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Thirty-Four Degrees Part 4

The clerk caught onto his meaning and kept the man’s cell phone until the police arrived. Seeing that the two of them were calling the police, he took advantage of this moment to head over to the computer to find the man’s information.

The call to the police was quickly answered, but as soon as Lite opened her mouth, she realized something was wrong. She could not speak Chinese.

Unable to communicate effectively and quickly with the police, she looked at Wei Congying as if asking for help.

Forget it, he had already decided to act as the good guy.

Wei Congying took the phone with the flashy phone case from her hand and briefly exchanged a few words with the policeman on the other end.


He returned the phone to Lite, and when Wei Congying was about to leave, Lite stopped him: “Thank you very much, but could you please accompany me and wait for the police to arrive?”

“The police in our country will enforce the law impartially.” After Wei Congying finished speaking, seeing that she was still a little at a loss, he nodded, “Okay.”

Sitting next to the fitness equipment, waiting for Lite to go to the dressing room to put on a coat, Wei Congying checked his cell phone, which had not received any new messages, and finally put it into his pocket.

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The bone structure of the side of his face was very attractive. With his eyes closed, his eyelashes looked particularly long.


The hair that had just been washed was smooth and looked a little more boyish. Thinking about how he stood up in the gym just now, he felt very responsible.

Sitting in a police car, Lite realized the differences in their nations: “This is my first time riding in a police car.”

Next to her, Wei Congying, who was relaxing with his eyes closed, spoke lazily and in fluent English: “Thanks to you, this is my first time riding in a police car.”

“You’re welcome.” Lite smiled.

You’re welcome?

Wei Congying frowned and looked up at the man next to him who seemed to have no ability to analyze other people’s words: “I didn’t mean to thank you.”

Lite: “But I’m thanking you.”

Wei Congying closed his eyes again: “If you want to thank me, call Mu Kai to quickly pick you up.”

“He spent the night with another girl today. I called him just now and wasn’t able to get through.” Lite informed and looked out the window, “Why does every city seem to have good security, and there are so many people out at night?” ”

Wei Congying did not answer her.

Halfway through the recording, they didn’t expect that the person who secretly took the photos would give himself up. He admitted that he noticed Lite’s beautiful figure as she was exercising, so he couldn’t help but take out his phone to secretly take photos.

Lite did not ask for any monetary compensation, but felt that such a man must have secretly photographed many other people, and just hoped that the police could continue to investigate.


It was already very late when they left the police station, and Lite took longer in leaving a police record than Wei Congying. He stood at the door of the police station smoking while waiting for an app-based taxi to arrive.

When Lite came out of the police station, she saw him standing under the streetlight with a cigarette in his mouth, surrounded by fog, and the yellow light of the streetlight dyed the gray smoke yellow.

Lite walked over. The smoker heard the approaching footsteps and turned to look at her.

Lite: “Mu Kai is going to poach the man who came with you.”

After she finished speaking, the smoker blew out a small puff of the smoke ring in a leisurely manner, his expression not nervous at all. Just when Lite thought he was confident that Cheng Ge would stay by his side, she heard him slowly reply.


Lite was surprised for a moment, thinking she heard wrongly: “Huh? What?”

Wei Congying repeated it again and pulled the cigarette butt from his lips: “I said, whatever.”

His tone was cold, as if Cheng Ge was an insignificant person to him.

Although Cheng Ge’s skills were very good, there was not only one Cheng Ge in the world who could work for him.

Since Mu Kai could poach him at a high price, Wei Congying could also find another ‘Cheng Ge’ to work for him at a different price.

In the span of the few words they exchanged, the app-based taxi had already arrived in front of him, and Wei Congying put out his cigarette before getting in the car. Looking at Lite not far away, he put his hand on the car door: “Are you coming?”


Lite stepped forward and bent down to get into the back seat of the car. Wei Congying helped close the car door and got into the passenger seat. After the online car-hailing driver confirmed the ending digits of Wei Congying’s phone, he followed the navigation prompts and drove to their destination.

The two of them lived in the same hotel, but on different floors. Lite thanked Wei Congying in the elevator. As soon as she got out of the elevator, she happened to see Mu Kai holding his cell phone and closing thedoor behind him.

The next second her cell phone rang, and it started vibrating in her jacket pocket.

Hearing the cell phone ringing not far away, Mu Kai looked up and saw Lite: “You called me several times. Did something happen?”

Lite told him about the gym incident, without hiding that Wei Congying helped her in this matter, as good people and good deeds merit praise.

For this reason, as the ‘beneficiary’, Lite advised him: “I don’t think you really need to target him like this. As for the man named Cheng Ge that you want to poach, I don’t think he is necessarily as good as me. When the time comes, it will be just like Old Ma if you bring him over.”

Mu Kai felt a little displeased after listening to Lite’s words. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him. He smiled softly and said, “It seems that he really did you a big favor, Lite.”

“His impact was indeed greater than that of you who was on a woman’s bed when the incident occurred.” Lite walked straight past him, “If you keep doing this, after the contract expires in two years, I will not choose to renew our contract.”

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