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Immoral Holidays Chapter 6.4

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Translator’s Notes: Hi everyone!!! We’ve finally reached the end of chapter 6!!! Chapter 6.4 will be twice as long as the previous chapters to celebrate Christmas and New Year! (ノ^o^)ノ Chapter 7 will be published in one go since it’s pretty short so look forward to it next year! 😛 Speaking of which, Happy Holidays to everybody and thanks for giving love to Immoral Holidays! The following content is rated 18+ so please read with caution ʕథ౪థʔ also please forgive the awkwardness in text as this is my first time translating mature content. Without further ado, enjoyyyy~~~~

Chapter 6.4

World Conquest Academy students possess many special privileges. Perhaps if Ling Qian didn’t speak, he would have really had the ability to contact the career grade assessment system.

Compared with the secret military system, how hard was it to access civilian career grade assessment system?

Ling Qian peeped at his older brother’s helpless angry black face out of the corner of his eye with amusement and lazily confessed, “As for the hard way, I’ll just directly grab him, find a good hotel room and tie him up and fuck him till he almost dies.  If this were to be found out, the consequences would probably be more severe.”


“What do you mean probably! It would definitely be severe!” Ling Wei was furious by his younger brother who held no regard for the laws. Angry roars could be heard inside the vehicle. “A general’s son commiting rape. Where on earth were you planning to place the Ling Family’s reputation?”

“But it’ll be exciting.” Ling Qian threw a disapproving glance at his brother slyly. “Rough sex is something that satisfies the male ego. But I’m sure brother is incapable of experiencing this considering you don’t even masturbate a lot.”

In the next second, Ling Wei’s fist aggressively came towards Ling Qian’s indifferent smile.

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“Wwnj sqq!”


The two brothers confronted each other in the vehicle, eye to eye.


A state of tense hostility filled the air as temperature dropped to freezing point.

After a moment of staring, Ling Qian pursed his ruthless lips into a straight line before suddenly drawing them into an arc.

“Do you think your idiotic behavior could stop me from seeking out pleasure? Looks like brother didn’t take his physiology classes. Male creatures’ pursuit of sex is a terribly persistent life instinct. You can’t stop me.” Ling Qian coldly sneered.

“Or are you planning to tell dad and mom about this matter and let them discipline me. No matter, I’ll just conveniently release the video of you cumming into my mouth, letting mom see the pleasured beyond heavens expression you had when you shot your load into my mouth. If you’re going to be confessing about crimes, at least be thorough about it.”

His every word striked Ling Wei’s fatal spot.

Ling Wei took his gaze off of his brother and looked elsewhere in shame.

“Can I still count on your words before?” After a long contemplation, Ling Wei looked at the endless stream of people outside and asked in a low voice.

Ling Qian’s heart abruptly shot up and pounded quickly.

His face however did not expose a single thing.

“What words?”

“If I promise, then you won’t fool around.”

It was at this time that his soul was able to feel a burning sense of joy. Ling Qian knew that his prey had finally fallen into his trap.


He was so touched he wanted to cry but at the surface, he was still smirking and assuming an air of disapproval. “Promise what? Nevermind, brother is too much of an old-fashioned person. Even though your face and body isn’t bad but if you’re going to service a man, I fear that you don’t even know how to curry favor, right? Just for a blade of grass like you, I would have to give up an entire federal state worth of forest. Thinking about it, aren’t I at a disadvantage?”

“Ling Qian!” Ling Wei once again flew into a rage, quickly raising his head. “Do you not even have the basic morality of keeping your promises?”

“Of course I can keep my promises, but what about brother? Do you really know what’s going to happen in the future after you bring up this proposal?”

Ling Qian’s sinister proposal was now twisted to sound like it was Ling Wei’s own proposal.

But Ling Wei was already too tired to argue with his brother.

He felt a hidden danger underneath his brother’s unsettling hinting in his question and slightly hesitated. “What are you going to do?”

“Becoming my sex toy means you have to satisfy me whenever I want.” Ling Qian smiled evilly. “Anytime, anywhere, using all kinds of methods I demand to please me. Please, do you understand? I don’t want to have to waste effort in raping a war officer every day, that would be very boring.”


“Also. To satisfy doesn’t just mean getting screwed by me once. It’s until I feel satisfied. If I screw you and I don’t feel content, I won’t be able to hold in my ‘little brother’, I’d have to go out and scavenge for food, you know.”

The person speaking did not turn red nor did his heartbeat speed up but the older youth who listened was already red down to his neck.

Wicked words passed through frail ears, directly eroding the brain with lascivious wanton.

“How about it. Nod only if you’ve considered it well, brother.”


Ling Wei clenched his teeth hard.

