InterStellar Dad

Chapter 99: Reunion

Currently, Jiang Miao is no longer attracted by He Ya , so when Rui Rui wasn’t around, the two researchers became the most appealing to her. They had endless topics to discuss, arguing from morning till night, with floating formulas filling the room.

This situation continued for several days.

So much so that when General Jude Bardock arrived at the door with Jiang Rui in his arms and saw the room full of floating formulas, he didn’t dare to step inside.

Jiang Miao was completely unaware of their arrival until Rui Rui’s clear voice called out, “Mama! Mama!”

The room’s debates came to an abrupt halt!


Jiang Miao quickly turned around and, through the dazzling formulas, saw her son whom she hadn’t seen for months!

“Rui Rui!” she exclaimed with joy, dropping her air pen and rushing over!

She knocked the floating formulas into disarray!

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Now, holding Jiang Rui tightly, the real sensation of it all broke her heart.


“Mama, don’t cry!” Rui Rui said, holding her face and wiping her tears.

He didn’t understand why Mama was crying.

On the spaceship, he could see Mama for an hour every day, but that Mama was just a projection and couldn’t be touched. It was much nicer to have the real, warm, and fragrant Mama to touch!

Being in Mama’s arms was so wonderful, so why cry?

He stood on tiptoe and blew on Jiang Miao’s face, saying, “Mama, don’t cry! Don’t cry!”

It wasn’t just Jiang Rui who was worried, but also his biological father, He Yan.

He Yan quickly squatted down to comfort Jiang Miao, but his efforts had little effect.

Finally, General Jude Bardock spoke up, “Alright, alright, it’s a family reunion, it’s a happy occasion no matter what!”

The blonde, middle-aged man was burly, with a voice like thunder. His uniform, trimmed with gold thread, and the shining epaulets on his shoulders made him quite imposing. Yet, it was only at this moment that Jiang Miao noticed his presence. She couldn’t help it—besides Jiang Rui, she hadn’t seen anyone else just now.

Jiang Miao wiped her eyes, stood up with Jiang Rui in her arms, and extended her right hand. “Hello, General Bardock.”

Jude shook her hand, smiling kindly. “Just call me Jude.”

In Jiang Miao’s arms, Jiang Rui twisted his body and reached out to Jude. “Uncle, give me a hug!”


Jiang Miao was momentarily stunned, but Jude had already let go of her hand and, beaming, took Jiang Rui into his arms, even giving him a kiss. Jiang Rui giggled and squirmed, clearly very close to Jude.

Watching this, Jiang Miao felt a mix of emotions.

The two researchers also came over to greet Jude.

Even these somewhat oblivious scientists could see that Dr. Jiang Miao wasn’t in the mood to continue their academic discussions. After greeting Jude, they sensibly left.

The cleaning robot activated its vacuum function, sucking up all the floating characters and formulas in the room, clearing space for them.

Jude, He Yan, and Jiang Miao finally had a chance to sit down and talk.

Jiang Rui moved from Jude’s arms back to Jiang Miao’s, feeling equally comfortable in both.

Jude was very straightforward, getting straight to the point about Jiang Miao’s future treatment.

“Jiang is an elite talent, so there’s no need to worry about the future,” he said. “As for the observation period, Eva is already negotiating it and will likely reduce it to six months. Your personal information has been submitted to the National Academy of Sciences, and they are very interested in you.”

Eva should be General Eva Bardock, the eldest daughter of the Bardock family.

Jiang Miao gently stroked Rui Rui’s head and calmly said, “Thank you.”

“Oh, no, no,” Jude laughed heartily. “This is something we owe you. It’s what we should do.”


As he spoke, he glanced at He Yan with a playful yet satisfied and proud look.

He Yan focused on his own thoughts, not reacting outwardly.

Jiang Miao understood; calling Jude a foster brother was almost like calling him a foster father. Jude had clearly raised He Yan as his own son.

Jude didn’t stay long. He explained the situation, offered some comforting words to Jiang Miao like “the little guy is very healthy,” “he’s very brave,” and “he looks exactly like He Yan when he was little,” and then quickly left.

Jiang Miao stood up holding Jiang Rui to see him off. Jiang Rui didn’t want him to leave, reaching out to be held.

This time, Jude didn’t hold him but smiled and shook his little hand, saying, “Be good, Daddy and Mommy will stay with you.”

As soon as Jude left, Jiang Miao turned around and went back inside, holding Jiang Rui. He Yan hesitated for a moment and then followed them in.

Jiang Miao held Jiang Rui in her arms, asking him about his time away. Did he eat well and sleep well? Did he get hurt? Was he ever scared at night?

“Not scared!” Jiang Rui said loudly, “Uncle Jude put Rui Rui to sleep!”

He then spread his chubby little hands to describe to Jiang Miao, “The pirate ship turned into fireworks! One, two, three! Uncle Jude sent lots of mechas to beat them up!”

He laughed as he spoke, clearly finding it exciting and fun.

“When Rui Rui grows up, he’ll drive a mecha too!” His face, almost identical to He Yan’s, was filled with carefree joy.


It was evident that he had been well taken care of and safely returned to her.

But it was hard for Jiang Miao to describe her feelings as simply “happy.” She looked at He Yan and asked Jiang Rui, “Do you know who he is?”

Jiang Rui nodded without hesitation, “Yes, Daddy.”

Jiang Miao was a bit surprised and glanced at He Yan.

He Yan explained, “I also left my image with my brother, so he could include it in the videos for Jiang Rui.”

