Chapter 139 [Father-In-Law’s Story 15] This Lord Wants To Eat You (Slightly H)

How should I serve you?

Shen Zhen froze, dumbstruck by her response. He didn’t expect the girl to easily succumb to his “threat.” Those were nothing more than words of anger. In his heart, he never regarded her as a simple good that could be traded around.

But Chu Jiao already made her move.

She was originally sitting on top of the bookcase with her legs forced apart, so she simply took advantage of the situation and encircled her legs around the man’s waist. Exerting strength in her legs, she firmly pressed the man closer to herself.

She slowly leaned forward, sticking closely to Shen Zhen’s robust body as though she had no bones. “Should I serve you like this?” Chu Jiao’s body moved slightly, using the two-round lumps on her chest to graze against the man’s chest. “Or like this?” She then slowly moved one hand down, tightly holding the man’s slightly erect cr*tch.

Shen Zhen’s breath turned heavy from the little girl’s sudden brazenness. His body had abstained from desire since their last rendezvous, so it reacted very honestly, swelling proudly in the blink of an eye.

Chu Jiao spat out the word ‘beast’ in her heart and loosened her hand, pushing the man’s chest with a bit of force.

“Goodness, why is Father so ‘sexually impatient’1The author uses a play on words here. 性急 means impatient but she put quotation marks on it because when you break down the two words to their root meanings it means ‘sexually impatient.’?”

She smiled teasingly and pushed the man gently down the mahogany chair at the side. Slowly turning to the side, she picked up a bowl on the tray and stepped on the ground with her golden embroidered shoes, nimbly getting off the table, turning around, and sitting on the man’s thighs.

“Why don’t we…” She scooped a spoon of melted smoothie and playfully pressed it against the man’s lips. “Why don’t we… douse the fire first?”

The sweetness of coconut milk and milk bore into Shen Zhen’s nostrils, mingling with the also sweet magnolia-like scent the girl brought with her. 

The silver spoon was already pressing against the side of his mouth, so Shen Zhen could only open his mouth to accept it, gulping the cold mixture down his throat. 

Although the coolness relieved the thirst in his mouth, it could not quench the heat of his lower body.

The weight on his thighs wasn’t heavy, but the body on top of him made him tighten his muscles involuntarily. The girl’s soft buttocks stuck close to the base of his legs. Her upper torso was stuck to his chest without the slightest gap, the scent of this magnificent beauty enveloping his senses. This explicitly close position made Shen Zhen’s heart thump even more fiercely than when he had met the holy emperor for the first time.

“Is it delicious?” Chu Jiao asked.

But without even waiting for the man to respond, she scooped another spoonful from the bowl, parted her tender lips softly, and took a long sip.

“It tastes a little bland…”

The smoothie on the spoon stained the girl’s lips, melting into a milky white juice from her body heat and hanging on the corner of her bright red lips.

Shen Zhen’s throat bobbed slightly.

He was thirsty again.

As he watched the girl sticking her tongue out and licking up the milk around her full lips, he finally couldn’t hold himself back and raised a hand to pull the girl’s head, leaning forward.


With her lips being suddenly taken, Chu Jiao only had time to produce a humming sound before a nimble yet big tongue snuck into her mouth.

Shen Zhen overbearingly and urgently swept across the mouth’s oral cavity, brushing the bed of her teeth to the tip of her tongue as though he was a traveler in the barren desert and the person in front of him was his long-awaited oasis.

He ardently drew the sweet juice from the girl’s mouth until both of them became breathless. After breaking their kiss and pulling his lips away, he whispered his response to Chu Jiao’s previous mumbles, “It’s not bland at all……. “

“It’s very sweet…”

As sweet as you.

Chu Jiao was softly leaning on his arms and upon hearing these words, her eyebrows quivered slightly.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit ambiguous and quiet. Picking up a piece of glutinous rice cake, she finally broke the uneasy silence, “Father, are you still hungry?”

However, this time, Shen Zhen did not accept her offering.

Forcefully pressing his lips against the girl’s mouth, he murmured.

“This Lord is indeed hungry.”

“However, this Lord doesn’t want to eat pastries…”

This Lord wants to eat you.

Author’s note: 

Lord Shen, who has tasted meat for the very first time after living a vegetarian life, learned how to utter obscenities as fast as a duck takes to water. 

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