Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 15.2: Haven’t you seen couples dating?

The programme’s staff gave a friendly reminder, “I heard that Xiao Shu cooks pretty well.” 

“Are you serious?” Xu Fangfang was in disbelief. 

Gu Yanshu looked like a fairy who didn’t understand what it was like to live like a mortal. Could he really cook? 

“You’ll know if it’s true once you try it.” 

Cao Dan could also be cunning.  


With a character setting of an aloof fairy, Gu Yanshu had never revealed any life skills he had in front of the cameras. If he could successfully cook, it would become a situation of a fairy landing on earth, and be packaged into a marketing gimmick. 

If his cooking was unsuccessful, and he acted clumsily, then they could create a contrast in between his outwardly cold character setting with an internally goofy personality. That could still create another round of publicity. 

Anyhow, Gu Yanshu’s fanbase was terrifyingly huge. So as long as there was a spark that could be fanned, it would become a hot topic. 

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Purely a business cooperation that happened recently. 


Could this really be the case? 

Gu Yanshu looked down. Between his toes, there was a tiny stone. He said plainly, “Alright, I understand.” 

“Oh, and the programme side hopes that you can send the song demo, music accompaniment, and plan for the backdrop of the stage over to them by today, and you’ll also sign the contract in the meantime.” 

“I have to send it by today?” Gu Yanshu was only halfway through his song rearrangement. Moreover, he was still filming, so the deadline was quite tight for him. 

Fang Yuan was out of options too. “To be accurate, they said by 8AM tomorrow. That’s because they need to start preparing the stages from tomorrow onwards, and they won’t make it in time if it’s any later.” 

He was the one who had barged in, so he had to complete his own task, no matter what. 

Gu Yanshu didn’t question further as he replied, “Alright.” 

And then he hung up the phone. 

Turning back, he saw Shen Jue, whose arms were folded as he leaned against the window. Shen Jue said in a lazy voice, “Is there anything urgent?” 

Gu Yanshu lost his temper when he saw Shen Jue, and his tone was frigid. “Has Teacher Shen been brought up to eavesdrop on others’ conversations?” 

Why was he so fierce only to himself? 

Shen Jue gave a helpless smile, “They asked me to come over to bring you back for a discussion.” 


Gu Yanshu’s expression calmed, “What happened?” 

Shen Jue recalled what Gu Yanshu said previously. Even though it was snippety, it wasn’t difficult to guess there was something urgent regarding “The Greatest Stage”. 

Hence, he made up an excuse. “They are asking if there’s anything you don’t eat.” 


“That’s good. Go and do your own things. We’ve just split up our jobs, you’ll be in-charge of breakfast tomorrow.” 

Breakfast was undoubtedly the easiest. Moreover, if he was making breakfast tomorrow, he could have a lot more time today to complete his arrangement. 

Gu Yanshu unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief at this arrangement, but he still felt somewhat guilty, “Let me prepare dinner tomorrow as well.” 

Shen Jue knew his character, so he didn’t dispute this. “Sure.” 

He then turned and returned to the kitchen. 

Gu Yanshu went upstairs, turned on his laptop and started working. 

Seeing Shen Jue return empty-handed, everyone else tip-toed and looked behind him, “Where’s Xiao Shu?” 

“He’s busy settling some things.” 


Cao Dan, who had been intent on getting Gu Yanshu, the Internet traffic baby, to contribute to their marketing, panicked. “Aren’t you asking him to cook?” 

Shen Jue returned his stare, “Have you seen Gu Yanshu’s hands?” 

He has. 

Fair and delicate, slender and long fingers, well-defined knuckles, and even the protrusion of his wrist bone looked like a piece of good quality jade. 

It was a pair of hands that was so perfect that people would fantasize about, but not dare to taint. 


This thought of his was so gay. Cao Dan shook his head furiously. 

However, his answer was written on his face. 

Shen Jue then pulled a light smile, “The pair of hands that has been playing the piano since the age of five is so precious, but he has to boil water and cook here? What are you trying to do?” 

Cao Dan, who was suddenly being resented: ?

“It’s just cooking a meal.” 

“What if he cut his hand?” 



“What if he burned his hand?” 


“What if there’s a scar that disfigures his hand?” 

Can Dan was almost driven to death by Shen Jue. 

Looking at how protective and caring you are, like a mother protecting her child. If others didn’t know it, they would think that Gu Yanshu was your partner. 

How could he be so unreasonable? 

Cao Dan was losing it. “Fine, his hands are precious. Then tell me, what should we do about lunch?” 

“What else could we do?” 

Shen Jue slowly undid the sleeves on his shirt and folded them up, revealing a large part of his long and slender but muscular arms, then leisurely spat out three words. 

“I’ll do it.” 

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