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  • Just Want to Be His Lover

    Chapter 17.3: He’s jealous

    The sound was deafening. 

    There was a forceful impact. 

    The powerful impact and inertia made Gu Yanshu feel numbing pain all over. Fortunately, his neck was protected, so he didn’t suffer a neck fracture or sprain due to the overpowering inertia on his head and body. 

    But he quickly returned to his senses and unbuckled his seatbelt, then hastily checked Shen Jue’s arm, “Are you alright? Does it hurt?” 

    It was such a strong hit, how could it not hurt? 

    The frostiness on Gu Yanshu’s face had finally crumbled. 

    Shen Jue consoled him, ‘It doesn’t hurt.” 

    He then used his left hand to turn the steering wheel and stopped the car by the roadside. He undid his seatbelt, opened the door, alighted, then walked towards the back. 

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    The skinny man hastily explained, “We are from the media…” 


    Before he could finish his sentence, the camera had already hit the ground, smashed into bits. 

    Shen Jue lightly rubbed his fingers, acting as though he felt the camera was dirty. 

    He then took out a name card and handed it to the skinny man. “This is my company’s address. You can come anytime to seek compensation. Also, will this gentleman provide an address so that the court can send its summons to you?” 

    The skinny man was simply a paparazzo who was working for someone, so he had never met a case where he was faced with a court summons, and he tried to defend himself. 

    However, Shen Jue said plainly, “According to Article 42 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security, unlawful monitoring, phototaking, eavesdropping or infringing on others’ privacy, depending on how serious the crime was, would be placed in detention for at least five and at most ten days, as well as a fine of under five hundred dollars, as well as…” 

    He paused for a moment. 

    “You’d better ask your boss whether this car is properly insured. Otherwise, you might not even be able to afford my car’s bumper even if you sell your car off.” 

    And he wasn’t just frightening the man. 

    However, it sounded somewhat as though the rich were unscrupulous.

    Furthermore, with his outstanding looks and flamboyant actions, a relatively large crowd had gathered, and all of them had started taking out their phones and filming the incident. 

    Gu Yanshu seemed to have forgotten about his previous speech about drawing a line with Shen Jue. After he saved the pictures of the scene, he walked to Shen Jue. 

    Initially, he wanted to question the paparazzo who was secretly filming them, but once he walked over, he saw that there was a thin layer of perspiration at the corner of Shen Jue’s forehead.

    It was a cold night in the middle of winter, why would he be perspiring? 

    Gu Yanshu felt his heart tighten. 

    He quickly touched Shen Jue’s arm. True enough, it was swollen. 

    A flash of worry immediately appeared on his calm face, “Does it hurt?” 

    Shen Jue turned to look at him, holding back the arrogance and coldness that he had just then. “It’s fine.” 

    “If it’s fine, then move it a little.” 

    He couldn’t. 

    Because it was really painful.  

    Shen Jue looked down, smiling mischievously, “It hurts just a little.”

    Gu Yanshu’s lips were pursed tightly. 

    He took out his phone, ready to call 120. 

    Shen Jue quickly stopped him, “Don’t waste public resources.” 

    “Then you must go with me to the hospital now.” 

    “Are we abandoning the car? What’s going to happen if the guy runs off?” 

    “If you lose the car, I’ll buy you one. If the guy runs off, so be it.” 

    Gu Yanshu’s voice was calm and indifferent. He seemed as though he didn’t want to expose his anxiety. However, perhaps it might be due to the cold or otherwise, the corners of his eyes were red. 

    After he said that, he tried to get a cab. 

    He looked like he was going to kidnap Shen Jue to the hospital. 

    Fortunately, Xia Meng quickly arrived with law enforcement officers.

    While law enforcement remained on the scene, Xia Meng drove the two to the private hospital owned by the Shen Corporation. 

    From taking a number, getting a consultation and getting x-rays, Gu Yanshu’s expression was taut. He looked as though he wasn’t very happy, and even somewhat angry. All the way, till they were at the VIP consultation room, he didn’t utter a single word, and simply looked at the doctor examining Shen Jue’s arm. 

    The doctor pulled Shen Jue’s arm and pressed on it, “Does it hurt?” 

    Shen Jue furrowed his brows, but quickly loosened them. “It’s still alright.” 

    Gu Yanshu’s lips pursed even tighter. 

    The doctor pressed another part of his arm, “Is this painful?” 

    This time, Shen Jue’s brows furrowed even deeper, but once again, he quickly replied in a calm tone, “Not too badly.” 

    Gu Yanshu’s fingers dug into his palms. 

