Immoral Holidays Chapter 6.3

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Chapter 6.3

As Ling Wei was used to the abstinent lifestyle drilled by the military academy, the explicit use of words made it hard for him to shake off.

His wheat-colored skin tempered by arduous training and discipline slowly reddened, his resolute face cracked to reveal an embarrassed yet inexplicably erotic expression.

But with determination, he once again blocked the door that Ling Qian was about to close. After a moment of deep silence, he sighed in defeat and said a low voice. “I’ll go with you tomorrow afternoon. After all, I can’t let you act recklessly. Don’t forget. In the end, I’m still your older brother.”

Ling Qian look at him with amusement “Alright. Perhaps I’m in a good mood. I might even let you see sex in action. Brother, should I take your obstruction of door as a message that you want me to drag you in her and give you a blowjob? Or do you want to leave the door open so that you could give me a strip show? Take your hands off.”

He once again brought up ‘that’ matter which made Ling Wei’s blush spread down his neck.

Ling Wei couldn’t understand. How could good parental and military academy education backed with respected bloodline standards cultivate such a student who would dare say such lascivious words?

He moved his hand away letting Ling Qian immediately close the door.

Afraid of Ling Qian deceiving him behind his back and really causing havoc outside, Ling Wei stood straight outside guarding the door with hands crossed like a door god.

“Ling Wei? Why are you standing outside Ling Qian’s door?” A soft voice of a girl that carried a curious tone sounded from behind.

Ling Wei’s guilty conscience was pricked as he turned around abruptly. “Mom? Why did you come up?”

Madam Ling carried a tray with a small bowl of soup and a silver spoon and walked towards Ling Wei. “Mom also needs to exercise sometimes, you know? So I took up Housekeeper Wei’s errand and I’m here to send tonics to my cute son.”

She set the tray down on a marble table next to the wall in the hallway and held the half-full bowl up with a blinding smile. “Come and eat.”

“Mom, I’m healthy. I don’t need to eat this stuff.”

“Nope. This is mom’s order.” Madam Ling jokingly imitated her husband’s commanding tone. “Quickly eat. Don’t copy Ling Qian and Ling Han’s bad habit of secretly throwing out mom’s specially prepared tonic and even lying to mom that you’ve drank it all. As the oldest brother, you should set a good example by finishing it, mom will let you go out to play if you do.

Being gently forced like this, Ling Wei couldn’t help but silently laugh and finish the contents in one gulp. He then showed the bottom of the bowl to Madam Ling helplessly.

“Such a good boy.” Madam Ling happily planted a kiss on his cheek. “The happiest moment of being a mom is this moment. Alright, mom doesn’t want to waste your hard earned holiday, go out and have some fun in the afternoon. Do you have any classmates

“No need. I-” Recalling the damn Ling Qian, the joy in Ling Wei’s eyes darkened. “I’m going with Ling Qian in the afternoon.”

“Is that so? Then that’s good. Help mom look after Ling Qian and don’t let him stir up any trouble. He doesn’t listen to mom so I hope he can at least listen to his brother who attended to same military school as him.” Madam Ling spread her arms and gave her oldest son a hug. She then tidied up the bowl and spoon before bring the tray back downstairs.

Madam Ling’s figure faded beneath the stairs and the door that had always been closed, finally cracked open.

“Are you really going to go out with me? I’ll tell you this first, my plans wouldn’t change just because you decided to show up.”

Ling Qian who had finished changing clothes looked at Ling Wei guarding outside his door with mockery.

Just like many of the children born with influence, Ling Qian had acute aesthetic standards, he confidently knew how to dress himself and he looked extremely aristocratic.

Shined leather shoes, wrinkleless pants, a simple button up blouse on the top, ridiculously expensive control-type wrist watch. Looking at them, it wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but every item he wore was something that a federal citizen could not afford with a 10 year salary.

His lean stature was taller by a chunk than people of the same age. His shoulder concealed by the clothes gave the illusion of slenderness and defined his muscles. Adding on to that, he inherited the positive qualities of his parents’ appearances. He had Madam Ling’s beautiful lips and General’s Ling’s straight nose bridge and bright eyes.

