InterStellar Dad

Chapter 89: Explanation

He Yan knew Jiang Miao’s temper and had experienced her anger. He saw that she was still seething. Despite feeling bitter about her last remark, he didn’t dare try to play the sentiment card again. Instead, he lowered his eyes and changed the subject, “I’ll take you to the cockpit and explain our itinerary.”

Jiang Miao’s ultimate goal was to reunite with Ruirui. The itinerary was serious business. Hearing He Yan mention it, she suppressed her anger and stood up, prying his arm away, “Let’s go!”

He Yan, with his bruised and swollen face, stood up and foolishly tried to hold Jiang Miao’s hand as he used to. She shook his hand off and glared at him.

He Yan was helpless and led her deeper into the spaceship.

The interior of the spaceship was surprisingly elegant compared to its shabby exterior. As Jiang Miao walked through, she noticed that the portholes showed nothing outside, as if something was blocking the view.


When they reached the cockpit, she stopped.

“The spatial proportions aren’t right,” she said.

From the deck or cargo hold where the flying car was parked to the cockpit, the spatial proportions felt off. The ship seemed smaller inside than it appeared from the outside.

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Fortunately, she didn’t have much luggage. The only items left in the hotel were a few changes of clothes and disposable underwear she bought on the way. All the necessary and essential items were in her pockets and backpack.


He Yan glanced at her.

Jiang Miao’s face was stern, clearly unimpressed by any “full access to the ship” gimmick. He turned his gaze back and activated the screen, first opening the radar map to check the detector data.

“We aren’t being followed,” he said. “Did you lose the National Security Bureau agents?”

Jiang Miao snorted.

“I knew you could do it,” He Yan praised her.

Jiang Miao used to love his compliments. He always had a smile in his eyes when he praised her, making him look especially handsome… ah, but that was Yan He’s face!

He Yan couldn’t understand why, after complimenting Jiang Miao, she not only wasn’t happy like before but her face darkened even more.

He Yan kept his eyes focused and activated the route map.

Jiang Miao crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes to examine it closely, listening to his explanation of their route. After a while, she asked, “What’s the red line?”

“The boundary alert line,” He Yan said. “Beyond the red line, it’s no longer Gita. Once we pass the border check, we can reunite with Ruirui.”

As expected, the last sentence was what Jiang Miao cared about the most. Although she didn’t speak and kept her arms crossed with a stern expression, her face softened significantly.

“Can we pass the border check?” she asked.


“The border check isn’t as strict as you think,” He Yan explained. “In the best case, we won’t encounter any border patrols and can exit directly.”

“And the worst?”

“The worst case is having the border patrol board for an inspection.”

Jiang Miao frowned. “Electronic facial disguises can’t fool the naked eye.”

“I’ve made preparations, so don’t worry,” He Yan reassured her, turning off the screen. He added gently, “You must be exhausted from these past days. Go take a bath and rest. If you’re hungry, the ship has a kitchen, and I can cook for you.”

This tender and gentle demeanor was something Jiang Miao was all too familiar with.

Jiang Miao sneered, “Thanks, but the automated meals suit my taste just fine.”

First, fix your swollen face before trying to play the tender role with me.

In the past, after coming home from work, she would run into the kitchen, hug his waist from behind, and press herself against him, saying, “I love your cooking the most. It makes me so happy!”

He Yan, in a low and submissive voice, replied, “Okay.”

He led her to the bedroom.

When the door opened, Jiang Miao stepped in first and stood at the entrance to survey the room. It was spacious, comfortable, and luxurious, clearly the captain’s quarters.


She turned around.

He Yan, still standing outside, began, “This room…”

Without saying a word, Jiang Miao slapped the button by the door, closing it and shutting He Yan out along with whatever he wanted to say.

He Yan stared at the metal door in front of his nose, speechless for a moment. He sighed, turned around, and went to tend to his facial injuries.

Jiang Miao walked into the room, took a plush teddy bear out of her bag, and gently placed it on the bedside table. She threw her bag onto the sofa, took off her jacket, and went into the bathroom.

There was a bathtub, but Jiang Miao didn’t soak. She took a quick shower. After drying her hair, she hugged the teddy bear and fell asleep instantly.

For the past month, or rather, the past two months, she hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep.

On the capital star, she constantly worried that the National Security Bureau would catch up to He Yan, there would be a shootout, and both he and their son might get hurt. Many times, she woke up in the middle of the night from nightmares.

Even after escaping surveillance and heading to Baishi Star, she was anxious about the future. Would she really reunite with Rui’er on Baishi Star? Her heart was filled with anxiety.

Jiang Miao slept deeply this time.

She woke up only when the AI called her.

“Doctor, you have slept for eight hours,” the AI said. “To maintain a regular and healthy routine during the journey, it is recommended that you get up now. Major He has prepared a nutritious and healthy breakfast for you. Please proceed to the dining room for your meal.”


Jiang Miao lay in bed, groggy for a moment, then asked, “Major?”

“Major He Yan,” the AI responded.

Jiang Miao gathered herself, got up, and washed. As she left the bathroom, the AI said, “There are clothes prepared by Major He Yan for you in the wardrobe.”

