Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 175 [Big Shot’s Story 9] Do what? Do you (Slightly H)

Although Chu Jiao’s current body was that of an inexperienced and innocent young girl, deep within her bones, she was already a mature woman who already had her fair share of the sweet taste of lust.

Originally, it was but an unintentional act, however, upon shooting a glance at the scene in front of her, amusement immediately filled her eyes.

No wonder the man seemed so fidgety today. It was because he was restraining himself.

The tent that was proudly pitched in his trousers was a little bit too obvious.

The old housekeeper had already gone out to buy some groceries with his mind at ease, leaving behind only the two of them in the spacious residence.

Chu Jiao simply put more strength onto her hand that was placed on the table, sticking out her round butt. Her knee also propped up on the table.

“What should I do… I can’t wipe it clean…”

The man didn’t wear a military uniform today. Instead, he donned a tailored clean-cut Western suit.  He wore a button-up white shirt on top and had a black Western vest on. The milk that was splashed left conspicuous spots of whites on his vest.

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“En…It’s true…” That’s why, little kitty, can you get off the table first?

He clearly sensed a certain place of his was getting harder by the second like it was about to explode.

However, Chu Jiao evidently didn’t know how to read minds, so she had not e a single clue of how much torment she was putting the man through. She merely wanted to slightly tease this serious man for a bit.


What could we do?

The young girl pouted her lovely lips.


Seeing the young girl’s cherry-red lips part slightly, her tongue gently probing out of her mouth as she held the napkin near her lips. She licked the napkin and wet it using her tongue.

It should be much easier to wipe it away when it’s wet…

It was as though Yan Zhan could hear the girl’s thoughts.

However, he didn’t want to bother with the annoying vest any longer.

He quickly clutched the young girl’s smooth wrists and tugged on it with a bit of force, causing the girl to fall towards him.


The table was smooth and cold, and as soon as Chu Jiao’s leg made contact with the icy table, it elicited a shiver out of her. Her center of gravity wasn’t stable, so she was almost completely lying on the table with her head pressed soundly against the man’s chest.

“What are you doing, Brother Yan!”

Chu Jiao instinctively rebuked.

Doing what?

Doing you!

Yan Zhan rashly loosened the tie that made it difficult for him to breathe and captured the girl’s small chin.

Then, he forcefully seized the beauty’s tongue.


The author has something to say:

Comrade Chu Jiao is showing a real-life example of what it means to get done after your teasing fails 🙂

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