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Immoral Holidays Chapter 7

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Translator’s Notes: Hiii everyboddyyyy!!! Long time no postttt huehuehue. I’m sorry that this chapter is long overdue. School has been very busy and no lie, this completely slipped out of my mind. So I won’t waste any more time and present to you the entirety of chapter 7. Enjoy~~~~

Chapter 7

20 minutes after, Ling Qian drove the disc shaped car to their destination and Ling Wei finally knew where Ling Qian’s weird smirk came from, 120,000 regrets came to him after nodding his head casually.

Although he hasn’t been here before but anyone with common sense knew that the huge neon sign board was a humanoid adult toy shop.

“This is known as the federal’s most comprehensive store. Their prices are on the upper side so I hope brother has enough cash in your card.”


And so Ling Wei was forced by Ling Qian to go in, a sales manager who could distinguish clients spotted them and his eyes immediately twinkled, he eagerly walked over to serve them. “Welcome! What are the two young masters looking for? Our store has all kinds of items.”

There wasn’t even a need to say anything, the disc shaped car parked outside was already a huge sign that he struck gold.

Ling Qian indifferently said. “I haven’t thought of what to buy, let’s look at the items first before deciding.”

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“Gbb, nsdtayvwzyvksdp, bl xwpv cl hlau elzknkswp vs cl yczl vs cl nbspld cu uswdt xypvla.”

“It’s not so ideal. Training a virgin is hard work and it’s hard to find a compatible partner. At first, they’ll say they’re willing to do anything, in the end they’ll whine about. A lot of cases end up like this.”


“This is also true.”

Ling Qian’s heroic face nearly started twitching.

Ling Qian stared at the innocent manager with a piercing gaze.

No matter how abundant his sales experience was, the manager did not dare to use the assumption that Ling Wei would be the virgin that was going to be trained.

There were a lot of reasons.

Firstly, at a sexually open age, there were only a few people who were virgins at Ling Wei’s age. The number inside the Federal practically countable.

Secondly, Ling Wei appeared with an air of upright soldier, one look was enough to know that he was the type to be unwilling to receive other people’s training, if this temperamental guy were to suffer training with a sex toy, he feared he would’ve directly committed suicide.

Although they were a lot of noble men that love being played with, a majority of them were forced and would absolutely be unwilling to go to a shop to buy a toy.

Besides, compared to Ling Qian’s luxurious casual clothing, Ling Wei was dressed in a common military uniform, his pencil straight slender build was wrapped, showing off his slender fine legs. This told the manager that this slightly taller man had a good body and the person daring to train him would probably be beaten by half-dead by him.

“If you want to train a virgin, then a dildo would work best.”

Science and technology are changing with each passing day and in the development of human sexual love, many are interested in the ancient tools used.

“Our store has a variety of thicknesses, of course, we also carry dildos with special functions.”


All four walls in the men’s basic training room were fully covered, the display rack showcased a variety of imitations of penises, evoking goosebumps from Ling Wei.

All kinds of textures were available from soft rubber, metal to even marble.

“This is really thick, this’ll probably split the asshole open.” Ling Qian fearlessly held up a metal dildo with protrusions in front of the manager.

With the thickness of an arm, when he pressed on the control key, the metal protrusion on top started stirring rapidly.

“Young master’s judgement isn’t bad. This model has ranked second in terms of sales in beginner training. See here, the toy has an adjustable speed on the bottom for the protrusion, specially designed to tackle the small prostate point. After pressing the key, it would provide so much stimuli like pressing and rubbing on the most sensitive area.” The manager introduced the item in detail with a professional attitude. “This multi-functional tool can also set a single room interval after sticking it in and leaving it in place. You could go to bed at ease while your house pet enjoys the pleasure of having their prostate stimulated intensely at fixed times, it is absolutely both painful and pleasurable at the same time.”

Ling Qian tested the big protrusion that tackled the prostate that the manager said. And it started shaking violently. He laughed saying. “Being played all night, wouldn’t the other person cum until impotence?”

“If it’s about training, you could use it as a chastity belt in front and the next day, he’ll be begging for young master.”

Ling Wei silently stood at one side and listened to the manager’s fawning tone, he couldn’t help but want to take out his gun and point it at him.

“Alright. I want this then.” Ling Qian turned his head to look at this pitiful brother. “Brother, you promised to use your money to buy this right?”

Ling Qian stared at the malevolently shaking dildo in Ling Qian’s hand, his cheeks pulling back in horror as he silently bit his teeth and took out bank card to hand to the manager.