The lines in his face became taut, carrying a ‘I’d rather die than submit’ persistent tenacity that only outstanding soldiers possess. If it wasn’t for Ling Qian’s self-control, he would’ve already pounced on him and licked that cute face many times.

“If you’re not willing then get off the car.” Ling Qian said indifferently. “The Ling Family is going to be succeeded by me and Ling Han anyway so whatever happens, I’ll be assuming the responsibility. Besides, your body isn’t that captivating  and your personality is hateful, I’d still have to slowly train you so it would take a long time.”

“I-” His low and soft reply came after careful deliberation and his black as paint eyes flickered with bitter realization as he spat the words out. “Fine.”

Using all of his strength, Ling Qian resisted the urge to rush out of the car and laugh heartily at the top of his voice in public.

Using the hand that hung near the doorway hidden from Ling Wei’s line of sight, he almost destroyed the leather seat from grabbing it too tightly with his fingers.

If it weren’t for undergoing years of hellish command department professional training at the World Conquest Military Academy, when he practiced this key moment, his true inner heart was concealed perfectly. Ling Qian deeply believed that the plans he made for a long time would be impossible to execute this perfectly.

Restraining the extreme excitement in his heart, he coldly asked. “With that being said, if you’ve really thought about it, do you understand how our relationship is going to change?


“I’ll vent my lust on you anytime, anywhere and you have to make sure I’m satisfied.” And, you have to guarantee Ling Qian magnanimously smiled. “Of course, if you comply with the promise, then I’ll abide by it too and I’ll only have sex with brother. Understood?”

In reality, the only sex toy he wanted was Ling Wei.

“I understand.”


“Come and kiss me.” Ling Qian ordered in a light tone.


“Didn’t you hear me? Don’t tell me you don’t even know how to kiss. If you don’t even know how, you wouldn’t even qualify as my bed partner anymore. Who would want to bed a person who doesn’t know how to kiss?” Ling Qian swept a look at his brother with blame and said with an impatient tone. “Stop dawdling and wasting time, why don’t you just simply get off and pretend that the agreement never existed.”

Ling Wei clenched his teeth to the point of breaking.

But Ling Qian’s ‘loosen the reins to grasp them better’ method was like an accurate photon cannon. With a personality that puts promises above all, and with the purpose of defeating the enemy, after a number of heavy breaths, Ling Wei had no choice but to lean forward, closing in on his brother’s unbridled smile.

He even had to extend an arm placed on the door to steady himself.

Being approached by his brother’s embrace made Ling Qian feel even more pleased, his beautiful lips formed an elegant arc.

“Faster.” His ambiguous low and deep voice was filled with an erotic charming hoarseness.

A pair of unwilling, helpless lips finally softly made contact with a youth’s pair of red soft lips that had always been waiting. The warmth and softness coming from his brother made Ling Qian tremble with pleasure all over.

Compared to the image of his brother masturbating and ejaculating, the real touch of his lips filled him with immense feelings. His brother’s clean manly smell slipped under the tip of his nose lightly. The excitement was incomparable to an instant climax of the groin.

This was a slow peak level of joy.

It was even sweeter than what he imagined.

“You consider this a kiss?” His words were still rude but his tone now carried a strong satisfaction. Ling Qian carried the clumsy Ling Qian in his arms and said in a low, sexy voice. “Turns out brother really doesn’t know how to kiss. Ha. Good.”

Being embraced by his younger brother like an adult puppet, Ling Wei was ashamed.

Yet he had no way to resist, he could only listen to his brother’s instructions.

Just an hour of today was already unbearable. When Ling Wei starting thinking about the future, the only thought he had was that it was going to be bleak.

“If the difficulty is too high then nevermind, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. First, let’s start off with some simple lessons.” Ling Qian teased while caressing his brother’s chin with his finger. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”

Ling Wei was embarrassed to death.

For the past 21 years, he had always been compliant with the strict military system, faced with demands that have ulterior motives, he was so nervous that his blood almost stopped circulating.

Unfortunately, his rationality was exceptionally persistently operating. Promise, the Ling Family, dad and mom, all kinds of factors including the habit of obeying orders cultivated by the military school.

All of them allowed him to make one choice —— to act according to Ling Qian’s orders.

When he nodded and said “Fine.”, Ling Qian in a certain aspect, became his direct senior officer.

Obeying is a soldier’s duty.

He opened his lips beyond nervous. His pale lips slightly shivered like a petal being ruined by the savage wind, slowly, from the petals, a little pink tip was revealed.

The tip of the tongue hidden in the mouth appeared in a careful and cautious manner, the color was as tender as a baby, it was like opening the softest, most excellent clam.

