Chapter 126 [Father-In-Law’s Story 2] Who in the world is he?

When the suspicious figure saw that Chu Jiao had already discovered him, he no longer hid and slowly walked out of the shadows.

Chu Jiao detected the faint scent of blood from him.

The man was dressed in all black, his right hand weakly covering his injured arm as blood constantly seeped through the seams of his fingers. His entire face was covered with black cloth, only revealing a pair of sharp eyes that looked slightly intimidating under the pulsing candlelight.

Chu Jiao’s heart swayed. But before she had time to react, she was abruptly caught by the man from behind. Her slightly ajar mouth was completely covered by the man’s big rough palm, rendering her unable to make any sound.


“Ssshhh—” The man’s hot breath swept across her ears, “Don’t make a sound, otherwise…”

Chu Jiao nodded quickly. She was an elite in adapting to any situation. Even though she hadn’t had the slightest clue as to when the man had stealthily slipped in her room, to be able to enter no man’s land must mean that he had a certain level of skill to him; thus, she did not dare move an inch.

Chu Jiao patiently waited in silence for a long time as the man’s scent fully enveloped her senses. However, she didn’t expect to feel a sudden heavy pressure on her shoulder.

That was when the man in black had unexpectedly… fainted.

Chu Jiao then sluggishly dragged the deadweight man to the couch in resignation…

Because there was no other way for her to deal with this.

Matriarch Zhu and the First Madame were still eyeing her large dowry. Even if she called someone in to help get rid of the trespasser, she would also be exposing the handle of the knife1Exposing her weakness for them to exploit. for them to maliciously grab on.

The picture of a lone man and woman together in the same room could never lead to a situation where even a strand of hair of hers would be left unscathed.

“If you….were perfectly alright….you should’ve just entered somebody else’s room…and not come into mine…..”

Chu Jiao heavily gasped for air while carrying the tall built man, finally settling him down on the bed.

“I already have a big head…” Chu Jiao placed her hands on her hips cheekily, looking at the wound on the man’s arm that continued to seep out blood and heaved a huge sigh.

“Aishhh, I’m just too nice of a person.”

Chu Jiao took the wine from the table case while continuing to sigh, and also took the haircutting scissors2If you’re wondering why there’s a pair of haircutting scissors in her room, there’s a Chinese term called ‘結髮夫妻’ or ‘binding the knot of a husband and wife’. After the pair get married, each of them cuts a section of their hair and tie it in a knot to represent that they’ll be together forever. There are also other origins of this term which you can check out here: from the tray to carefully cut the fabric around the wound on the man’s arm, completely exposing the bloody wound.

From the looks of it, it appeared to be an arrow wound…

Chu Jiao made a rough judgment. She saw that the blood in the wound looked a little black. From this, she was able to conclude that the arrow that shot this person must have been coated with poison. Otherwise, this person wouldn’t have fallen unconscious just from a mere injury.

She carefully surveyed her surroundings but couldn’t find any gauze to stop the bleeding. Hence, Chu Jiao simply tore her scarlet bridal veil and dipped it in wine, using the cloth to clean the man’s wound.

Although the alcohol content wasn’t high, the prickly sensation still made the unconscious man frown, a wrinkle forming in between his brows. 

Chu Jiao cast him an inadvertent glance and realized that he looked a bit familiar.

As the man’s eyes were closed, they no longer looked sharp. His sword-like eyebrows were locked in a scrunch, reminding her too much of a specific person.

Her heart thumped loudly.

Reaching a hand out, Chu Jiao pulled off the man’s mask.

The sight showed an angular face with perfectly handsome facial features, but his thin arrogant lips and the wrinkle in the middle of his eyebrows made him look unapproachable, ascetic, and imposing.

This was obviously-

the face of He Sinan!

The main difference was his hairstyle, which seemed to don an ancient one, while his mien appeared much more mature than the He Sinian of the previous world.

Chu Jiao’s thoughts turned into a mess.

What was going on? Why did He Sinian follow her here to this world?

No, that’s not right. Her soul had transmigrated, and her current appearance wasn’t the same as what she had originally looked like. Then, who was this man who had He Sinian’s face? Was it just a strange coincidence?

Chu Jiao did not believe in coincidences in this world. Everything that happens, mysteriously happens for a reason.

The only possible explanation was that this person was somehow related to her mission…

She quickly called on the blocked system, who then finally carried out its responsibilities of prompting her.

[System reminder, the male lead is approaching, the male lead is approaching…]

Sure enough, her instincts were right on the mark.

The man in black lying in front of her with He Sinian’s face was the male lead, Shen Zhen.

[Alright, 419, I know this already. Don’t you think you should explain a little more about the situation?]

Why did the male leads of two different worlds share the same face?

Apart from the face…was their soul…also the same?

Chu Jiao harbored faint hopeful expectations in her heart.

[After the task is announced, host needs to explore the rest herself.]

It was that sentence again.

Chu Jiao firmly controlled her expression, but the suspicions she had about being bound to this system kept growing.

Why was she the one who was selected? Why did the task need her to absorb the male lead’s bodily fluids? Why did the male leads treat her so well every time? Why did she always fall in love with the male lead without fail?

Everything was still as dense as a fog to her.


The man on the bed groaned huskily, causing Chu Jiao to snap back to her senses. At this moment, she finally noticed the man’s lips turning slightly bluish-black!

Although the wound had already been disinfected, the blood still retained its blackish color.

Chu Jiao nervously bit her lips, hesitating for a long time, but still quietly knelt on the couch and bent down.

She frantically prayed in her heart that it wasn’t poisonous, for she was not willing to let him die without clarifying anything.

Thinking like this, she glued her lips to the man’s wound.

The man’s arm tensed up for a moment, but she didn’t pay mind to this as she strenuously tried to suck the black blood out from his wound.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, her head started to feel woozy. Looking at the wound, it had finally recovered its red color, so she bandaged it securely, using the red veil and even tying a bow knot.

Right before fainting, Chu Jiao thought to herself in a mocking tone.

Blood should also be considered a bodily fluid, right? I really have done my due diligence.

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