Just Want to Be His Lover

Chapter 13

Gu Yanshu could tell from Ye Leng’s tone and expression that he didn’t mean any harm. 

He was just probing. 

Such probing didn’t repulse Gu Yanshu; conversely, he would instinctively set up his defences. 

He replied swiftly yet calmly, “Indeed, Shen Jue’s part of the reason too.” 

When Ye Leng heard this answer, he tapped his fingers twice, showing that his interest was piqued. 

Gu Yanshu explained, “Before, the couple rumours with Shen Jue created so much negative impact. Till now, the impact of these rumours haven’t fully cleared up, so I don’t think that repeating this folly is the right choice to make.” 

The business-like attitude caused a faint smile to appear between Ye Leng’s eyes. 

It wasn’t admiration, nor was it satisfaction. It was some kind of pleasure gained from watching the misfortune of others. 

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He nodded. “It’s good that you understand. I’ll add one more point. Because you’re not intending to recontract with us, and the production department would always consider the artists who are collaborating for the long run, hence you’ll have to complete the next song for ‘The Greatest Stage’ on your own.” 

“That’s not a problem.” 

How efficient. 

Ye Leng had never met a celebrity who was as trouble-free as Gu Yanshu. “It’s really a waste that you aren’t willing to recontract.” 

“President Ye thinks too highly of me.” 

Gu Yanshu knew that Ye Leng had finished what he wanted to say, hence he looked up and said plainly, “Can I ask President Ye a question?” 

Ye Leng raised a brow, “Sure.” 

Gu Yanshu looked straight at him, his tone solemn, “Why did President Ye sign me on back then?” 

When YOUNG disbanded that year, the entire team had been embroiled in all sorts of negative scandals, including plagiarism, being kept men, suspected bed pictures, as well as contractual issues with their former management company. 

Not only had their popularity hit rock bottom, the entire Internet had mocked them, and the members even had to bear huge debts. It could be said that they were really at the end of the road. 

Later on, it was only when the capital’s Shen family stepped out that they barely managed to clarify the scandals and calmed the storm. The members also managed to regain their freedom, and they all split up. 

Some retired from the industry, some signed on with other companies and continued as celebrities, while Shen Jue went on to establish his own studio. 

Relying on his education from the movie institute and the resources he obtained from the old Beijing social circles, he was cast as the lead actor in his first movie, a  blockbuster produced by a famous director, and won the Best Rookie Award in that year’s international A Awards. 

From then on, his career was smooth sailing, and his popularity shot up. 

The rich in the Beijing circle addressed him as “Young Master Shen”, while the celebrities in the entertainment industry respectfully addressed him as “Teacher Shen”. 

Even though arrogance was written on his face, his perfect acting skills and good looks gave him continued success in his projects and ensured his popularity remained high. Hence, apart from the occasional criticism from the media about his excessively savage speeches and actions, there wasn’t much mentioned about him. 

Gu Yanshu was the exact opposite. 

Back then, because he couldn’t afford his tuition fees, he had to give up on enrollment into a music school, and chose to debut early. Thus, he didn’t have an education background to rely on. 

His original song was embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, photoshopped pictures of him were widespread, and even if the matter was clarified, it left an indelible mark on him, and he remained the topic of gossip. 

Sometimes, companies would be interested in his skills and looks and want to sign him, but they would request for him to take the “black-red path” [1], which was entirely against his original aspirations. 

Thus, when the group disbanded, Gu Yanshu, who was still in his teens, decided to disappear completely from everyone’s view. He took the last of his savings, returned to school and took his college exams, putting his dreams on hold. 

Until one day, Ye Leng brought Fang Yuan and appeared suddenly, asking if he was willing to sign with UN Media. 

UN was one of the top media companies in the country, and they had everything he needed. 

At that time, Gu Yanshu still had an obsession in his heart, hence he agreed. 

From then on, Fang Yuan managed him for five years. 

He wasn’t a manager with the best resources, neither was he intelligent or cunning enough. His abilities weren’t the most outstanding either, but his temper was extraordinarily good, and he was meticulous and reliable. He could tolerate Gu Yanshu’s detached and sharp behaviour, deal with all aspects of Gu Yanshu’s life, and allow him to feel at ease and relaxed when he was feeling tense or when he wasn’t in tip-top condition. 

It was as though Fang Yuan was tailored for him. 

Previously, Gu Yanshu assumed that this was due to his good luck. 

However, after the events over the past two days, he had to reimagine the answer again. 

And so, he was waiting for Ye Leng’s answer. 

Yet, Ye Leng simply twirled the fountain pen in his hand, smiling indifferently, “Because you’re fated to be popular, and can help me make money.” 

There was no hesitation, and his tone was lazy and contented. 

Gu Yanshu could tell that he wasn’t telling lies. 

He didn’t probe further. 

He stood up to leave. 

When he left the room, Fang Yuan quickly ran up to him and asked nervously, “Did President Ye make things difficult for you because of the recontract?” 

Gu Yanshu replied nonchalantly, “President Ye isn’t someone like that.” 

Fang Yuan could tell that he wasn’t in a good mood, so he didn’t press the issue. 

He changed the topic, “Shall I bring you out for breakfast, then send you back?” 


The black nanny car stopped beside a breakfast cafe. 

Fang Yuan got ready to leave the car. 

Gu Yanshu stopped him, “Buy seven portions. I’ll bring the rest back.” 

