I’ll Just Take a Lick


T/N: So I tled this back in March and only remembered to post it now kek. Tis a short sweet story which I chose purely for the cover kek. Enjoy!

“Don’t come here!” Hui Li struggled, backing away. The back of his robe touched the rough surface of the banyan tree, and the air of the man in front of him made him quiver in discomfort.

“I won’t hurt you.” Bai Ming reached out a hand to touch the little guy on the ground, the other person’s scent was too sweet and wonderful, eliciting the urge in him to hug him.

“Go away!” Hui Li’s eyes immediately turned wet and he shook his arms wildly, his figure incessantly curling towards the back of the tree. 

“You’re injured, you need to receive treatment.” Blood constantly oozed out from the other person’s calf, dyeing his grayish white robe red. Bai Ming’s nose twitched and he expended a lot of willpower to restrain himself from pouncing on him.


The injured leg was grabbed by the man’s hand and he couldn’t struggle out of it despite how hard he tried so Hui Li’s tears soon leaked out.

“Don’t eat me, my cultivation level is not high and I don’t have much meat. You’ll only break your teeth if you eat me…” Hui Li’s voice started choking up, and he sniffled before continuing, “I’m very useful. I can cook, do laundry and all kinds of other miscellaneous stuff, please don’t eat me…”

“I won’t eat you, I’m just going to take a look at your wound.” Bai Ming looked earnestly into Hui Lli’s eyes, trying to convince him that he held no malicious intentions.

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Hui Li used his excellent escape skills to rush back to his Taoist temple.


“Whew…” Upon shutting the door, Hui Li let out a sigh of relief, his body sliding down the red-painted door.

That was too terrifying. He had merely come out for a walk on the mountains, how did he end up encountering his natural enemy? He had just acquired the ability to transform himself. Judging by the demonic power that was used to heal his wounds, the other party was definitely a demon who had lived for a long time, his power couldn’t be compared to him at all.

But why didn’t the cat demon eat him? Was it really because he didn’t have enough meat?

Hui Li pinched his own face. Why did it feel quite meaty? Looks like he had to eat a bit less in the future.

“Does your face feel uncomfortable? Let me take a look…”

Hui Li instantly leapt up from the ground.

“Why are you here!” Hui Li hurriedly looked around, determining the possibility of escape.

“I…” I just wanted to follow you.

On that day, a long-term resident was added to the small Taoist temple on the mountain, and Hui Li once again led a light-footed life just like before he acquired his transformation ability.


“I’ll help you carry them.” Bai Ming suddenly appeared beside Hui Li.

“There’s no need!” Hui Li quickly protected the plates in his hand, his voice sounded evidently sharp due to nervousness.

After quickly putting the food on the table, Hui Li pushed the large bowl towards Bai Ming.

“Eat it quickly.” Hui Li tried his best to look away from the bowl of food. Look at how crystal clear those corns are. I hope you eat them instead of me. 

“You eat them, I’m not hungry.” Bai Ming sat down across Hui Li, pushed the food back, and gazed at Hui Li intently.

“Are you really not hungry? Last night, you clearly..” Tried to eat me and even used that place…

Hui Li lowered his head and secretly peeked at Bai Ming’s face.

Recalling what had transpired last night, Bai Ming’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly. The dilapidated Taoist temple only had one bed. He originally didn’t expect it but the little fellow immediately pulled him into his arms as soon as he fell asleep.

Smelling that attractive scent, he nearly couldn’t hold himself back.. 

“Actually, you don’t need to be afraid of me, I don’t eat mice.” Bai Ming said seriously. There was no other way. The little fellow always avoided him. Even a slight touch made his hair stand on end.

“Then, do you eat corn? I only have corn…” Hui Li clutched the corner of his clothes and continued to cast secretive glances at the bowl of sweet corn cobs.

“Alright, I’ll eat them.” Bai Ming picked up a corn cob and bit down on it. It had a strange taste, but since this was what the little guy wanted him to eat, as long as the little guy could feel rest assured, he would gladly do anything he asked.


Hui Li certainly released a breath of relief, thinking that this way, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to eat him.

“I will cook corn for you every day from now on so you’re not allowed to bite me anymore.” Hui Li looked at Bai Ming expectantly. He had been bitten last night and his shoulder was still hurting up until now.

“I’ll just take a lick.” Last night, it was purely because he had gotten too excited that the little guy went in that he couldn’t hold himself back and bit him a little harder than he had intended.

“Alright, as long as it’s just licking…” Hui Li glared at the cat demon in front of him, and gave in again, his courage dissipating.

“Can I lick you now…” After being glared at by Hui Li, Bai Ming only felt hungry again despite having just eaten full.

“You’re only allowed to lick the tip of my finger!”


“The corn has already gotten cold, let go of me!”

T/N: So you might be confused why its cat shou and mouse gong when it seems like the opposite but if you read clearly on one of the lines mouse says ‘You tried to eat me and even used that place’, we can assume what ‘that place’ is and ‘how’ it’s eating mc kekekek Also one of the tags for this was weak gong and strong shou hence the character dynamics~ Hope you enjoyed this short!

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