I Was a Man Before the Reincarnation, I’d Like to Refuse Reverse Harem!

Chapter 1 Dear Tenma, this place is hell.

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How are you, Tenma? 

It has been several years since the day I got my memories back, where I learned that I am the reincarnation of Nakamura Tasuku. So, I started writing a diary in the form of a letter without an address to you like this.


I had worried many times since the recovery of my previous-life memories, about whether you had made it back alive and whether you had returned to Japan safely.

However, I am confident that Tenma — who is very athletic, has the good fortune of winning the lottery several times, and is also annoyingly good-looking — would be safe and sound. 

What, his looks don’t matter? 

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This place is ーーーー hell!!!


Sophie tried to escape reality by thinking about the contents of today’s diary, which she wrote in the form of a letter to her best friend from a previous life, but reality was too overwhelming for her to escape, and she nearly started to feel dizzy.

Before Sophie, there were a total of eight men in two lines, one to her left and right. 

In particular, the two people at the front, left and right of her, had abnormally good looking faces, and their family status was also quite high-ranking.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sophie. My name is Lorenzo Faucel. I have been looking forward to meeting you.”

The one who gave the greeting that sounds unfitting and too polite for a little girl is Lorenzo Faucel, the second son of the Marquis family and the current head of the Medical Research Institute of Orlando Kingdom. He was able to attain such a prestigious position, even though he is still in his early twenties, because of his excellence.

Sophie felt her breath caught as her eyes met with a pair of ashen eyes, which somehow seemed to see right through people, from behind the silver-rimmed glasses.

“My name is Gerald Forcius. I have been assigned as Lady Sophie’s escort.”

Contrary to Lorenzo, the one who conducted the formal courtesy is Gerald Forcius, the third son of the Count. 

He has a handsome face, but he doesn’t smile. He has no expression at all, making it difficult to read his emotions. 

But if you look at his appearance alone, he looks like a blond-haired, blue-eyed prince from a fairy tale.

At the age of 16, he became a member of the Holy Knights, a position only a few knights can attain. How could he accept an order that does not fit his status, such as escorting a baron’s daughter? Would he not have resented the order, no matter how much it came from someone he couldn’t refuse?

Whenever someone introduced themselves, Sophie lifted the hem of her skirt, performed the curtsy of a lady, and gave a bright smile. 


I’m self-conscious of the fact that I’m just putting a smile on my face and suppressing my emotions, but I have no other choice since this is an academy called “Sword of the King” where only boys can attend.

Sophie, a young lady, was forced to live in this academy until she accomplished a certain task.

Even though they are good looking, men are men. If I look to my right, I see men, and if I look to my left, I see men. All I see are men.

(Tenma, I’ll say it again. This place is ーーーhell.)

In my previous life, I went to an all-boys high school and worked in a male-dominated workplace, so I was accustomed to seeing them, but I did not want to see them in this life. No matter how good looking they are, men are a no, thank you. I really don’t need them. Seriously, give me a break.

(Why!? How did this happen?! I’m a baron’s daughter. Even though I’m a lady!!)

The boys were still introducing themselves, like hell I could listen to them. 

I desperately suppressed the urge to scratch my head and yell at them instead of listening to those things.

Until a week ago, Sophie was definitely in heaven. 

She was surrounded by beautiful flowers, enjoying the spring of this world. 

But how could things have turned out this way in just one week?

(Why, I’m in a place full of guys! Give me back my Eden!)


It was an unladylike outburst, but I was careful in my daily life, so please forgive me as it’s just for now and only in my mind.

Until a week ago, Sophie had spent her days at the academy for young ladies of noble families. 

The academy, which was only for ladies, was not a place where anyone could enroll simply because they are noble. It was an academy where only selected outstanding young ladies could attend. Sophie had made a name for herself as a brilliant and talented daughter of a baron at the academy. 

I never thought it would come to this. 

It was certainly a result of my own choices, but a week ago I was in heaven, and now I was in hell full of men. The contrast is too much.

Now let’s talk about how Sophie ended up being thrown into hell.

Well, it dated back to the day when Sophie remembered the memories of her previous life ーーーー.

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