Gazing attentively at the cute tongue exposed before his eyes, a low groan escaped Ling Qian’s throat.

“Brother, you’re not allowed to shrink back.”

He moved his head forward and used his teeth to nip the tongue inside the mouth and roughly pulled it out so that he could properly taste it more.

Next, he used the tip of his tongue to constantly lick his brother’s little lilac.

The sensitive taste buds on the top and sensitive bottom side of the tongue all needed to accept him like a never ending wet confirmation.

Having his tongue being wantonly violated by his younger brother, Ling Wei, who was completely inexperienced in sex matters, simply had no ability in resisting, the pleasure from having his tongue licked made him tremble all over, even the arm propping him up had lost all strength.

Ling Qian dauntlessly took him into his arms and pressed him down onto his knee, he continued to lower his head and plunder his mouth, occasionally berating him imposingly and greasily. “Stick your tongue out a little bit more.”

“Don’t move. Are you trying to hide from me?”

A crisp pat rang inside the vehicle.

Even though it was only lightly, having his brother slapped his butt made Ling Wei feel intense humiliation.

“Behave if you don’t want to get slapped there.” The unrelenting rough tongue that assaulted the brother’s shy tongue was soon able to smoothly pry the jaw open and invade the firm gums and soft upper mouth.

“Li-Ling Qian…” Ling Qian had thought that the most humiliating part was about to end.

“Hmm?” Having experience on controlling his breathing, Ling Qian used his tongue to force his brother in deep kissing, lewd wet sounds that made people blush reverberated inside the car. Taking the chance when the two tongues occasionally separated, he vulgarly teased him “Did you get hard? You wouldn’t get off just from my kiss, would you? That would be embarrassing.”

You don’t even need a hand to finish.

Ling Qian quickly changed his position, placing his brother across him in the front seat. The disc type car was spacious and cozy, making it easy for them to continue their matter.

He pressed down on his brother’s body in a sexual position and obscenely used his hardened groin covered just with a cloth and like an animal rubbed on Ling Wei’s groin.

The excessive action made Ling Wei instantly blank out.

“Stop!” Ling Wei shouted as he pushed away Ling Qian who was immersed in pleasure before sitting himself up. “Ling Qian, you’re too much!”

Seeing his little brother sitting on the carpet slowly lifting his head and gloomily staring at him, a sense of foreboding immediately weighed on Ling Wei’s heart.

He knew he had violated his promise.

And it was the promise that he had stressed absolute compliance over and over a moment ago.

After that instinctive outburst, Ling Wei hung his head down in shame, escaping his younger brother’s criticizing gaze.

He’ll definitely suffer another bout of humiliating words!

Ling Qian was currently cursing at his own stupidity. Sure enough, men were really animals that used their lower body to think. A little bit of lust was able to wash away the rationality of a high-standing general standing at the apex of the military school. He actually got carried away to the point the he wanted to directly do it til the very end.

Ling Qian, you lusty fool!

Did you forget your own plans?

“Alright, brother. Don’t get mad.”

Thinking that Ling Qian would immediately turn hostile and curse him out for breaking the agreement but what entered the ear was Ling Qian’s warm words that even carried a spoiling tone.

Ling Wei looked at Ling Qian in astonishment.

Ling Qian exposed a slight smile. “Brother’s first time, of course, shouldn’t be so sloppy.”

Under Ling Wei’s perplexed expression and untouchable condition, Ling Qian returned to the driver’s seat and started the car. He relaxedly said. “It wasn’t easy getting a holiday, how about we stroll down the streets? Brother, you just violated our promise ago.”

“Hm?” After being distracted, Ling Wei admittedly nodded his head.

He already knew his unkind brother would not be so magnanimous as to let him off.

Ling Qian suddenly pulled the topic into a different direction. “Brother must have brought a lot of your bank cards, right?”

This kind of unconstrained conversation was uncomfortable for Ling Wei but he still honestly admitted. “Yeah.”

The Ling Family gave three brothers equal amounts of allowance, and the amount they receive each month was astounding. However, in Ling Wei’s point of view, the military academy had everything and he himself did not prefer living a high profile, luxurious life so he rarely used the allowance in his bank cards. After many years, it had already amassed into a huge number.

Ling Qian was willful and extravagant, who knows if he used up all his allowance every month.

“Is there money inside.”

“There is.”

“Is it a lot?”

“It’s alright.”

“Then that’s fine.” Ling Qian revealed a pleased smile. “Brother, to make up for your mistakes, the next things we’re going to buy, we’ll be using brother’s money.”

If it’s about money, Ling Wei doesn’t really care. After all, it was from the Ling Family, which means it was also from Ling Qian and Ling Han’s future assets and property.

Ling Wei nodded. “Alright.”

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