Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 207 [Big Shot’s Story Extra] The flowers by the path are now in full bloom (End)

After respectfully waiting outside the door for most of the day, Adjutant Li finally saw the Governor’s dark face while sending the doctor out, his heart jumped.

It seems that… it didn’t work this time as well.

Yan Zhan rubbed his forehead in frustration, recalling how the doctor was wildly prancing around the little girl like he was some wizard just now, and believed that he had found another unreliable one again.

However, he still politely paid him the consultation fee and heard the doctor mumble, saying something in English, “The soul has been successfully brought back, but why hasn’t she woken up yet?” Yan Zhan repressed the urge to kick this nutcase out of the room and had his people to send him off.

What he didn’t see behind him was that the girl, who was peacefully laying on the bed, had imperceptibly twitched her finger.


It was dinner time again.

The old butler neatly set the food on the table and stepped back. The huge Yan mansion was deadly silent, so only the sound of a person’s chopsticks and bowls clicking echoed from the large table.

Yan Zhan slowly picked up a piece of green pepper and chewed for a long while. This was the girl’s favorite food and was said to be spicy and fragrant, tasting particularly refreshing in the mouth with every bite. But before, he avoided it every time because he wasn’t fond of spicy food.

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It was the light sound of bare feet stepping on the wooden floor.

His little girl used to like walking around the house barefoot, and whenever he saw her doing that, he would frown, worried that she would catch a cold.

The little girl would then step on his big feet with her little feet and ask him to hold her coquettishly.

Yan Zhan thought he was just hearing things.



The footsteps resounded again, sounding nearer and nearer. It was a bit lighter and quicker than he remembered it to be, but it still carried the same rhythmic pace.

The piece of green pepper that Yan Zhan was holding onto with his chopsticks, inadvertently fell into the bowl, but he did not pick it up.

Since, at this moment, all of his attention was focused on the growing sound behind him.

The footsteps finally came to a halt and were immediately replaced by a warm body sticking closely onto his back. Yan Zhan’s body quivered from the action. He lowered his head and saw two white lotus arms hanging lazily on his shoulders.

A gentle breath hit the side of his neck, and Yan Zhan held his breath.

He didn’t dare look back, fearing it would all be just a fleeting dream.


“Brother Yan, I’m hungry.”

The girl’s crisp yet slightly hoarse voice penetrated Yan Zhan’s ears, drilling from the pinna all the way to his aching heart.

Her voice tugged at his heartstrings, intertwining closely to it.

She casually took the chopsticks from his unmoving hand, picking up the half-eaten green pepper that had fallen in the bowl, and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Brother Yan, I seem to have slept for a long time.”

“I miss you so much, did you miss me?”

It was clear and unquestionable that the girl’s whispers in his ear were not traces of a sweet dream nor were they a figment of his imagination.

Yan Zhan finally turned around to pull the person behind him into his loving arms, leaning against the table.


You really did sleep for too long.

So long that I almost went crazy while waiting for you.

I missed you.


I missed you so much.

He lowered his head and madly ravaged the girl’s lips. His eager tongue licking the two slightly pale lips before skillfully and domineeringly entering inside, wrapping the girl’s warm and soft tongue. It was as if this was the only way to confirm that the girl had truly awoken, truly standing right here in front of him and in his arms.

The girl obediently accepted the man’s crazy and greedy kiss, her little hand patting his back lightly.

When the man finally had to catch his breath and let go, she pressed her forehead against the man’s and looked deep into his eyes.

She then leaned forward and pressed a loving kiss on his lips.

Delicately and piously.

Thank you, for waiting for me all this time.

And sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.

Brother Yan, I’m back.

And from now on, we will never be separated again.

Translator Little Potato:Ahhh I love arcs like this, reminds me so much Arc 3’s  extra ending. Also I wanted to explain the title of this extra and only decided to put it at the end because it would only make sense once you’ve finished the extras. 

The flowers by the path are now in full bloom is actually only half of original sentence from (陌上花開,可緩緩歸矣, which is a line from Qian Liu’s letter (a warlord who founded Wuyue kingdom) to his wife. And the line means, “The flowers by the path are already in full bloom, and I slowly await your return.” Saying it like that looks nice, but its implied meaning is basically “Spring has already come, why haven’t you returned?” and it showed the warlord’s anxious thoughts of awaiting for his wife’s return, which perfectly suits the extra’s story!! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this arc!


We are almost reaching the end!! Just 3 more arcs and extras to go!!

TOC for advanced chapter – ICD [Completed]

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