In Ling Wei’s eyes, this younger brother of his really beat him a hundredfold times in having an outstanding appearance.

Who could’ve imagine that this arrogant scoundrel was willing to bring shame to his parents’ reputation for the sake of his sexual appetite. “I’m not going to let you play around.”

Ling Wei set his mind into acting as the older brother regardless of whether they were related by blood or not as mom had already entrusted the task of looking after Ling Qian to him, Ling Wei had the responsibility to make sure Ling Qian doesn’t do anything that may provoke the god’s and people’s anger.

The two brothers bid their mother goodbye and left the mansion. Just as Ling Wei’s personality is the low-profile type, he often uses common transportation to get by outside of school, Ling Qian turns out to be the exact opposite.

He personally drove around the latest model of the luxurious hovering recreational vehicle that only general class high officials can own.

“This is too flashy.” Ling Wei sat shotgun with unease.

If they drove out with this, 90 percent of the people will look at them in the public streets.

Ling Qian harrumphed. “If you’re not happy with it, you can look have fun on your own. The fact that I let you come with me is already considered a huge favor from me.”

Ling Wei was furious beyond words.

The way Ling Qian handled matters was no different than that of high officials’ spoiled children. He directly drove the hovering RV to the flourishing public medical street and without a care for the rules, he parked at the most convenient area which happened to forbid parking.

Ling Wei scrunched his brows. “Ling Qian, park somewhere else. Didn’t you see the sign? This is only for urgent military use, we’re not allowed to just occupy it.”

“I am Ling Cheng’s son, isn’t that enough reason to be considered as urgent military use?” Ling Qian looked at Ling Wei’s face with ridicule. “Brother, don’t be stupid. The most that they can do is record it digitally and then issue me a warning receipt for parking the car. Do you really think they would throw me into jail for this?”

Ling Qian said this while casting a look at the one sided transparent glass of the car, slowly observing the passersby.

A lot of people also threw a look at the inconceivably high class RV. The license is clearly branded with the top rank of the military, making people look at it with fear and envy.

“How about that?” Ling Qian suddenly pointed his thumb towards the transparent window.

Ling Wei followed the direction of his thumb puzzlingly. It pointed to a boy that was passing by, he looked very delicate with his white skin.

The boy coincidentally stopped on his heels and looked curiously, measuring Ling Qian’s car.

Ling Qian’s eyes revealed an excited evil. “His skin doesn’t look bad. If you bit him, it’d leave a mark, it must feel good making him cry. Mm, I hope he hasn’t been fucked by a guy before, I love virgins.”

His hardly-concealed and obvious emphasis made Ling Wei’s scalp feel numb.

Ling Qian even casually discussed with him. “Brother, do you think I should go in soft or hard?”

Sensing that Ling Qian’s words seemed to have a deeper meaning, Ling Wei was shocked by his brother’s gaze. Ling Qian rarely complied with the military academy’s rules that they enforced every day.

“Soft or hard? Ling Qian, what the hell are you talking about?”

His strict older brother tone simply did not raise any effects.

Ling Qian did not sense the seriousness of this matter at all. “If I’m soft. I could tempt him by giving him some benefits. Like, promising to raise his marks in the career grade assessment. Many people can’t resist accepting this kind of condition.”

Fully computerized advanced technology made social division much more refined but it also made it much more hierarchical. If you wanted to get a good job remuneration, you must first obtain an appropriate result at the career grade assessment.

The fair judgment system that several billions of federal citizens stood by to was actually being used as leverage by an 18 year old general’s son. Ling Qian’s upright nature suffered a heavy hit.

Ling Wei angrily rebuked. “Ling Qian, you can’t do this!”

“Brother, enough with the demeaning words.” Ling Qian yawned.  He teased him saying. “In the academy, it would be too easy for a command department student to access the secret system. Besides, this kind of thing won’t hurt anybody. And even if it was discovered by the higher-ups, they wouldn’t really say anything.”

Ling Wei clenched his teeth.

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