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Immoral Holidays Chapter 9.2

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Announcement: This is the very last chapter I will be putting out of Immoral Holidays. I will be dropping this novel mainly due to two reasons. It’s difficult to translate and the chapter lengths vary greatly. If you want to pick up this novel, please feel free to do so! This novel is a rare gem and I would love for someone to take it off my hands and do it justice.

Chapter 9.2


“Ling Qian!” Ling Wei turned around in astonishment. His worries of his brother running around to destroy his family reputation was quickly dispelled by the flickering car lights, seemingly like the dark clouds on top of the head dispersing. Maybe, he only said it to deceive people. Ling Qian, that guy’s mouth can say some detesting stuff, but he is after all, a part of the Ling Family. 

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Looking at the buff man dressed in ramrod military uniform looking dignified and lofty, for the first time in his life, Ling Wei developed a guilty conscience, and called out in a low voice. “Dad.”

“En.” The man somewhat tiredly nodded.

It was the head of the Ling Family who was in a military meeting for several consecutive days, Ling Chengyun. At the most crucial moment, he had come back.

Madam Fu was extremely happy that her husband had finally extracted himself from the military group. An important position took long working hours which occupied a lot of family time. For Mrs. Ling, a family dependent lady, not only was her husband taken away by the military, even her kids would be too in the near future. It was hard to accept but it was still a reality she had no choice but to accept.


The only thing he could do was to give his family as much warmth and concern as he could whenever he came home.

“You’ve returned?” Pulling on her beloved husband’s arm towards to living room, Madam Ling immediately called for the housekeeper to prepare a midnight snack for the severely weary husband.

Ling Wei who rarely came home, naturally stayed in the living room to accompany them.

A family of three sat at the dining table enjoying the delicious meal the kitchen had quickly whipped out. Ling Wei was at one side drinking a broiled deer bone porridge while still worrying about the whereabouts of Ling Qian. 


Just thinking that his younger was probably running amok and maybe even forcibly embracing attractive ordinary youths, Ling Wei’s usual accurate line of thinking repeatedly derailed from the tracks. The remaining blank space in his head was filled with unease.

“Where’s Ling Qian?” Ling Chengyun was at the other side eating the midnight meal while using the tone of a family head to ask.

“He went out after finishing his dinner.”

As a father, he was a bit discontented. Having injured his classmates and driven out by the academy, he still actually had the heart to go out. However, working as a top rank military officer had made him used to dealing matters in a cool-headed manner. After setting his chopsticks and bowl down, he called the housekeeper. “If Ling Qian comes back, tell him to come find me for a talk.”


After that, he changed topics and talked about another son that was still in military academy. “Ling Han’s exams should be over soon.”

Madam Ling revealed a concerned expression. “The final exam must have been keeping him busy. This child hasn’t called home recently.”

“I ‘m also keeping an eye on his situation in the military. Compared to him, Ling Qian is really too disappointing.” Complaining about his second son’s stubbornness and mischievousness but towards his youngest son’s efforts, Ling Chengyun’s face showed a father-like proudness. “Ling Han is much more hardworking than his brother. After the closed-door special exam finishes, he can quickly graduate from the military academy and choose whatever position he wants to take up in the military.”

To make their fathers proud , even dignified generals would not be excused.

Madam Ling’s chopsticks that were currently gripping on a piece of vegetable suddenly stopped mid-air as she turned her head. “Did.. you just say….analogy closed-off special exam?” Her slightly high pitch indicated she had no knowledge of her son’s exam matter.


“Impossible. The children can only join the ordinary exam. Was it the exam that was formulated with a federational law that without a guardian’s agreement, no student can join that kind of frightening exam?”

“I’ve signed the approval form.”

“You…” Madam Ling’s complexion immediately turned pale. “You actually let our child join the analogy closed-off exam?” Her tone was filled of blame.

Even Ling Wei revealed a stunned expression.

The so-called analogy closed-off exam is an extremely taboo subject among the thousands of military academy inside the federal union.

It was said that that this exam was set to cultivate war forward-looking special generals.

