Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 206 [Big Shot’s Story Extra] The flowers by the path are now in full bloom (Part II)

Yan Zhan carefully tucked the sleeping girl into her quilt before getting up as usual.

After fastening the last button of his uniform, the man quietly stepped out of the door. All the loving emotions in his pitch-black eyes had been completely retracted as he transformed into the ruthless Governor Yan for the outsider’s eyes.

The door seemed to have cut his person in half as his tender side was left for the little girl in the room.

Inside the car, Adjutant Li was summarizing the war reports sent from various places.

At present, the land of Central China was enveloped in the flames of war. Warlords from various places had engaged in incessant fighting, but the area that Yan Zhan had jurisdiction over was considered to be a pure area.


It was not that those wolves couldn’t hold back from eating this untainted meat, but this fleshy bone, that was Zhi Li, was too hard to bite. The person guarding it wasn’t some trivial figure but was a wolf king with intimidating power and ruthless means. Regardless of whoever provoked him, if they didn’t die from it, they would have at least lost their skins.

A living example was Zhang Chong of Jin Zhong. It was unknown to everyone how he had provoked this King of Hell, but in less than half a year, his entire nest was completely overturned, and the whole of Jin Di had been completely seized.

No one knew where Governor Yan had stumbled across a silver mine. But, he was able to provide an endless stream of ammunition and weapons to his own army as if his pocket was lined with money, creating an iron-armoured army stationed right outside of Zhi Li that caught anyone who dared to bite him. His army surrounded Zhi Li like an iron barrel that no one could chew.

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Adjutant Li took her away.


Killing this kind of evil woman wouldn’t be a harsh enough retribution for her to suffer.

The Governor’s people had some means to prevent her from dying but at the same time make her want to end her life.

“By the way, Governor, Curator William called just now, saying that the doctor you asked him to find will be arriving in Zhi Li today.”

Adjutant Li knew that the Governor had never given up hope of waking his wife, so he put in a lot of effort to find a doctor with superb skills to come and restore the madam to her original state. But alas, it was to no avail. In the past two years, he had accompanied the Governor to visit many influential figures, but his wife’s illness had never turned for the better. The head of the U.S. Embassy mentioned an expert in passing before, saying that this doctor’s treatment was different from those of ordinary doctors. He didn’t care about it at first, but the Governor took it to heart and ordered him to offer a gift with enough sincerity and finally found the person.

“Head directly to the ferry. I will pick up the person myself.”

The man sitting in the back seat slowly opened his grim eyes, and a trace of brilliance finally lit them.

“Yes sir!”

I hope… this time it works.

Adjutant Li prayed fervently in his heart.

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