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Thirty-Five Degrees Part 1

Content Summary: Clover Ferns and Four Leaf Clovers

When Wei Congying woke up, he still felt a little confused and had “a bystander standpoint”. He had no memory of coming to the hospital, not even the memory of before he crashed.

As his consciousness slowly gathered, Wei Congying found that he couldn’t feel the existence of his hands and feet, and a terrible thought came to mind.

Oh no, he wouldn’t have had his leg amputated, right?

Raising his head with great effort, he was relieved when he saw his legs being hoisted up.

The analgesic was still working, and he closed his eyes again. The pain in his head made him very uncomfortable.


Surrounded by an unfamiliar environment, he smelled the unpleasant smell of disinfectant on the tip of his nose, and the white sheet covered him up to his chin.

He looked around, but there was no one there. There was only the faint sound of water coming from the bathroom.

Not long after, Lin Fang came out of the bathroom holding a white face towel.

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In order to hear his voice clearly, Lin Fang leaned closer: “Is your mouth dry? The doctor said you can’t drink or eat within twenty-four hours. If your mouth is dry, I will use a cotton swab to dip into some water and swab onto your lips.”


“Just one thing.” Wei Congying held his breath, “Your mouth smells like green tea, it’s so unpleasant.”

“Damn it.” Lin Fang had thought it would be something important. He took a step back and stood up, “F*ck, this is the only toothpaste they have in the hospital’s supermarket.”

Wei Congying responded with an “Oh”, and his mind gradually cleared.

He somewhat recalled the scene when he crashed. At that time, Blondie’s car cut over and he didn’t have time to slow down. After being hit by Blondie, he fell out.

The car behind him couldn’t dodge and then ran over his arm and leg on the left, and finally, the car crushed him from above.

He was a little worried, so he struggled to lift the quilt with his right hand and saw that his arms were still there. As long as there were no missing arms or legs, everything else was a trivial matter.

Lin Fang saw his small move and was a little angry: “You also know that you may lose your hands and feet, right? Do you know how dangerous it is?”

“So?” Wei Congying asked, of course he knew how dangerous this was.

But there were always people who knew the danger but still did it. He didn’t like others calling it ‘chasing the afterlife’.

There are always people who wanted to prove to God the unyielding spirit and strength of human beings, just like the lighting of the Olympic flame, to prove the limits of human beings to the deities and various Western gods.

Of course, he also understands that God didn’t care about humans’ d*mned business.

Participating in an extreme sport may not speed up the process of human history or have any impact on human civilization.


Any talk about finding courage and challenging the limits were just words from the mouth of a person yet to enter their grave.

Putting aside the literati’s explanations, Wei Congying believed that the most fundamental reason he enjoyed racing was the happiness that racing brought him.

It’s that simple, nothing supernatural or soul-seeking, none of that.

But if you ask all extreme sports enthusiasts, you would get another answer, which was the change this sport brought you.

Either courage, fearlessness, or persistence…

Sachiko Abe used the art of paper-cutting to find peace. He also liked the happiness that racing brought him.

“What you are, is f*cking stupid.” After Lin Fang tucked his quilt in, he looked at the hanging saline. This large bag of salt water had just been replaced half an hour ago.

Before Wei Congying could refute his words, Lin Fang’s cell phone rang in his pocket.

After looking at the caller ID, Lin Fang did not answer the call immediately. Instead, he told Wei Congying that he was going to take a call and be back right after.

Lin Fang’s call ended quickly, and Wei Congying didn’t ask him who he talked to.

It could have been a girlfriend, and this girlfriend could be preceded by many tenses, such as past, future, and ongoing.

Or maybe it was Lin Fang’s father.


In any case, there were always people who cared about Lin Fang, unlike him.

Now he was lying on a hospital bed in the suburbs of Beijing. Apart from Jiang Xuyang, there were few who knew he was injured and to this extent.

His girlfriend, who hadn’t responded to his message for several days, probably didn’t even know.

Wei Congying did not ask Lin Fang about Shi Yun. In their previous phone call, she said that they would have a good chat after he finished the race. Wei Congying had already equated this sentence with breaking up.

Lin Fang and Zhang Guangwei had been accompanying him these past few days. Jiang Xuyang originally wanted to come but was persuaded to  stay put by Wei Congying.

They were careful to keep a low profile this time. Otherwise, if Wei Congying was brought back, they would probably be imprisoned together, which would restrict everyone’s personal freedom, which was not cost-effective.

Wei Congying also learned from Zhang Guangwei that Cheng Ge hurried back to his hometown in the afternoon of the day he crashed, saying that something happened at home.

But Zhang Guangwei felt it was not simple: “Could it be an excuse? Could he be going back to pack his things and then go directly to Mu Kai?”

Wei Congying listened to Zhang Guangwei’s guess without saying anything. He had been able to eat the past few days.

The food in the hospital was horribly bland, and he had all kinds of bone soup every day.

