the word ‘wife’, Jie Shuang covered her mouth with her palm. 

    “Oh, what Fangfang meant was that Teacher Shen is so righteous, he’s protecting his buddy.” 

    How would a straight man understand the convoluted words women say? 

    When Huang Yinan heard this, he felt that he was the one in the best position to speak. He patted his thigh, “That’s true. If it weren’t for Old Shen’s righteousness, Xiao Shu and I wouldn’t be where we are today.”

    Shen Jue nodded, “Then perhaps you should call me Daddy?” 

    When he said this, Gu Yanshu shot Shen Jue a look. 

    Shen Jue hastily added, “He can call me Daddy, but you don’t have to.” 

    “Get lost.” Huang Yinan hated talking to Shen Jue. He slung one arm over the obedient Xia Qingqiao and started his recollection about YOUNG’s disbandment crisis back then. 

    He spoke about the shadiness of their management agency, the underhandedness of their competitors, and the viciousness of the trashy media. And how they weathered through it all bravely. He spoke dramatically and animatedly, causing Xia Qingqiao to be in a daze from his stories. 

    Sheng Ping was amused when he heard this, and he brought out cups of warm milk and passed it to everyone. “Alright, let’s leave them to continue. All of you should go up and rest first. If there’s anything that’s required at night, you can just call us to help.” 

    “Alright, thanks, Teacher Sheng.” 

    Gu Yanshu and Shen Jue were preparing to go up when Cao Dan stopped them. “Teacher Shen, Xiao Shu, we have something to discuss with you.” 

    They turned back, “Yes?”

    “The crew has already made arrangements with security to prevent similar incidents from happening again. However, the reporters have already disclosed some information, which has affected the marketing strategy. Hence, we are thinking of just using the incident this time to do a live stream and promote our show. What do the two of you think?”

    The root of the problem this time was still because Gu Yanshu was recognised when he was busking, and then stalked by his fans. 

    Gu Yanshu replied, “I don’t have an issue with this, you have to see what Shen…” 

    “No issue with me too.” 

    He had been waiting for a chance to appear with Gu Yanshu, so that the user “@GuYanshu I Just Hate You” would be forced to streak around. 

    After saying this, Shen Jue slung his arm leisurely over Gu Yanshu’s shoulder, leaning onto the latter. 

    Their skins were in contact, and the familiar scene and temperature floated over. 

    Gu Yanshu immediately turned to one side, “What are you doing?” 

    Shen Jue raised a brow, “Aren’t you helping me up?” 

    “……” Gu Yanshu reined in his temper, “You hurt your arm, not your leg.” 


    What a pity. 

    Shen Jue pouted, as he unreluctantly followed Shen Jue upstairs. 

    However, a hand injury also caused massive problems. 

    When Gu Yanshu took his clothes and prepared to go for a shower, he saw Shen Jue standing in a daze behind him. 

    Gu Yanshu asked in an annoyed voice, “What now?” 

    Shen Jue raised the right arm that couldn’t bend, “I can’t move, so I can’t remove my clothes.” 

    Gu Yanshu recalled that the doctor did actually advise that they had to help the patient remove his clothes to prevent aggravating his injury. 

    But he was the one who had to help him take off his clothes. 

    And most likely, he would have to remove even the innermost piece. 

    Gu Yanshu felt that he wasn’t that straight. 

    Yet, Shen Jue was simply not homophobic, it didn’t mean that he was gay. 

    However, Shen Jue got injured because of him. 

    If not for Shen Jue, he would be the one in a neck brace now. 

    And he was even Shen Jue’s roommate. 

    From all angles, it seemed as though he really should help Shen Jue remove his clothes. 

    Gu Yanshu hesitated for a moment, but Shen Jue had already added nonchalantly, “It’s fine. If you’re still angry with me, I’ll get someone else to help.” 

    “I wasn’t angry at you,” Gu Yanshu retorted. 

    Shen Jue stared at the tip of Gu Yanshu’s ears. 

    Why were they red again?

    What was the little boy’s mind filled with? 

    He could swear that his right arm was really in pain, and he really couldn’t move it. He wasn’t trying to take advantage of someone. 

    “Then, will you help me?” 


    Gu Yanshu walked to Shen Jue, his expression rigid. He lowered his gaze, then helped him remove his jacket. 

    Next off was the woolen shirt. 

    When Gu Yanshu tried to pull up his shirt, perhaps out of nervousness, his finger accidentally grazed the bottom of Shen Jue’s butt. At that moment, Gu Yanshu could clearly feel the man’s body stiffen. 

    Gu Yanshu pretended to be calm, “I’m sorry.” 

    Then, he quickly rolled Shen Jue’s shirt up, wanting to remove it over his head, but then, he realised that he couldn’t pull it out. 

    Because he wasn’t as tall as Shen Jue. 

    He was nine centimetres shorter than Shen Jue. 

    Gu Yanshu felt embarrassed. “Kneel down.” 

    Shen Jue would never do such an unglamorous thing. “You should go sit on the bed.” 



    After a stalemate, Gu Yanshu went to the bed in the end. 

    When the woolen shirt was being taken off, Shen Jue could feel that Gu Yanshu was carefully protecting his wound. His fingers would occasionally brush against his skin, bringing a type of indifferent warmth. 

    Even though it was indifferent, Shen Jue could feel that Gu Yanshu’s attitude towards him had softened quite a bit. 

    Could the effect of his pitiful act be that good? 

    It wasn’t impossible. 

    After all, in the past, whenever he got injured, Gu Yanshu would be especially obedient. 

    It was to the extent that he would feel guilty if he didn’t take advantage of the situation. 

    Thinking of this, Shen Jue used his left hand to grab Gu Yanshu, who was preparing to escape. He asked softly, “Why are you running away? There’s still a shirt.” 

    Gu Yanshu was indignant. “Can’t you unbutton your shirt with one hand?” 

    “Even if I can unbutton the shirt, how can I remove it with one hand?”


    Gu Yanshu couldn’t refute that. 

    Shen Jue lowered his gaze, the corners of his lips curling up into a smile. 

    Then, in front of Gu Yanshu, he started undoing his buttons, one by one. 

    His fair and clean fingers moved deftly as it undid the pale golden buttons. A slit started opening on the haute couture shirt slowly, revealing a portion of the perfect figure underneath. 

    From the protruding Adam’s apple to the smooth and defined collarbones, down to the taut but muscular chest, and finally, the faint lines on his abs. 

    Gu Yanshu’s gaze lowered shyly, even though he was still expressionless. 

    Having finally endured it till Shen Jue had finished undoing his buttons, he ordered Shen Jue coldly to turn around. 

    Then, he swiftly removed his shirt from the back, then pushed his pajamas and towel into his arms before turning around and started to make his bed. 

    He wasn’t going to look at anything that he shouldn’t see. 

    He remained calm and nonchalant. 

    It was only until he heard the closing of the bathroom door and the sounding of flowing water that he subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief. 

    There were still many things that he hadn’t sorted out, he needed to clear his thoughts. 

    He couldn’t deal with this version of Shen Jue. 

    However, before he could identify where the problem lay, he heard Shen Jue’s lazy and somewhat flirtatious voice travelling from the bathroom. 

    “Gu Yanshu, my arm hurts, so I can’t wash my hair.” 


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