Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 174 [Big Shot’s Story 8] Quivering Hands

The always ascetic Yan Zhan had no idea what had suddenly taken over him. He had actually acted so beastly and uncivilized in this relatively normal situation. Just a mere glance of the girl’s innocent act of licking her lips had sparked his desire to run wild, leading the heat to go straight down his lower region.

He was a little embarrassed and a little ashamed, fearing that the girl had noticed his shameful state.

However, even though the more one wanted to avoid such matters, the more things turned out contrary to the way they wished.

Chu Jiao’s table was a special custom-made European table her father had ordered. It was big and long. Chu Jiao was originally eating the meal placed in front of her, but now that Yan Zhan had seated himself as a guest, it was inappropriate for the host to eat alone, so she gently nudged the food towards the center of the table to give Yan Zhan easier access.

However, with this particular kind of action, whenever Chu Jiao wanted to get some food from the main plate, she inevitably needed to lean her body over and bend her waist, just to reach it.

At the beginning of the republic era, the majority of the girls would wear a chest band as an undergarment, however, with the development of the women’s liberation movement, the common practice gradually became more open-minded, with many women advocated to “free the boob” to give their constricted br*asts the freedom to breathe and grow.

From the start, Chu Jiao came to realize that the original host was a true conservative. She would wear a thick chest band all day every day, which not only felt hot but also made it extremely difficult to breathe. Furthermore, her practice could have left a significantly negative impact on the development of her still-growing body.

Chu Jiao immediately stuffed all those irksome white bands into her closet, because to her, who recently came from the modern world, she naturally couldn’t withstand such a restricted way of living. The trend of liberating thoughts and speeches at this moment made her feel novel and appreciative, while at the same time, allowed her to easily attribute her own changes towards it as well.

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Originally, there was nothing wrong with this kind of action, however, it became extremely seductive due to Chu Jiao’s night clothes.

Yan Zhan naturally knew of the “Free the B**b Movement.” He had even read the report on it, stating that the movement aimed to advocate women’s freedom from their restrictive chest binding. He approved of the government’s positive advocacy because to him, who had received a new form of education, women were the same as men. They were on equal terms, so naturally, they also had the right to do whatever they wanted to their own bodies.

But, knowing about this matter and seeing it with his own two eyes were two completely different things.

Governor Yan, who had never been physically close to a woman before, could clearly see a pair of ample br*asts that were about to spill out at any moment right in front of his eyes, making him suddenly feel hot and parched.

The girl in front of him was innocent and naive, carrying vitality and youthfulness in her movements like a budding flower. She even emitted a faint fragrance that rendered him heavily intoxicated.

And at this very moment, the flower bud was slowly opening her tender flower petals, revealing her dewy delicate sepals that were seducing and teasing him.

Taking his breath away and making his imagination run wild.

Governor Yan felt a slight tinge of regret.

He shouldn’t have endorsed those documents.

How could he let anyone see this girl’s current appearance?


Little Theater:

Chu Jiao (satisfied): Your recent reform measures were very brilliant and open-minded. Not bad, not bad.

Governor Yan (smiled): As long as you like it. (Why does it feel as though I lifted a heavy boulder, just to drop it at my foot…)

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