I Was a Man Before the Reincarnation, I’d Like to Refuse Reverse Harem!

Chapter 3 Dear Tenma, it seems I’ve been reincarnated as the daughter of a baron II

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“Well, the process to achieve the goal of nunhood is: first, I’m an only child, so we need an heir to the Liniere family…I can only rely on father and mother for this.”

Honestly, it would’ve been an unreasonable demand if she was the same Sophie from before she recalled the memories of her previous life.

Because Sophie’s mother, Ena, had a weak constitution; to the point that it was considered a miracle that she was able to give birth to Sophie. Hoping for another child was an act courting death.


However, from the perspective of Sophie, who had memories of her previous life, she thought it was natural that her mother’s body was in bad condition.

I heard that my mother was not in good health from a very young age and had to spend most of her days in bed. Due to her poor health, she didn’t take part in many high society events, but during one of the rare occasions she had attended a party, she met Edgar, Sophie’s father, and married him.

Even after marriage, her bedridden life remained the same as before her marriage. She didn’t exercise, her meals were not nutritious, and on top of that, she wasn’t even exposed to sunlight. Even healthy people would become sick if they continued to live like that. There was no way for her body to become healthy, and it really seemed like a miracle that she had given birth to a child.

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In short, my father was very sweet to my mother; she was a bride who had a much higher social status than him and moreover married after falling in love at first sight.


Sophie thought that love was wonderful, but being overprotective was toxic. In her past life’s world, there was a term called ‘gentle abuse’. It was about overprotection and over interference in the name of love. It was not always good to do everything for others.

“First of all, I guess I should manage her sleep, take a walk every morning to exercise, get some sunlight, and do some radio calisthenics together. Also, massage the areas with poor blood circulation, andーーーー”

The important thing was the meals.

The cuisine of this world had too few seasonings and the only cooking methods were baking or boiling.

I was indeed a girl born in the country that was currently known as the Orlando Kingdom. However, since I had memories of my previous life, I couldn’t help but have my ‘Japanese’ side come out when it came to food.

Tasuku, who grew up in an institution, had limited access to food compared to children with parents.

However, Tasuku had a friend named Tenma.

Although Tenma didn’t have to succeed the family, his parents were doctors, and he was a green young man from a well-to-do family living in a very large house. And Tenma, his parents, and his sister, Suzuka, were all quite the gourmets.

When he was young, he was invited to their meals without knowing how much those were worth.

As a result, Tasuku had grown up to be quite a gourmet.

When he grew up, he tried to buy food with the money he earned and it wasn’t until then he finally realized how expensive the ingredients he had been eating were. Except by the time he realized it, he couldn’t go back and all of Tasuku’s salary went toward food except for living expenses and savings. 

It was fun to cook with ingredients and seasonings that he had never used before, and since he bought them, he had to use them all up, so his cooking repertoire became quite plentiful.


I don’t remember when, but cooking had become Tasuku’s hobby.

This was mainly because Suzuka, who was two years older than him, taught Tasuku how to cook and make sweets when he visited Tenma’s house. She would boast, “Men also need to be able to cook!” It was fun to learn from her.

On top of that, Suzuka was a beautiful woman who looked a lot like Tenma. His skills improved rapidly, probably because he desperately worked hard, thinking that there wouldn’t be many opportunities to be taught by such a gorgeous woman.

Japan was full of delicious food. The Japanese person who was obsessed with food was also willing to go to great lengths to have a meal. Sophie had vivid memories of that Japanese person. 

“Food is important.”

The obsession with food had nothing to do with being a lady. Food was the source of life.

“Alright, I guess I should acquire the seasonings first?”

At times like this, I was grateful that my father does trading.

I planned to ask my father, who was currently living in the main house in the capital for work apart from his family in the resort area, to prepare the ingredients. Surely father would be able to get rare things from foreign countries.

Actually, he had come back from the royal capital because he was worried about Sophie, who had drowned and was in bed until yesterday, but now he was returning at ease. 

On his way back, he told me to tell him anything I wanted, so it was the perfect opportunity to ask for it.

“I wonder if salt and pepper are the only things common in this world?”


First of all, let’s make something delicious with what we have and feed it to my mother. And after that, I’ll make the seasonings I want.

It may be different for everyone, but Tasuku’s three main seasonings were soy sauce, miso, and vinegar.

There must be vinegar because there was grape wine. If not, I could just make it. 

There were soybeans in this world too, so I could also make soy sauce and miso if I had to. It would be challenging to make them from scratch, but I think it’s possible one way or another. No, I’ll make it possible!

“But I wonder if miso will ever become a seasoning in Orlando kingdom?”

Regardless of what I’d make, I’d have to start from scratch.

No amount of money will suffice if it was just for personal use. If so, I wanted to work with the goal of selling it, not just for my mother or myself to enjoy. 

Father might also invest in it if he thinks it will be beneficial.

Miso was good for health. If it doesn’t taste right, perhaps I can then sell it as a medicinal soup.

“I also want some bonito flakes.”

I’ve never heard of a fish called bonitos in Orlando kingdom, but if there’s something similar, that would work too. Let’s make it by roasting.

(Yeah, I’m starting to feel like I can do anything if I work hard.)


I was suddenly full of motivation. As I was posing and smiling smugly, I heard a tapping on the balcony window. When I approached in surprise, I saw a boy standing outside the window.

TL Note: So our lady’s superpower is cooking. I wish you will get a little brother or sister very soon.

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