Having sold the expensive dildo in an instant, the manager was very proud of himself. Looking down at the bank card Ling Wei handed him, he suddenly discovered it was the highest level of gold card that could only be possessed by a high ranking general or noble general families had, he got more excited than someone who caught a mermaid and his hospitality increased from 100% to 120%.

“This ranked second in sales, then what about the one that ranked first?”


“Ahh yes yes! This is the one ranked first.” The manager immediately held up the item with both hands and grinned. “It may look normal at first glance but it’s made of memory expandable material, the length and thickness could be adjusted to your liking, it’s very convenient. At the same time, it also has an electric control system.”

“Electric control?” Ling Qian smiled with malicious intent.

“That’s right, the current flow can also be adjusted, from the weakest pleasuring stimulant, to the strongest punishment-like stimulant. The most attractive feature of this product is its memory function. It records the muscle contractions of the user and locates various electric data positioning.”

“Which goes to say that the more electric that flows, the better he will feel, yes?”

“That’s right, Young Master is really knowledgeable about our products. Hahaha. It’s not only limited to this, in the aspect of punitive electrical shock, it would also record the power of electrical shock that the body can take so that the user can feel the most pain but to the extent that they won’t be able to faint.”

“How interesting.” Ling Qian smirked. “Lingering at the brink of painful collapse, this is really similar to that of the army’s ways of torturing captive hostages. Then I’ll take one of this as well.” The smiling eyes turned to sweep a look lightly at Ling Wei’s face.

Ling Wei seemed to be frightened as he suddenly got goosebumps.

Originally thinking he had done enough mental preparation for what was going to happen, when he found out now what his younger brother was planning to do to him, it was ten thousand times more terrible than what he had initially anticipated.

“What is brother thinking about?”

The approaching face made Ling Wei shiver.


Ling Qian smiled, leaning his mouth closer to his ear, sighing. “Imagine being penetrated by the dildo in the ass, tasting the ruthless electric shock. Oh brother, you are such a tease.”


Having his brother whisper humiliating words in his ear aroused a strange pleasurable feeling in Ling Wei, confusing him.

The manager enviously fawned over him. “Young master must be really fortunate to have his older brother pay for such an expensive toy on his behalf.”

“Of course, shouldn’t an older brother guide his younger brother onto the ways of the adult world. In this area of education, an exchange between brothers is more comfortable than with parents and their kids.” Ling Qian affectionately placed an arm over Ling Wei’s shoulder, looking at him to his heart’s content.

Ling Wei looked away. “You’ve finished buying right, can we go now?”

“How could it be that quick?” Ling Qian cast him a disapproving look. “Brother, I know you have a ton of money in your bank card. You don’t need to be this stingy right? How about this, manager, we’ll take every set this dildo has in all the different thicknesses.” He said as he pointed at the pure rubber dildo.

When Ling Wei heard his footsteps getting farther away, he thought the torture was over.

Unexpectedly, Ling Qian made a new request to the manager. “We’ve finished buying the basic development of the rear. Next, we’d like to see items for training obedience.”

“There are many types to develop obedience, does young master have a specific type in mind?”

“Then let’s go with the punishment type.” The corner of his eye reflected Ling Wei’s already sunken face as Ling Qian deliberately provided a deeper sense of humiliation.

This not only satisfied the thrill in his heart, it also followed the plan of progressively breaking down his older brother’s mental barriers.

His brother needed to experience several stages of breakthrough buffers before he could officially invade his brother’s alluring body with his meat stick. Otherwise, the copulation between brothers would leave a mental shadow on his stubborn brother.

Having spent a lot of painstaking effort to secretly deploy a pitfall for his prey to fall into his hands, Ling Qian would absolutely not recklessly rush matters.

He only has one brother and he also only had one chance so he couldn’t mess up by any means.

When passing by the corner and coincidentally seeing the bathroom sign, Ling Wei took the opportunity of when the guiding manager was not paying attention and suddenly turned his brother’s wrist, dragging Ling Qian inside the washroom.


This time, he ruthlessly threw his brother against the wall.

Towards that beautiful face donning a slight grin in pain, Ling Wei neared his brother’s face in impatient fury. “Ling Qian, are you finished or not?”

After the pain from being slammed against the wall subsided, Ling Qian ignored the disadvantage he had from being pressed against the wall by his military clothed brother and actually slowly hooked up the corner of his mouth and said in an amused measuring voice. “Brother looked to be magnanimous, I never imagined you were actually miserly about money.”

“Who’s miserly with money? If you want to buy something, you can use up all the money in my card but you can’t use the money the our parents gave us on these shameless things.”