In fact, he had so much of it that he wanted to puke

Lin Fang and Zhang Guangwei stayed by his side. One during the day, and one at night, and each was more talkative than the other.


At least the two of them could rest their mouths for twelve hours, but Wei Congying’s ears were tortured all day long, and finally he couldn’t bear it anymore and stuffed an apple into each of their mouths.

Wei Congying: “I have already injured my leg and arm. I don’t want to be transferred from orthopedics to otolaryngology. Can you just talk a little less?”

Wei Congying’s transfer procedures were successfully completed.

He didn’t ask which hospital he was to be transferred to, and when he arrived, he found out it was the hospital where Shi Yun was doing her internship.

On the day he returned to the capital, the weather changed. After several sunny days, the rainy season was suddenly ushered in.

The Qingming rainy season came very early.

The dead leaves of the camphor tree were weighed down by wind and rain, and the branches would sprout new buds after the rainy season.

Wei Congying couldn’t move his left side, and it was inconvenient for him to play with his cell phone with an IV drip in his right hand. The TV program list was like the menu of a terrible restaurant, there was nothing to choose from.

He watched boring dramas, and finally comforted himself, thinking that it was better to watch dramas than stare at the ceiling.

But the infuriating plots in the dramas told him that he might as well look at the ceiling. In the end, he simply looked at the infusion tube next to him, and found there were forty drops in a minute.

The data obtained after confirming it twice was close. It seems that the record of forty drops was fairly accurate.

Only then did he realize that he was bored out of his mind.

Lin Fang told him he was going out and but he didn’t know where. As he was thinking about him, Wei Congying heard Lin Fang’s voice: “This way.”

It was like the voice of a tour guide showing the way.

Wei Congying looked towards the door, he was not the only one there.

A figure behind Lin Fang could be seen somewhat, but Wei Congying knew who that person was just from that little bit.

She wasn’t wearing a white coat, but regular clothes. She glanced at the person on the hospital bed and said nothing.

The ward was filled with silence for a moment. Lin Fang looked at Shi Yun and glanced at Wei Congying on the bed a few times, before retreating.

Shi Yun walked to the end of the hospital bed and looked at the person lying there. His face was slightly bruised, and his left arm and leg were wrapped in plaster and gauze.

She found the x-rays from under the mattress. The light outside the window was not good, so she looked at them through the light in the ward.

It was clear at a glance.

Putting down the x-rays, she picked up the medical records at the end of the bed.

Wei Congying lay on the bed and looked at her serious appearance. He looked away at the ceiling.

His body hurt very much and the scars were starting to itch and felt very uncomfortable.

But he wanted to laugh and cry a little.

When her eyes moved to Shiyun, she put the medical records and films back in place. Wei Congying was the first to speak: “What does Doctor Shi think?”

There was a little smile in his voice.

Shi Yun walked over and looked down at the person on the bed. She raised her hand, touched the bruise on his face with her fingertips, and poked hard.

The delicate facial features were immediately stained with pain: “Hiss–it hurts.”

“You deserve it.” Shi Yun stopped.

“We haven’t seen each other for so long, and you’re going to be ruthless when we meet?” Wei Congying wanted to raise his hand, but found that she was standing on his left and he couldn’t raise his left hand. Disregarding the IV in his hand, he raised his hand to signal Shi Yun to take his hand. , “You don’t miss me at all.”

Shi Yun didn’t answer and looked at his raised hand. She withdrew the fingers that were against Wei Congying’s cheek and gently pulled the first knuckle of his right hand: “Lie down well.”

Wei Congying lay down and looked at her.

Looking in Shi Yun’s beautiful eyes, he saw the love that he had not seen for a long time. But mixed in with the love was also fear and distress.

Wei Congying held her hand tighter: “Aren’t I still alive?”

Shi Yun didn’t answer, she was in a complicated mood. But he seemed to be a natural optimist who was not afraid of death. And he was still in the mood to joke: “This is the same angle I see when you’re on top.”

Shi Yun raised his hand to hit him, but he also laughed.

And when she called him a “pervert,” he didn’t get mad either.

Shi Yun had business to attend to. Wei Congying originally thought that she was busy with things in the hospital, but he learned that she actually went to the third floor to see her friend because one day she came over during lunch time.

Wei Congying asked her if she wanted to eat something together, and she told him she had already eaten with a friend.

Listening to Shi Yun talk about her friend, Wei Congying suddenly realized that he didn’t know any of Shi Yun’s friends, her roommate, or her childhood friends.

He hadn’t heard her talk about which friends she was closer with.

So Wei Congying was a little curious about her friend on the third floor and asked casually: “What’s wrong with your friend?”

Shi Yun was peeling an apple for him at the time. She sat next to the trash can with her back to him, lowering her head and peeling the apple carefully: “It’s congenital. Even if I tell you, you won’t understand.”

This sentence did not dispel Wei Congying’s curiosity about the person on the third floor, because every time Shi Yun came to the inpatient department for a break, she would definitely go to see that person first.

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