Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 173 [Big Shot Story 7] Hard

Chu Jiao’s heavy-duty bicycle had utterly lost its usefulness.

And that was all because, every day, a kind-hearted neighbor would drop and pick her up at school along the way.

The old housekeeper was originally worried about the young miss’s safety. However, as soon as he had learned that Governor Yan had become their next-door neighbor, he no longer harped about it anymore.

In the elderly person’s eyes, since the two young ones were already betrothed, then they should be crossing the same road. His family’s miss was going to become the mistress of the Yan Family sooner or later, and as a man, wasn’t it only natural for Governor Yan to send off his own wife?

If Yan Zhan were to know about the old housekeeper’s thoughts, he would have definitely nodded in accord.

Although his office and her school were in opposite directions, this wasn’t such a big problem for him. To be able to get along with the young girl for a little while longer was a matter that held far more importance to him than measly time and gas.

Sticking to his usual morning routine, he got up on time, did his morning training, washed up, and ate breakfast. But just as he was about to head out the door, Yan Zhan had suddenly realized that today was a Sunday. The young girl did not need to go to school nor did he need to go to work.

“Governor.” Adjutant Li had just entered the grand residence when he saw his family’s Governor look quite upset. He had no idea who provoked the Governor and made him irritated to this extent, so he could only speak with extreme caution, “The shooting club you set up has opened for business. Boss Wang has sent you an invitation, would you like to take a look?”

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Chu Jiao was currently in her nightclothes, quietly eating breakfast with a drowsy face when she heard the old housekeeper’s chuckling voice.

“Hm? Then, ask Governor Yan to wait for a minute…” As someone who was used to wearing modern clothes that suited her comforts, her nightclothes had been altered to become more refreshing and revealing, becoming a little too avant-garde for this dated era. Even though it still looked prim and proper, it was still considered as impolite to greet someone in them.

Chu Jiao instructed as such, but before she could even finish her words, she lifted her eyes, only to see the man entering the house behind the butler uninvited.

“….” Governor Yan’s gaze was immediately drawn to the young girl’s thin clothes just upon entering, his Adam’s apple conspicuously bobbing twice.

He felt a twinge of regret for being too impatient and not waiting outside

In reality, Chu Jiao hadn’t worn anything too provocative, it was merely a common strappy nightdress. The nude pink silk wrapped tightly around her thin body, revealing only a slender neck and slim shoulders. Yet, it could lead people at a loss as to where they should turn their eyes to.

“Brother Yan, you’ve come.” Chu Jiao could only greet him at this moment, “Care to join me for breakfast?”

The young girl had only been drinking milk, so her pink lips were slightly stained with white milk, looking completely innocent, yet, at the same time, carrying a guiltless temptation.

“No need…” Yan Zhan wanted to say that he already had breakfast, but when he saw the young girl instinctively stick out her tongue and lick her soft lips to clean the milk stain away, his eyes darkened, and he quickly walked towards the table, pulling up a chair to sit down on.


He lifted the milk pot located at the side and poured himself a cup.

Chu Jiao thought that the man had been acting strangely. He had just said no earlier, and now, he had changed his mind.

However, what she didn’t know was that….

Yan Zhan needed to sit down.

Because….he… had gotten hard.

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