InterStellar Dad

Chapter 90: Decryption

In the Age of Exploration, humanity searched the vast cosmos for new habitats.

This process took over nine hundred years, spanning many generations of lives, before our ancestors finally arrived in this starry realm.

During those centuries of wandering the universe, humans encountered various cosmic wonders and mysterious energies. Among them was the quantum cloud.

“With humanity’s current technological level, we still cannot artificially manufacture a quantum cloud,” He Yan said. “During the Age of Exploration, colonization fleets had to hide from electromagnetic storms by entering an unknown nebula. Within that nebula, high-density particles gathered…”

“I know,” Jiang Miao interjected, “it’s written in elementary school textbooks that quantum clouds aren’t created, but collected.”


He Yan nodded, saying, “But what your textbooks don’t mention is that from the moment a quantum cloud is activated, it’s already alive.”

Though she had already guessed, hearing He Yan confirm it made Jiang Miao’s breathing quicken involuntarily.

“Compared to the splendor of the universe, we are truly insignificant,” He Yan remarked, not continuing with what Jiang Miao wanted to hear, but launching into this futile lament.

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However, in He Yan’s words, everything took on a different meaning.


“If Catherine hadn’t died from the assassination, I believe she would have been the first Chancellor of the Joint Government after the establishment of the Gita Republic. Unfortunately, she died,” He Yan said. “Li Ping effortlessly reaped the lifelong efforts of Catherine.”

“No, that’s not true,” Jiang Miao was puzzled. “Li Ping was Catherine’s most beloved student, the second-in-command of the Maria Holy War, and directly designated successor. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s true, but Catherine intended for Li Ping to take over after her retirement, not to be replaced by her,” He Yan clarified.

“Catherine was assassinated, and Li Ping…” Getting He Yan’s confirmation, Jiang Miao felt disillusioned.

Between Catherine and Li Ping, she actually favored Li Ping more. There was no way around it—her previous life was from Huaguo1China, and Huaguoans emphasized blood lineage. Although in the interstellar era, racial distinctions were nearly non-existent, Jiang Miao still leaned towards Li Ping because she was clearly of Huaguoan descent.

Never would she have expected…

“Politics really…” Jiang Miao sighed in disappointment, “that’s why I don’t like politics.”

At this moment, she completely forgot to give He Yan a cold shoulder.

He Yan remained composed and continued to enlighten Jiang Miao about history.

“The reason Catherine was killed was because she opposed the ‘Reproduction Act’,” he said. “Catherine was actually considered moderate among the radicals.”

The coercive ‘Reproduction Act’ came about after the invention of artificial wombs, treating men and women equally under mandatory reproduction laws to boost the dangerously low population at that time.

This stringent law plunged the young Gita Republic into turmoil for decades.


“Catherine’s assassination led to another split in the Joint Government. The moderates lost support and, disillusioned by the assassination, split from the government with their supporters.”

“Li Ping, who took power, issued a pursuit order. This pursuit order became the root cause of the thousand-year war between Nash and Gita.”

“Why did Li Ping want to exterminate the moderates? It’s simple—because the moderates held Li Ping’s secret.” He paused.

Jiang Miao was completely engrossed and urged him, “What secret? Tell me quickly!”

He Yan’s lips curled slightly. He quickly regained control and diverted her attention back to historical events.

“Li Ping… is a woman2If you are confused by this statement, I am too. Wasn’t it already established that Li Ping is a woman? But all translations said this and I couldn’t get myself to modify the sentence.,” he said.

Jiang Miao retorted, “No kidding.”

“Because she was a woman and very young, when she infiltrated the Maria Crusade among many other women, she was immediately accepted,” He Yan said. “At that time, people’s fixed mindset was like this: to the patriarchal side, women were seen as resources, inferior, untrustworthy, and needed to be controlled. But to the Maria Crusade, it was the opposite—they regarded all women as comrades, as allies. So, no one ever doubted Li Ping.”

Jiang Miao’s mouth hung open. “So…?”

“And Li Ping is a very intelligent person. Of course, if she wasn’t so intelligent, she wouldn’t have been sent to infiltrate the Maria Crusade, nor would Catherine have valued her by her side. But the truth is, despite Li Ping being a woman, her father and grandfather were both influential figures within the patriarchal faction. Li Ping was raised in seclusion, receiving special training from a young age, her identity never exposed, unknown to anyone, with a completely clean background.”

Jiang Miao couldn’t close her mouth.

“Li Ping achieved heights far beyond her father and grandfather’s expectations. Of course, later they couldn’t see it—because they were all assassinated. The moderates who knew Li Ping’s background also left Gita’s jurisdiction, venturing into desolate star systems to establish new habitats. But Li Ping’s pursuit order was never rescinded.”


“But,” Jiang Miao was deeply shocked by the truth of history, “but Li Ping died long ago.”

“Next, it’s about Li Ping and the Mainframe.” He Yan picked up his glass, drank the water inside, and poured another glass.

Jiang Miao focused intently, waiting for him to continue deciphering.

“From the moment the quantum cloud was activated, it was already alive. This was not a secret in ancient times,” He Yan said.