Jiang Miao: “…”

She walked over and opened the wardrobe, which was indeed filled with women’s clothing. She rummaged through them and found that they were all her size.

When He Yan wanted to please a woman, there was nothing he couldn’t think of or do, was there?


Following the AI’s guidance, Jiang Miao reached the dining room, where He Yan, wearing an apron, immediately served her breakfast.

In the past, He Yan rarely made breakfast due to his morning workouts, usually only preparing main meals. But given his culinary skills, even a simple breakfast was enticingly delicious.

Jiang Miao didn’t stand on ceremony; she sat down and began to eat.

She now demanded of herself to eat well and sleep well, ensuring her physical health. Health was the cornerstone of everything; she had to take care of herself first before she could have a chance to reunite with Rui’er.

She wouldn’t resort to crying fits, tantrums, starvation, or suicide threats. None of those extremes would ever happen to her.

After finishing breakfast, she picked up a glass of lemon water and chugged half of it in one go. Slamming the glass down and pushing her plate aside, she looked at He Yan sitting across from her, who had been watching her eat the whole time, and calmly said, “Speak.”

Yesterday, emotions had run high, and there hadn’t been a proper conversation. He Yan owed her an explanation about Rui’er, about everything.

“I… am He Yan, 37 years old, a Major in the Border Peacekeeping Forces of the Nash Republic,” He Yan said.

Jiang Miao smirked, “I knew you weren’t a professional spy.”

A real professional spy wouldn’t be in enemy territory fathering a child.

He Yan admitted, “I’m not.”

“My primary job is to combat bandits and track star pirates,” he continued. “Major Yan He was captured, and our government initiated a plan…”

“Troy,” she interjected.

“Yes, Troy,” He Yan confirmed. “They needed someone to impersonate Major Yan and infiltrate the enemy.”

“To avoid suspicion, they needed someone not only capable of completing the mission but also as close to him in every aspect as possible,” he explained. “Given his origin from a high-gravity planet, the pool of candidates was instantly narrowed down. Among the limited options, I was the closest match in all respects.”

Jiang Miao acknowledged this point.

After Major Yan completed his mission “returning home,” he would inevitably continue serving in the military. This long-term undercover operation required “Troy” to appear as a military man, naturally limiting the selection to military personnel.

Major Yan himself was handsome and popular with women. Such men typically had extensive experience with both genders, exuded confidence, and were adept at charming others, especially the opposite sex.

He Yan matched almost all these criteria. Even their ages were similar; both were in their thirties. He Yan was slightly younger, but that didn’t hinder his successful impersonation of Major Yan.

“He underwent facial surgery and has a voice modulator implanted. Using genetic disguise technology, he managed to pass through Gita undetected. To avoid being recognized by acquaintances, he pretended to suffer from PTSD,” He Yan said. “Things went even smoother than expected. He applied for preferential childbearing, and the authorities here also hoped he would raise a child while recuperating. They immediately brought him to the capital star, making my task incredibly straightforward.”

“Then,” his voice grew low, “I met you.”

Jiang Miao said with a wooden face, “Although you’re not a professional spy, your acting skills are really good.”

He Yan looked at her with bitterness and asked, “Do you think… it was all an act?”

Jiang Miao averted her gaze, refusing to meet his eyes.

After a long while, she looked back at him and asked, “Did you steal the warp drive engine?”

Seeing her change the subject, He Yan’s gaze somewhat dimmed and admitted, “Yes.”

Jiang Miao asked again, “What did you do to the main brain at Capitol Hill?”

But He Yan countered, “What’s the current condition of the main brain?”

Jiang Miao frowned, “Don’t tell me you didn’t sabotage the main brain?” Why was he asking her that?

This time, however, He Yan didn’t nod.

“No,” he asserted firmly. “I didn’t sabotage the main brain.”

Jiang Miao didn’t believe it. “Even though it wasn’t made public, from the data I collected online, I’m certain the main brain has temporarily ceased operation.”

Pausing, she continued, “It’s because of that, I had the chance to exploit the situation. Otherwise, with the main brain’s computational abilities, it would have surely exposed me.”

Deep down, Jiang Miao didn’t feel much about He Yan stealing the warp drive engine. In times of war between two nations, whether through intrigue or cunning schemes, such acts were considered normal.

Jiang Miao was even certain that He Yan wasn’t the first group dispatched to the Gita Republic attempting to steal the warp drive engine.

He was just the only one who succeeded.

But Jiang Miao was furious about He Yan “damaging the main brain.”

Jiang Miao visited Capitol Hill several times a year just to see the main brain. In her old-fashioned Earthling heart, the main brain was a symbol of civilization in this interstellar age, the pinnacle of human technological development.

Every time she visited, it was with a sense of pilgrimage.

“I didn’t sabotage the main brain,” He Yan emphasized once more. “When I left, it was functioning normally. If it’s stopped now, it’s either because it was forcibly shut down or… it chose to.”

As a scientific researcher, Jiang Miao’s understanding and response capabilities were far beyond ordinary.

“Are you… are you saying… the main brain, it…” Her mouth was dry, realizing she had stumbled upon a profound secret.

“Yes,” He Yan nodded. “She’s alive, always has been.”

“I infiltrated Gita, and my ultimate mission was… to free her from her constraints.”

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