By “include in the videos,” he meant that all instances of “Yan He” in the videos were replaced with He Yan’s real appearance. Since Jiang Rui was still young, Jude showed him these videos every day, pointing to He Yan and telling him, “This is Daddy.”

At first, Jiang Rui was confused, but gradually, Yan He’s face faded from his memory, leaving only He Yan’s.

In front of Jiang Rui, Jiang Miao didn’t say anything.

After being apart from Jiang Rui for so long, Jiang Miao couldn’t get enough of holding, kissing, and loving him. Although she knew that He Yan also eagerly wanted to hold and kiss him, she pretended not to notice and monopolized Rui Rui all by herself.

It wasn’t until Rui Rui got tired from playing, washed up, and crawled into bed that He Yan had the chance to steal several kisses. Under the soft light, he gazed at his delicate features and chubby cheeks. If it weren’t for thinking of Jiang Miao, he wouldn’t have wanted to leave at all.

When he came out of the bedroom and gently closed the door behind him, He Yan turned and saw Jiang Miao standing outside the room, leaning against the wall and looking at him. Her eyes were red, clearly from crying again.

“Miao Miao?” He Yan lifted her chin, asking in surprise.

He felt that their reunion should be a joyful event, yet Jiang Miao had cried more than once.

“Do you know what precious thing you stole from me?” Jiang Miao’s eyes were red, filled with a vulnerable resentment. “You stole the time Rui Rui and I had together.”

“Six months! You stole six months of his growth from me!”

“You made me miss such a long time with him, not seeing him grow, not being there with him!”

Jiang Miao choked up, “He’s grown so much!”

For an adult, six months might not bring much change, but for Rui Rui, those six months were a period of rapid growth. For a mother, those six months of change were significant!

Missing out on that, how could Jiang Miao not feel heartbroken?

He Yan finally understood!

As a father himself, he hadn’t considered this point, but Jiang Miao’s words made him realize her pain.

Yes, just now when he tucked Rui Rui in and kissed him, he couldn’t help but think: he’s grown so much!

Everyone tends to avoid facing painful realities. He Yan had taken Rui Rui away to bring Jiang Miao to him, but he had always avoided thinking about the pain this caused her.

But that pain was unavoidable.

He still remembered how in the capital star of Gita, Jiang Miao’s clear eyes were always full of vitality, her smile curving like a crescent moon, brimming with happiness.

Now she couldn’t see it anymore. Her eyes were slightly swollen, with redness at the corners. She no longer looked like that fearless girl who dared to charge at space pirates.

She looked… extremely fragile.

He Yan’s heart ached. He held Jiang Miao in his arms and murmured apologies, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Jiang Miao struggled a few times, unable to break free, then clenched her fists and pounded him hard.

He Yan endured it.

Jiang Miao stopped hitting him, collapsed onto He Yan’s shoulder, and sobbed.

He Yan kissed her hair repeatedly, continually saying, “I’m sorry.”

That night, He Yan slept in Jiang Miao’s bedroom.

They didn’t make love. He Yan just held Jiang Miao.

Jiang Miao’s emotions surged in waves. When she felt hatred, she bit into his shoulder.

He Yan felt pain, but his heart was joyful, holding her tighter. Even if they did nothing else, just smelling her comforting scent in his arms satisfied him immensely.

Jiang Miao eventually fell asleep amidst her emotional turmoil. In the morning, she felt someone poking her face, waking her up.

Opening her eyes, she saw Jiang Rui lying on the bed, one small hand propping up his chubby chin, the other poking her cheek, “Mama, Mama, wake up and play with me!”

Jiang Miao rubbed her eyes, blinked at Jiang Rui for a moment, and just as Jiang Rui began to grow impatient, she broke into a wide smile.

Her child had truly returned to her side!

Jiang Miao reached out and lifted Rui Rui up, lying back with her face up, holding Rui Rui above her.

Rui Rui found it amusing and giggled. He was truly a child who loved to laugh!

He Yan had woken up when Rui Rui entered the room. Jiang Miao had slept with her head on his arm, and he didn’t dare move. Now, finally able to reclaim his arm, he propped his head up and watched his lover and son laughing together.

He Yan let out a long sigh, finally relaxing completely.

That day, Jiang Miao and Rui Rui followed He Yan onto Jude’s flagship, heading towards the inner domain of the Nash Republic.

He Yan changed back into the Nash military uniform—a black suit with silver piping.

With a long neck, clear Adam’s apple, and a handsome face that now exuded a touch of heroism. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sharp eyes, and a straight nose, he emanated a cold and formidable aura.

He was a man who struck fear into space pirates.

This was the first time he appeared before Jiang Miao in this image. This was who he truly was, the way he should have appeared before Jiang Miao.

Living together with Jiang Miao for so long, how could He Yan not understand her fascination with uniforms?

He Yan looked expectantly at Jiang Miao and asked, “How does it look?”

Jiang Miao pursed her lips, “Not bad.”

He Yan asked, “Compared to him?”

Jiang Miao feigned ignorance, “Who?”

He Yan didn’t want to mention that man’s name. He activated the holoscreen and played a video for Jiang Miao.

“Yan He,” dressed in a black military uniform with a standing collar, stood at the door of Jiang Miao’s house.

This was footage from when He Yan first met Jiang Miao in disguise. He had always kept backups of these surveillance videos, taking them all with him when he evacuated.

It seemed that he couldn’t escape the shadow of Yan He, causing him distress.

Jiang Miao twitched at the corner of her mouth, picked up Jiang Rui, and said, “It’s all you.”

Then she turned and walked away.

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