“I’m afraid that’s not possible.” Fang Yuan was in a spot, “When I picked you up, the Director had made it clear that I can’t give you money, nor can I allow you to bring food back.” 

Looks like Sheng Ping and Xia Qingqiao’s previous plan to bring food back had infuriated the production team, and they learned from the experience. 

Gu Yanshu was prepared to relent. 

Fang Yuan gave him a friendly reminder, “However, it won’t be a problem if you hide one portion in your coat.” 

Gu Yanshu rejected immediately, “There’s no need.” 

He didn’t like his clothes to carry a food smell. 


Shen Jue was awoken by Ye Leng’s call. 

Lying on the rattan chair on the balcony, Shen Jue’s legs were up on the table. His eyes were half-closed, as he heard the teasing tone on the other end of the line, “Don’t worry, I didn’t bully your little baby. As for you – why are you busying yourself all the time? In his heart, you’re simply a regular colleague now.” 

He emphasized the words “regular colleague”. 

His words clearly implied how he took delight in Shen Jue’s misfortune. 

However, Shen Jue didn’t mind. He replied lazily, “Even so, he’s still my little baby.” 

“Don’t you find this disgusting?” 

“Only you will find it disgusting.” Shen Jue obviously didn’t care about his dignity. He shifted into a comfortable position, “When I get together with him, I’ll surely share imperial-quality dog food [2] with you in bulk.” 

“Scram!” Ye Leng sneered, “That’s if you can even successfully woo him.” 

Shen Jue’s finger tapped on the rattan armrest, not saying a word. 

Ye Leng asked, “But… do you intend to continue keeping him in the dark?” 

“Yes, for now.” 

“Aren’t you afraid that he’ll hate you?” 

“There are certain things that have to be taken slowly. It’s better for him to hate me than to think that he’s in my debt.” Shen Jue’s voice was relaxed, but his attitude was firm. 

Ye Leng didn’t persuade him further, and simply asked, “Since you like him so much, why did you hide from him for so many years?” 

Why indeed? 

Shen Jue lay back on the rattan chair, then slowly opened his eyes and looked at the clouds that were hanging lowly across the horizon, as he said lightly, “Brother, he’s different from us.” 

They were supported in everything they did, but Gu Yanshu was alone in this world, without any support. 

He had fought his way out, and never had it easy. 

Hence, he couldn’t afford to be wilful. 

When Ye Leng heard this, he suddenly recalled Shen Jue’s bloodshot eyes when he looked for him a few years back and said those words. 

He said, “Brother, when you like someone, all you wish is for him to have a safe and happy life.” 

Ye Leng stopped his teasing, “Then why are you provoking him now?” 

After he said this, there were two knocks. 

Someone was knocking on the balcony’s French windows. 

Shen Jue gripped his phone and turned back. 

Gu Yanshu was on the other side of the windows. He was wearing a pure white down jacket, making his skin appear even fairer. The fringe that he carelessly combed dropped naturally and obediently, alleviating the coldness between his brows. His lips were slightly pursed, and his pretty face was tense. 

When Gu Yanshu saw Shen Jue turning back, he raised the bag of breakfast in his hand. 

There was still some remnant smoke, warming up the cold winter morning. 

Shen Jue looked at him, the corners of his mouth curling up into a smile, as he subconsciously rubbed his throat, “Because I feel that in this safe and happy life, there might still be a place for me.” 

In the past, he felt that this was his one-sided desire, but he later discovered that it might not be one-sided. 

No matter how remote the possibility was, it was sufficient if he could taste a small bit of sweetness. 

As he thought about it, he didn’t bother about waiting for the other party to reply before he hung up the call. He stood up, opened the French windows, then looked at Gu Yanshu, “What’s the matter?” 

Gu Yanshu shoved the bag of breakfast into his arms. 

Shen Jue received the bag and stared at it for a while. It was what he liked. “Did you bring me breakfast?” 

“No.” Gu Yanshu went to take his laptop, “Everyone has a share.” 

That’s fine. 

So long as he wasn’t intentionally left out. 

Shen Jue’s expectations weren’t high. He nodded with satisfaction, then opened the bag and took out the coffee and croissant before slowly walking downstairs, intending to get the voice director to help him attach the mic. 

Yet, he just walked down when he spotted Xu Fangfang sporting a nest on her head and keeping herself busy in the kitchen. 

He asked, “What are you doing?” 

“Making breakfast.” Xu Fangfang turned around and saw the coffee and croissant in Shen Jue’s hands, then asked in a surprised voice, “Has Teacher Shen eaten?” 

Shen Jue was struck with a sudden realisation. 

Someone had been a complete liar. 

Immediately, his mood improved. He leisurely sat down in the dining room, revealing a smile and joyful gaze, “Gu Yanshu got it for me.” 

He was good-looking, his voice was low and masculine, and when he smiled, the deep and long corners of his eyes would narrow slightly. He drawled when he spoke, appearing extremely languid and attractive. He was the standard female killer. 

However, when Xu Fangfang heard his words, she stood in a daze for three seconds, the metal ladle in her hand. 

Then she turned around silently, and cooked a packet of Wanchai Ferry [3]. 

Forget it, you can bend [4] all you want..

[1] Black-red path – refers to a strategy when one would rely on black (negative) news to attract the public’s attention or criticism, and from there, gain popularity (走红 – literally translates as “walking down the red path”, which means to become popular). 

[2] Dog food – public displays of affection. 

[3] A brand of frozen dumplings. 

[4] Bend – turn homosexual. 

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