Chapter 159 [Father-In-Law’s Story 34] Stirrings of Love

For the following days, Lin Wenyue looked as though her soul had flown out of her body.

Fearing that she would accidentally bump into “Shen Third,” she feigned illness and hid in her room for several days. It was only until Chu Jiao requested to meet her that Lin Wenyue was unable to use this excuse and had to leave the room.

“Wh-….Where’s your personal bodyguard?”

Chu Jiao did not have the fiendish and roguish “Shen Third” following her today. Instead, he was replaced by a slim and pale yet good-looking youth.

“He was originally under my Father-in-law’s orders. Now that we have reached our destination, he naturally returned to fulfill his original duties.”

Chu Jiao was prepared and had already come up with this excuse early on.

“Oh….” Lin Wenyue nodded pensively, “I see….”

So, that adulterer was someone who worked for her Brother-in-law…..This made it a lot better for her.

Her thoughts only lasted for a second before her attention was attracted by the man before her.  Her gaze was completely taken by him without any room for other matters.

“And th-….this person is?”

Shen Zhen sat at the main seat, distancing only a few feet away from her. His posture and temperament were refined, appearing more excellent than any man Lin Wenyue had laid her eyes on. 

“Oh,” Chu Jiao cast Shen Zhen a half-hearted look before giving Lin Wenyue an introduction, “This is my husband, ‘Shen Zhongxing.’”

“According to the family hierarchy, he ought to call you ‘Little Aunt’…..”

Chu Jiao’s words were entirely directed towards Shen Zhen. This man had been completely unbridled in his ways that she was always left with sore and numb legs and overwhelming exhaustion.


Shen Zhen knew that he had angered the little girl, so he allowed her to vent while slyly concealing his hand with his sleeve to massage the girl’s waist. 

“Th-There’s no need to,” Lin Wenyue heard this and quickly waved her hands. At some point, her little face had started turning deep red as she somewhat shyly said, “Lord Shen is with an official status, merely calling this little girl, Wenyue, would be sufficient.”

Chu Jiao cattily rolled her eyes when Lin Wenyue wasn’t paying attention, eliciting a stifled laugh out of Shen Zhen.

This little girl, where did she even acquire such a candid personality?

However, it was not a troubling matter since he still liked it.

On the other hand, having heard of Shen Zhen’s chuckle, Lin Wenyue’s face grew even redder.

Lord Shen….looked so handsome.

She had heard her mother mention before In the capital that brother-in-law Shen Zhen had an adopted son. However, because of his frail physique, he could never appear before anyone.

She had never thought that that sickly person coming from her parents’ mouths would turn out to be such a talented youth. Being able to obtain an official position at such a young age made him look as though he would not be outdone by her Brother-in-law’s past but notable achievements. 

If….If only he hadn’t gotten married.

Lin Wenyue started getting annoyed again.

Why did Chu Jiao have such good fortune?

Chu Jiao did not mind that Lin Wenyue had gone off in a daze again.

Honestly, she admired the female lead’s ambitions for “pursuing freedom,” however, she thought that her actions and behavior were far too naive.

If it were not for the female lead’s halo, escaping without permission would be an action that courted death, and the outcome of this ending would certainly not bode well for her.

Fortunately, she didn’t need to interact with the female lead for much longer.

“Lady Lin, do you happen to have an uncle named Lin Tao?” Chu Jiao asked.

“I do.” Lin Wenyue’s ears perked and raised her head, “We had relied on Uncle to escape the capital.”

“That’s good.” Chu Jiao smiled, “As soon as my husband took up office, he has been trying to inquire about this matter everywhere on your behalf. For the sake of safeguarding your family’s reputation, he inquired about this matter in roundabout ways for several days before finally managing to make some progress.”

Lin Wenyue was struck surprised by this, yet, she could not flare up in anger, merely giving Shen Zhen an embarrassed smile, “Thank you, Lord Shen.”

“Luckily, there was someone who had come from the Wu County for an errand in the government office, your uncle. He’s a brilliant and established merchant in the Wu County.” Chu Jiao sighed, “When my husband heard of the surname Lin, he carefully inquired around and as it turns out, the official said that the Lin Family recently had a branch that had returned from the capital, making me immediately think of you.”

“If your family members have already settled in Wu County by today. You would be able to return home in just a matter of time.”

Return home!?

This quickly!?

Lin Wenyue was a little frenetic right now. Sh-She had just met the admirable Lord Shen for the very first time.

How could they now go their separate ways!?

This Chu Jiao was such a meddlesome person!

Chu Jiao didn’t care for how much Lin Wenyue resented her in her heart. If it weren’t for Lin Wenyue having some use for Shen Zhen, she would’ve kicked this female lead out of her home a long time ago.

All-day long, she would act as though she were the mistress of the household, burying herself in her room without coming out or saying anything. She would make requests on what she wanted to eat, completely forgetting her role as an outsider staying here out of the kindness of their hearts.

Shen Zhen had been in the government office for some time and could be considered to have already learned the ropes.

He had heard about Du Qi making dealings with a few big merchants from the Wu County, but he could not get his hands on any substantial evidence, so he could only think of another plan.

Fortunately, Lin Wenyue’s Uncle, Lin Tao, relied on the reselling of Da Xie and other smaller neighboring country’s specialties to become rich and was now involved in the food trade. His business grew bigger and bigger, while his reputation soared as he became more widespread. His name was also on the list of people Du Qi had associated with.

The Lin Family presented itself as a good breakthrough point.


Although Lin Wenyue thought that her longing gaze was covert, Shen Zhen could still see right through her.

Other than hers, he had already received much venerating and admiring gazes back at the capital, so he was already used to such behavior.

If he had not met Chu Jiao before all of this, he wouldn’t have minded using his pretty boy tactics to possibly pursue this, but now, he didn’t want Chu Jiao to have any sort of misunderstanding.

However, seeing his little girl not care in the slightest, rather, she looked comfortable eating cherries, Shen Zhen felt his teeth itch.

How could she not be worried about him?


A/N: Wu County is now Suzhou, Jiangsu.

Little Theater:

On a certain day before going to bed——

Shen Zhen (hesitant): Jiao’er, do you mind…letting me use my pretty boy tactics?

Chu Jiao (completely indifferent): ‘Pretty boy tactics’? Who? You?

Shen Zhen (puts on a proud face): Of course!

Chu Jiao (breaks into laughter): Pft!

Shen Zhen (gets angry): Hey! Isn’t this Lord handsome!? Am I not considered a pretty boy?! Back in my years, this Lord was known in the capital for being a delicate beauty…blah blah blah…

Chu Jiao (almost about to fall asleep): What….ever…zzz…zzzz

Shen Zhen (calming down): So this is probably…hey, why did you fall asleep!? You haven’t said anything yet! Do you or do you not mind!? Do you or do you not mind!? 

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