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Thirty-Four Degrees Part 3

The only exception was Shi Yun, she always came.

Although she may just come to their house to have a meal.

Sometimes she would take him out, ending at the mulberry tree in the yard of He Sui’s house. Then she would skillfully climb the tree with her hands and feet, and her limbs would be scratched by the skin of the trunk, but she didn’t seem to be afraid of pain at all. The mulberries contained by the hem of her clothes would then be dumped onto his clothes.

Her braids were a little messy, but she didn’t mind. She waved her hand and would tell him generously, “It’s all for you.”

At that time, there were not only Shi Yun, but also He Sui and He Yun.


Shi Yun hadn’t replied to him for a long time.

Shi Yun’s attitude towards him made Wei Congying doubt her liking for him, but he also felt that she was like this because she liked him.

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As he said that, Zhang Guangwei took out a small notebook from his pocket and read what was written word for word: “I’m not slandering anyone. At seven o’clock yesterday morning, he ate two more servings of shrimp dumplings than usual for breakfast. At nine-thirty in the evening, the one who usually couldn’t bear to order takeout, ordered takeout, and…”


“It’s a waste of talent for you to work in racing.” Wei Congying interrupted him.

Zhang Guangwei was amused: “Do I look like an undercover ace?”

Wei Congying turned up the treadmill speed: “You look like an idiot.”

He ate two extra trays of shrimp dumplings for breakfast probably because he hadn’t really had it before so even if he didn’t have the room, he still had to stuff himself with them. As for the takeout, it was most likely that Fang Qian ordered it for him. After not going back for so long, Fang Qian must have realized that Cheng Ge was not in the capital.

After three hours in the gym, Wei Congying went to the locker room to take a shower. The shower gel in the gym didn’t smell very good, but he got used to it.

Putting the dirty clothes into his backpack, he turned on his phone, but Shi Yun still hadn’t sent him a message.

Unwilling to accept this result, he scrolled down and refreshed the message list, but there was still no new message.

He was speechless and annoyed.

As soon as he walked out of the locker room, he heard a noise. A curvy woman was arguing with a muscular man.

Wei Congying had never been one to pay attention to quarrels and was focused entirely on his phone. But when he happened to glance at the woman when passing by, he saw that she looked familiar.

She didn’t have the oriental appearance of a Chinese person, and her provocative figure was completely revealed under the tight sportswear.

It was the woman who followed Mu Kai.


She didn’t speak Mandarin fluently, and a long paragraph in English confused the clerk who wanted to understand the situation.

The man who was quarreling with her spoke up: “Who knows what’s up wiith her? She suddenly came over and threw my phone. Forget it. I don’t want to argue with her anymore. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Wei Congying stood there and watched the woman speaking English and gesticulating at the same time. The two people spoke completely different stories.

Lite felt like a mute. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, and they couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Today she wanted to go out to exercise on her own, and Mu Kai found a girl to accompany him, so she was alone.

As a result, in the middle of her workout, she suddenly discovered a man across from her who was secretly taking pictures of her on his phone.

She walked over to talk it out, but the man threw his phone down without saying a word, and the clerk came soon after.

She tried to explain all this, but no one listened to her.

Finally, after gesticulating for a long time, she remembered that she had a phone. She called Mu Kai, but he didn’t answer.

She then looked for the translation software but the machine translation also made the clerk a little confused. Seeing that the man who threw the phone was about to be let off by the misguided clerk, a male voice sounded.

“She said that this man was taking pictures of her without permission while she was exercising. When she walked over to talk to him, the man had a guilty conscience and threw down his phone.”


Lite heard the voice and looked over, it was Wei Congying.

He was wearing sportswear. His hair was half-dried after taking a shower, and he was holding a backpack in one hand and a phone in the other. The slim-fitting sportswear showed off his wide shoulders and narrow waist.

He was very tall, and although he was not as strong as the men who specialize in building muscles in the gym, he did not look weak at all when standing in front of them.

Wei Congying translated the man’s words into English and told Lite: “He said you dropped his cell phone and he didn’t do anything.”

Lite finally understood the situation and became angry: “He secretly filmed me, I swear. He threw the phone because he felt guilty.”

There were not many people in the gym, and the scattered people at various equipment stations stopped. After listening to Wei Congying’s translation, they curled up their lips and looked at Lite next to them: “Wearing something like this…” …That bra can’t even cover everything…Isn’t this deserved?”

Wei Congying heard this, frowned, and looked towards the speaker: “The fly bites the egg, not because the egg has cracks, but because it is just a fly.”

Lite didn’t understand: “What are you talking about?”

Wei Congying did not tell her what those people said. As a victim, she was hurt. There was no need to be ruthlessly hurt again because of the words of onlookers.

The clerk was a sensible person, because of Wei Congying’s translation, he no longer believed in the man’s words, so he grabbed the man’s cell phone from his hand while he wasn’t paying attention.

As expected, the man felt guilty and stepped forward to ask the clerk to return the phone to him.

The clerk’s hand that was holding the phone was behind his back, and he pushed the man who was approaching with the other hand: “Please cooperate.”


Wei Congying suggested to Lite: “Call the police.”

Lite agreed and turned on her phone again, only to hear another reminder from Wei Congying: “110 is our domestic emergency number.”

After saying that, Wei Congying saw her press the backspace key three times. She most likely had pressed something else.

The man didn’t see what was going on and ran away without taking his phone back. When the clerk was about to chase him, Wei Congying stopped him and said, “As long as you have his phone it should be enough, and your establishment should have registered his information.”

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