Immoral Holidays (Dropped)

Immoral Holidays Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The two people, one in front and one back, left the washroom with complicated expressions and coincidentally bumped into the manager that was looking for them all over the place.

“Oh! The two younger masters were here.” The manager wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He had finally found the big fishes, looks like this month’s income doubling will become a fine reality!

Ling Qian pretended that nothing had happened before and asked. “Where is the showroom for disciplinary training toys?”

“Ah yes, please follow me here.”


Stepping into the farmost particular showroom, if you wanted him to step into battle against the enemy’s giant warship or ion cannon, he would be indifferent to it.

However, what entered his view were all kinds of obscene toys that hinted sexual abuse, which in his eyes, were a tremendous shock to his already frail sexual understanding.

He could probably bear the whip but when Ling Qian stepped into the showroom, the first thing he grabbed was a weirdly shaped toy which made Ling Wei feel deeply disturbed.

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Ling Wei resolutely turned his head to the side, keeping his calm from the verge of breaking down.


Ling Qian sensed this and hurriedly withdrew the item, attracting the attention of the  “We’ll take this one then, is there any other interesting stuff?”

“Oh! There is! There is! What does young master think of urinary tract torturers?”

“The ones that control urination? I heard that if you didn’t use it properly, there would easily be repercussions such as infections or incontinence.” 

“Hehe, we recommend only the safest products to the young master so please don’t worry.” Having sold all the high valued items at once, the customers this time are simply golden turtles. The manager lowered his voice and used an obscene intonation to speak. “This rare urinary catheter is employed with military grade technology. After inserting it in, the necessary expansion scale is detected and the material automatically expands according to it, plugging the urethra completely and because it expands horizontally, you only need to be careful about the scale, it would definitely not hurt the body.”

“It’s more advanced than the one before.” Ling Qian fiddled with the simple-looking object. “There aren’t too many supplements, just a simple tube and the remote control design is also pretty. With this, the person-in-training would have to seek permission to be able to urinate.”

The manager distressedly nodded in his heart. “The charming youth crying out in pain from excretion would look erotic no matter what angle. You could also order him to endure the strong urge to pee and only allow it when he blows you until the young master is content.”

Seeing the sale nearing success, the manager cleverly introduced the interesting functions it had. “Ah, that’s right. There’s also a function to control the amount of urine coming out. When you allow him to pee, it doesn’t have to be letting him do it entirely, you could also set it to a limited amount, say 10 milliliters. You just need to set it with the remote.”

Indeed worthy of being called the most famous sex shop, the sales person’s technique flowed.

Imagining his cute and awkward older brother trying his best lick his own dick whilst begging for release, Ling Qian’s crotch throbbed in excitement. 

Shooting inside brother’s throat, if his brother didn’t obediently swallow it all, he could also purposely threaten to let him pee only in small amounts, bullying him to the point of tears.

“Mm, we’ll take this one too.”

“Ah, thank you Young Master! The charming youth receiving the Young Master’s training must be really lucky!”


Having tasted sweet success, the manager repeatedly recommended all kinds of terrifying training tools.

The originally pencil straight Ling Wei unwittingly started leaning on the door frame. A large buzzing hummed in his ear.

Just as Ling Qian smiled to show the end of his selection, he pulled on Ling Wei’s wrist to walk out but found that Ling Wei’s body temperature was ice cold. “Brother, are you not feeling well?”

Even though in his heart, he knew what was going on but leaving the shop into the gloomy and unclear light of dusk and walking into the abundantly bright passage,he took a clear look at Ling Wei’s ugly expression and this flushed away half of Ling Qian’s excitement.

Maybe he was a bit too much.

Even though it was only talks of being ravaged, but towards brother, this type of person, witnessing the trainer using sexually abusive toys on his own body was also definitely an equivalently heavy attack to his heart. 

Ling Qian faintly felt a bit guilty. “Brother, since we’ve finished buying stuff, I’ll treat you to food.”

“I don’t have the appetite.” Ling Qian smacked his brother’s hand away and struggled to stand upright. “If you’re finished looking around, can we now go home? Mother must be waiting for us to start eating.”

This time, Ling Qian did not refute and assumed the facade of an obedient younger brother. As the shop staff delivered the packaged goods onto the car, he obediently drove home.

The two children who were originally expected to not come home to eat dutifully returned home. Madam Ling was pleasantly surprised.

 Fortunately, all the ingredients have been prepared in advance and she immediately set out cooking her sons’ favorite dinner.

For the first time, Ling Wei did not have the appetite to eat the dishes Mother cooked.


“What happened to Ling Wei? He didn’t eat much, did mother’s cooking lose its touch?”

“No…” A pair of evil eyes seemed to strike him implying that all hell would break loose after dinner. Ling Wei avoided Madam Ling’s deeply concerned gaze and lied against his will. “I ate too many snacks when we were walking around in the afternoon.”

“Oh.” Madam Ling seemed to completely believe her oldest son’s words and exposed a joyous smile. “Children will be children, it doesn’t matter if they’ve gone through rigid training, from beginning to end, there’s still childish innocence retained. I didn’t expect my family’s Ling Wei to still like eating snacks ah. Just like cute female general’s little indulgence. Ah! Don’t worry, mother is not scolding you. Mother only thinks that you also need to have your own hobbies. Ling Qian and them have their own weird hobbies right, Ling Qian?” Madam Ling flicked her head to look at her troublemaking second son. “You like collecting antique coins, Mother remembers specially going around everywhere to collect antique coins for you.”

“Mother. Those are times in the past. Only little kids like those. Adults should have adult hobbies.”

Madam Ling curiously asked. “Then what kind of hobbies do you have now?”

Ling Qian languidly joked. “Bullying big brother ah!”

Madam Ling was stunned for a moment, before smilingly scolding him. “This child ah, not even replying mother honestly. Let me warn you, your older brother is your mother’s favorite son. I definitely won’t allow you to bully him.”

“Don’t worry, mother.” Ling Qian stifled his laughter. “Brother is the academy’s excellent cow not just a random little cow on the street. I don’t have that kind of courage.” Deep within the smiling pupils, there was a possessive gaze that threateningly licked his brother’s figure. 

His gaze made Ling Wei feel a bit feverish. 

After finishing dinner, Ling Qian stood up and stretched his waist before winking at his brother. “Brother, let’s go.”

Ling Wei looked up at him in horror.

Madam Ling asked. “Are you also going out tonight?”


“No.” Ling Qian comforted her mom before spitting out a reply that was none too reassuring. “Brother had told me some pretty profound words today and the more I think about it the more sure I am that many of my behaviors need reflection. So tonight, I’ll be sleeping in one room with brother. To delve in deeper, it’s quite weird, there seems to be some sense in the stiff reasoning coming out of brother’s mouth.”

Madam Ling was pleasantly surprised. 

“Really? Ai, this child, you finally know you brother’s good points. If I knew this earlier, I would’ve arrange more opportunities for you brothers to be together. It’s all that hateful academy’s registration system’s fault. If the three of you brothers could study together, it would’ve been so much better.” Madam Ling chided his second son. “Do you know why your brother’s reasoning hold logic? It’s because your brother is an exemplary moral character. Setting a good example as clear as day.” Mother’s praise seemed like needles stabbing at Ling Wei’s heart.

He couldn’t stand it and abruptly stood up. “Mom, I’ll be going upstairs. Good night.” Pulling his evil brother, he took big steps up the stairs.

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