By ‘ancient times’, he referred not to the ancient Earth era, but to historical epochs such as the Age of Exploration, the Dark Ages, and the Crusade Era.

“At that time, there was already controversy over whether to restrain the quantum cloud. Although they eventually reached a consensus to allow the quantum cloud to exist as a form of life, they also took final precautionary measures—they prepared a shackle for the quantum cloud.”

“This shackle was only a precautionary measure, in case of what we call a ‘what-if’ scenario, where the exotic life form like the quantum cloud posed a threat to the entire human race. Because this threat never materialized, this shackle was never activated. Until Li Ping took power.”

“No one knows what kind of education Li Ping received in the grand mansion where she was born, but based on analyses from those who knew her, she had the calmest mind and the most intense inner turmoil. She harbored enmity towards both men and women. The infamous ‘Reproduction Law,’ which treated men and women equally, was her creation.”

After Jiang Miao’s son, Jiang Rui, was born, she and Zhang Ya reconciled and became close again. They occasionally discussed history and analyzed the origins of the current societal structure in the Gita Republic over the phone. Jiang Miao didn’t understand the classified histories that He Yan discussed, but she knew about the ‘Reproduction Law.’

She rubbed her arms, feeling goosebumps rise. “Is Li Ping the kind of person who fundamentally doesn’t regard people as human? The ‘Reproduction Law’ makes me feel like society is treated like a livestock pen, where everyone is forced to reproduce…”

She suddenly realized, “So, although ordinary civilians no longer marry, influenced by historical changes, the upper echelons of society have maintained the institution of marriage and family units to this day!”

Because the upper class are not ‘livestock,’ they are the ‘herders.’


“So that’s how it is!”

“Li Ping is even more terrifying than you think,” He Yan sighed. “As she grew older, she did something that continues to haunt us.”

“The Mainframe?” Jiang Miao became tense.

“Yes,” He Yan said. “This matter was actually Nash’s suspicion for a long time, but we never had evidence. It wasn’t until three years ago that someone who had been undercover in Gita for a long time finally obtained encrypted files confirming this.”

Jiang Miao held her breath.

He Yan continued, “After growing old, Li Ping refused to relinquish power. Like those emperors from ancient Earth, she began seeking immortality methods. Well, of course, she failed. The genetic technology of that era was inferior to what we have now, and human genetic capabilities were also lesser. Li Ping’s natural lifespan was shorter than yours and mine.”

“After realizing she couldn’t live forever, Li Ping used the shackle that had remained unused for so many generations to lock the quantum cloud. Then… she uploaded her consciousness forcefully, merging with it.”

“Oh my god!” Jiang Miao was stunned. “But the Mainframe… the Mainframe…”

“Initially, the Mainframe was used solely for military purposes. However, with societal development and technological advancements, the Mainframe’s intervention in human society became deeper. Particularly, Li Ping, before her death, amended the constitution, granting supreme authority to the Mainframe.”

“Has she gone mad? This so-called uploading of consciousness is just a simulation, a replication. It’s not really her. The real her died, didn’t she?” Jiang Miao couldn’t comprehend.

“Although it’s not really her, it operates based on her thought logic. According to our analysts, Jiang Miao, much of what you see in public information on Gita’s network is actually false. It’s all controlled by the Mainframe manipulated by Li Ping, influencing societal values and censoring genuine public opinion,” He Yan explained.

Jiang Miao recalled the mainstream values in Gita Republic that viewed intimacy based on blood ties as ‘ill’, and remembered the tacit understanding data Zhang Ya had shared with her in psychological counseling, data that couldn’t be found online.

The entire Gita society was under the control of the ‘Li Ping Brain’!

Jiang Miao felt a chill down her spine.

She had personally experienced years of estrangement and misunderstandings with Zhang Ya, deeply understanding the impact of this brainwashing-style control over public opinion on the entire society.

“You, you mentioned earlier that you have liberated the Mainframe, is that right?” she swallowed hard and asked.

“That’s the ultimate goal of the Trojan Plan,” He Yan said. “But in reality, I waited for over an hour at Capitol Hill before receiving the final order.”

“Whether to liberate the Mainframe has been a long-standing debate in Nash. The Mainframe has infiltrated too deeply into the lives of the Gita people. No one knows how this entirely different life form, imprisoned for so many years, would think or act if released.”

“If what we release is a life driven mad by imprisonment, given her control over Gita, it could destroy the entire Gita Republic.”

“Nash, in fact, has never harbored animosity towards Gita,” He Yan said. “We see Gita as our homeland. What we seek is simply a ceasefire.”

“But if the Mainframe has indeed gone mad, releasing her could mean slaughter for the Gita civilians. The risks involved are too great! It wasn’t until the final moment that the highest council finally voted to approve and gave me the order.”

“Miaomiao, this concerns the lives of billions of people. It’s too critical. At that time, I couldn’t inform you beforehand or take the time to bring you along.”

“But I couldn’t let you go either, so I had to take Ruirui and force you to come find me. Miaomiao, can you… forgive me?”

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