    The doctor pressed even harder. 

    Shen Jue couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, beads of perspiration appearing on his temples, “This hurts a little.”

    All this time, he acted as though it only hurt a little. 

    Gu Yanshu finally couldn’t resist saying, “If it hurts, just say it does. Stop hiding it. It’s not embarrassing if it’s painful.” 

    Shen Jue chuckled, “I never thought that being in pain was embarrassing.” 

    He was more worried that Gu Yanshu would worry about him, or feel guilty. 

    Gu Yanshu understood his thoughts.

    Shen Jue laughed, “Moreover, aren’t you angry at me? I’m scared that you might say that I was acting pitiful to gain your sympathy.” 

    “I have already said that I’m not angry at you. Why don’t you listen?” Gu Yanshu uttered, his tone somewhat anxious, so he came across as fierce, yet it was also extremely real. 

    After running his mouth, he realised what he was saying, and the tips of his ears turned red. 

    His expression abruptly chilled, and he turned to the doctor, “Doctor, is he fine?” 

    The doctor hesitated. “I can’t say for sure. We’ll have to look at his x-ray first.” 

    Xia Meng wanted to volunteer to pick up the images, but when she saw Shen Jue shooting a look at her, she immediately understood his intention. 

    Shen Jue then looked at Gu Yanshu, “Can I trouble Teacher Gu to help collect the images?” 

    After such a massive incident, the manager and her artist would certainly need to talk. Gu Yanshu didn’t doubt him, as he nodded and left. 

    And closed the door behind him. 

    Immediately, Xia Meng rolled her eyes at Shen Jue. 

    Initially, she thought that Shen Jue’s arm was really broken. 

    But now, from the looks of it, it was more probable that the movie king had made use of his impeccable acting chops to exaggerate his pain, and still pretend that he was bearing with the pain. 

    True enough, Shen Jue looked at the doctor, a gentlemanly smile on his face. “Are you Dr. Tong Huo?” 


    Shen Jue was the young master of the Shen family. This was something that everyone knew. 

    As someone working under the Shen Corporation, Tong Huo’s attitude was naturally good. 

    Shen Jue nodded his name. “Nice name. However, my injury…” 

    “If there’s no injury in the bones, then it should be a muscle strain caused by rapid shrinking and strong force on the muscles. After putting on an ice pack, you should use a bandage to increase pressure on the muscle. After two days of rest, you’ll be able to recover your movements. But in future, you should never do something so dangerous anymore. If you are not careful, you could have fractured your arm.” 

    “I see…” 

    Shen Jue sounded almost regretful. 

    The fingers on his left hand tapped the table, as he looked at Tong Huo, “Then, later when that pretty young man returns, could Dr. Tong describe my condition to be slightly worse, such that I can’t use my right hand for about a week, and would require someone to take care of me?” 

    Tong Huo didn’t understand him. 

    Shen Jue explained with a smile, “Actually, we are filming a variety show, and this is an intended effect for the show. As to the medical records, you can write what should be written, and we won’t affect your work.” 

    The request sounded reasonable, and even quite amicable. 

    The crux of the matter was, the other party was the precious son of his own boss. 

    Tong Huo thought about it, then nodded. “Alright. I’ll go and report to the director first.”

    “I’ll have to trouble Dr. Tong then.” 

    Shen Jue really appeared well-mannered. 

    Once Tong Huo left the room, XIa Meng couldn’t help but sneer, “Boss, you are really shameless.” 

    Shen Jue raised a brow, not refuting this. 

    Why would he want his pride? He only wanted Gu Yanshu. 

    For someone like Gu Yanshu, who appeared cold on the outside but was soft on the inside, there was a need to make him actively open up his shell. If he was to forcefully pry it open, their relationship would simply worsen. 

    Xia Meng knew that Shen Jue was hopeless, so she rolled her eyes. “However, you were too rash today. You might have stood up for Gu Yanshu, but have you considered how big an impact the incident today might have had on your personal image?” 

    “Anyway, it’s not like I haven’t thrashed others’ things before.” 

    Shen Jue’s fingers tapped the table intermittently, obviously unconcerned. 

    “Moreover, it’s not like no one knows what I’m like.” 

    “And you still dare to say this? Do you remember how badly you were criticised that time when you smashed the reporter’s mic? You were even misunderstood as homophobic? In the end, you didn’t even explain a single word, just for Gu Yanshu…”

    Xia Meng was getting so stirred up that she didn’t hear the soft footsteps along the corridor. 

    And Gu Yanshu’s hand, which was on the door handle, froze.

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