“Aren’t you just afraid of that those dildos are going to be stuffed in your cute little arse?” Ling Qian raised his voice lazily.

These shameless words made Ling Wei choke and unable to answer back.

Fire was ignited in his dark eyes.

The smile on Ling Qian’s indifferent face turned cold as he harshly said. “Brother is too impatient. With you being like this, I might not necessarily be willing to train you. To be honest, even I fell that such a high grade toy is wasted on you, it would be such a shame. That beautiful boy’s arse was tender and white, it must be more beautiful than brother’s, and it’s more flexible that there are more ways to play with it.”

He didn’t know if it was due to his extreme anger but his rigid arms started shaking slightly.

Looking at his righteously indignant brother furiously resisting him with amusement turn his bright dark pupils away from him, Ling Qian complacently knew that he had turned the tides to his favor.

The fact that his brother was unmovable due to affection that family and his parents gave him was not fair.

“It hasn’t even been that long and brother has already broken his promise once again, I don’t think there’s any point in continuing this agreement any longer.”

The body under the military uniform jolted slightly.

Ling Qian’s smile became even more ruthless. “Cancelling this boring agreement is fine. I’m just thinking that brother’s arse may not really be enough to keep me content. When the time comes and it doesn’t feel good fucking and I can’t find a better toy, it’d be too depressing.”

Pulling down Ling Wei’s arms that lost strength from his shoulder, Ling Qian stood back straight and resume the face of a good younger brother and in a seemingly friendly voice said. “Alright, brother. Although I’m the younger one, I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you. This is the farthest I’ll go. I’ll give back every cent of everything that we bought. It’s just as I said in the beginning. It’s best for everyone to mind their own business. You could just go home and I’ll continue shopping on my own. I’ll return the money once I get home.”

Just as he was about to leave, his arm was pulled back by Ling Wei.

“Let go.” Ling Qian was good at pretending, he made a loathing expression much more distinct. “You could almost be considered as half of a member of the Ling Family, why are you dilly-dallying like this? Breaking promises and being sloppy, the Ling Family never brought up this kind of habits, or is this a social custom of Zhen Di Military School?”

This kind of shame cut an even more sorry figure of the military-clothed Ling Wei.

The always straight-spined, high spirited young military student silently pursed his lips, his facial lines stretched taut in endurance. He himself did not know how this suffering look of his made a certain someone feel aroused.

“Sorry.” After internally struggling once again, the bloodless lips moved.


“I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Ling Wei clenched his fists at the side and spat each word out. “Continue the agreement.”

Ling Qian was not going to let him off easily. His sharp eyes swept a look at his ramrod straight brother as he sneered in a slow despicable way. “Does brother think he’s the commander-in-chief of the military? Just breaking a promise because you want to break it and just continuing because you want to continue it? Even if you really became the commander of the military, going back on your words, I’m afraid even the enemy nation would look down on you, no?”

The loyally outstanding student was totally refuted with a nail on the head.

He was unable to raise his head to the words his brother had said that held reason.


“But as your younger brother, I’m certainly better unlike a certain untrustworthy brother.” Ling Qian sneered coldly. “That’s why I’ve let you take a mile every time I gave you an inch, I gave you a change after you broke our promise, where would you find a general’s son that easily deceived in history? There probably isn’t a lot of them.”

The elegant proud face was covered by an obscenely evil smile, his tone also suddenly became low as he teased. “Take off your pants.”

“What?” Ling Wei widened his eyes seemingly like he got attacked.

If it was any ordinary citizen or common military student, they’d definitely be stunned by his powerful gaze.

But in front of Ling Qian who was more sinister than the average person and had long been trained by commanders, he was just like a sheep who could not bear to strike in wolf’s clothing.

The relaxed, open lips commanded in a slow tone with a lofty attitude. “Take off your belt and pull down your pants and underwear to you ankles. Let me inspect your ass.”

A horrifying lecherous demand.

If it wasn’t for his soldier’s instinct of never retreating, Ling Wei would have had stepped back unconsciously.

“Wh-Why?” Ling Wei’s sweet-bodied voice cried out in embarrassment and anger.

“To see if brother’s ass would really pass, of course.” Ling Qian stated in a matter-of-fact way. “I don’t want to be nagged by you for most of the day and having to break and continue promises. And after things come to a head, I’d discover that my erect sex doesn’t feel any good thrusting into your hole.”

Ling Wei’s heroic face contorted to an unrecognizable level.

Ling Qian didn’t even give him time to consider as he scrunched his brows in irritation. “Quickly! My time is more precious than yours, if you can’t do it then just say it.”