To apply for this exam, the conditions were extremely severe. Aside from having a good family background and an outstanding military academic results, you also needed to go through a strict 

During the completely sealed 20 day space exam process, any kind of stuff could happen so safety was not guaranteed. In other words, a danger to life could happen anytime.

Of course, the level of danger posed was proportional to the amount of honor that could be achieved. Once passed, aside from immediately graduating with the military academy’s first class outstanding qualifications, he could also attain freedom in exercising his authority in the federation’s military.

When it first started, several military family’s outstanding son’s were tempted by the conditions, impetuously signing up for the exam but the palpitative death rate continued in the following 20 years. Now, only the extremely self-confident official military academy students dared to attempt the exam. 

What’s even more unimaginable was that dad gave the green light to let one of the hard to come by twins to join the high danger level exam. From the Ling Family’s military tradition, you could really see Ling Chengyun’s attitude towards this.

“Immediately cancel it!” The loving and caring Madam Ling eagerly stood up. “I will not allow my son to join this horrifying exam.”

“The exam is closed off. Not only is it impossible to stop once it starts. The exam takers would have no way to contact the outside world. Unless the exam has completely finished, it’s impossible to inquire anything that’s happening inside. Moreover, the exam is almost coming to an end.” Ling Chengyun comforted in a deep tone. “Don’t worry. These few days I was in the military, I kept in contact with their group’s surveillance teacher. Even though they said it was hard, Ling Han was able to cope with it very well.”

“No, Chengyun, Ling Han is only 18 years old. You didn’t even ask me before you let my child….”

“I’ve considered Ling Han’s grades. Ling Han had also wanted to pass the exam. This is that child’s own wish and I had hoped for the Ling Family to be able to produce a strong-willed and genuine battlefield general.”

“A genuine general?” Madam Ling agitatedly raised her tone. “Do you know you are risking your own child’s life?”

Having rarely seeing mother lose her composure, Ling Wei stood up first. He supported her mother who looked to be almost fainting. “Mother, come sit down first.”

Concealing this from his wife and letting his son participate in the exam with serious consequences, Ling Chengyun felt a slight twinge of guilt towards his extremely agitated wife and stood up. He replaced his son to support his wife and told Ling Wei in a low voice. “Go back to your room first, let mom and dad talk this over.”

The problem of their son’s educational philosophy could only be best settled privately.

“Yes, dad.”

Silently going up the stairs, Ling Wei once again turned around to look. Seeing his parents downstairs caused his feeling of restlessness to grow more serious.

Ling Qian and Ling Han were all in his parents’ thoughts.

The Ling Han who came out 5 minutes later than Ling Qian was currently undergoing a special exam that could take away his life any minute. He didn’t know what the future had in store for him.

Mother and Father were currently undertaking horrible torment. Ling Qian wouldn’t have done anything wrong that would add to his parents’ burden, would he?

If only he hadn’t overthought it and angered Ling Qian into walking away. Thinking up to here, the leg that Ling Wei used to step onto the stairs, suddenly became heavy enough that it was seemingly hard to lift.

After entering the room, Ling Wei repeatedly called Ling Qian’s communicator. After failing a couple of times, his mood got even worse.

He laid on the bed just like a fish placed into a deep fryer, it was an extremely painful feeling.

The communicator on the bed top suddenly flashed a bluish green light and immediately vibrated.

Ling Wei sat up in a flash of realization and opened the communicator.

“Brother, were you looking for me?”

Ling Qian’s voice caused Ling Wei to be excited. “Ling Qian, where are you?”

His hateful laughter transmitted clearly over to the communicator’s speakers, making the moment almost unbearable before Ling Qian was able to coldly ask. “Have you finished thinking?”

Seemingly having a temperament of controlling everything but it actually only emerged from mouth of an 18 year old, Ling Wei almost couldn’t bear the feeling of his intestines being intertwined.

“I’ve finished thinking。”

Ling Qian gave a low laugh to the receiver and told the name of a one person hotel suite name, ordering his brother in a deep voice. “Come within 30 minutes.”


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