This overbearing tone was really effective.

Under his menacing urging, Ling Wei lightly placed his trembling fingers atop of the buckle of his twinkling belt in struggle.

The special metallic color was a proud ornament of a soldier that represented courage, determination, perseverance and loyalty for the sacrifice of the federation.

At this moment, everything was forced to cast a color of fornication.

Under his brother’s sharp gaze, the elder brother Ling Wei, unbuckled his belt with extreme mortification, pulling his military pants down to his knee.

The legs that had gone through a long period of training had muscles that weren’t ugly distorted, instead, they had a fine curve to them.

“Tsk.” Ling Qian let out an insignificant sound while greedily staring at the fair legs hidden underneath the cloth. He coquettishly whistled.

Ling Wei was heavily stimulated that even the color of his legs started to turn a bashful red, slowly evolving into a tantalizing, sensual picture.

After an agonizing 3 minutes, the fingers that were clasped on the edge of the white underwear were unable to summon up any courage to continue pulling it down.

“Continue, why are you stopping?” Ling Qian arrogantly expressed his dissatisfaction. “Brother, if you’re going to keep dawdling, I’m not going to bother sticking around.”

Things have already reached this point so he could only harden his skin and continue.

Helpless in any possible way, Ling Wei pulled down his underwear and was ashamed to death.

His lower body was suddenly licked by cold air. The intense feeling of shame almost made Ling Wei faint.

The tall, healthy body was wrapped in a majestic military uniform on the upper part yet it trembled as if it were in the extreme cold.

Actually, the only one being hit with extreme pain was not only him but also Ling Qian who was coercing him.

Seeing his brother who was dressed orderly at the top, peeling down his underwear like a prostitute and standing before him in embarrassment, a surge of delight bubbled forth.

Ling Qian who was proud of his self-control, was momentarily pushed to the brink of climax.

To control his unmarked brother was the most cruel test of willpower.

Ling Qian’s breathing became abnormally heavy and his words also turned vicious. “Turn around and put your hands against the wall.”

Because the ashamed trembling brother was being forced into obedience as he turned around and leaned against the wall, another order coldly came.

“Bend your back and raise your ass.”

He slowly raised his snow-white trembling butt in helplessness. Under the eyelids of the youth, this display assaulted all his senses.

Standing behind his pitiful brother, Ling Qian took in big breaths without any sound.

Caressing the tempting and beautiful meat hills, the meat under the fingers twitched after having seemed to be electrified.

“Ah…” Ling Wei could not help but cry out in pain.

“I haven’t even touched your little meat hole and you’re already calling out licentiously?” Ling Qian deliberately teased him viciously, his two hands fondly caressing the two lovable, full of elasticity buttocks. To make his adorable brother peel off a deeper layer of his skin, he purposely set down another embarrassing command. “How can I see it clearly in this position? The little hole in the middle is the most important. Brother, you should at least spread your buttocks out so that I could see your little hole.”

Taking off his hands, he took a step back and waited with extreme delight.

But Ling Wei was evidently incapable of executing this excessive command.

Raising his buttocks and showing a shameful position to his younger brother was already Ling Wei’s boundary. Hearing Ling Qian’s command, Ling Wei did not have a response for a long time, his fingers propped against the wall curved with extreme force, almost to the point where his nails were about to break from scratching the ceramic tiles.

Ling Qian’s acute senses perceived the abnormality in his brother and was alarmed.

“Nevermind.” He said as he promptly cancelled his demand. Ling Qian walked over and helped his brother take off his fingers from the wall before gently putting his brother inside his embrace, comforting him in a low voice. “Don’t worry, brother. Today’s inspection ends here and the agreement continues, so let this go.” He stopped down to pull up Ling Wei’s underwear and military pants and was personally intended to help Ling Wei organize his disheveled trousers.

Ling Wei resentfully pushed him away, turning his back on him and shakily buckled himself.

The light in Ling Qian’s eyes, who was pushed aside, started jumping about and in the end, he restrained himself and coldly crossed his arms, watching the other tidy himself up.

After a long period of silence, Ling Wei asked with a black face. “Now, can we leave?”


Ling Wei raised his head abruptly, the light in his dark pupils piercing.

“Fine.” Ling Qian spat out in a compromising tone. “You can leave, I’ll continue shopping, alright?”

Ling Wei closed his eyes heavily, he knew that gotten entangled into an inescapable poisonous net.

Towards this frightening demon-like younger brother, he could only clench his fists.

“No.” Ling Wei opened his eyes and bit his teeth, saying. “I’m not going to give you the opportunity of going out and committing crimes.”

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