Chapter 125 [Father-In-Law’s Story 1] A Mockery Of A Wedding

Just before Chu Jiao blew her top, the celebratory palanquin came to a steady halt.

Chu Jiao had yet to finish knowing the entire plot and hurriedly paused it, abruptly sitting in an upright and still manner.

The maid slowly lifted the hanging screen of the palanquin to extend a hand to support Chu Jiao’s arm and led her forward, guiding her to where she should be.

Chu Jiao’s eyes turned dark, full of unacceptance. Now, she could only inwardly pray to the heavens for something disastrous to happen to prevent this wedding from happening.

Otherwise, once she had tied the knot, she would have to capture her father-in-law in such a feudal society! Wo-Wouldn’t this be considered as extremely immoral? This was just simply against the wills of this world!

This damned system, every mission wasn’t easy to accomplish!

Unfortunately for her, the heavens turned a deaf ear to her desperate prayers.

She elegantly stood in the congratulatory hall and without a fuss, completed the marriage ritual.

But, what Chu Jiao didn’t expect was  Shen Zhongxing’s illness to be so severe. So much so that he couldn’t even attend such an important event like this in his life.

Although she had only seen these kinds of ceremonies in TV shows, she knew that newlyweds were supposed to hold a long piece of red silk with a joined knot at the altar. Each person holding one end of the cloth. This was called the ‘Silk Pulling Ceremony,’ which signified that the couple would always share the same heart.

In reality, however, since she was the only person present during this ceremony, she only held onto one of its ends and felt extremely embarrassed to have finished this ritual alone.

Even if her husband was breathing and had a pumping heart, marrying such a man still felt like being a grass widow.

Through her veil, Chu Jiao could feel the incessant mockery and ridicule in the eyes of the surrounding guests looking at her. She never thought that members from big families would have such unseemly etiquette. For the sake of a large dowry, they would go as far as to harm another family’s innocent daughter.

The old matriarch, Zhu Wanning, sat at the seat of honor and looked on with cold dead eyes, sneering. One was willing to fight while the other was willing to suffer. All of this was for the sake of protecting the Shen family’s glory.

Even though she did not know the backgrounds of these bright-faced dignitaries and nobles present here today, she could clearly see that the emperor’s movements were gradually getting bolder and bolder. She would surely take delight in seeing how these shameless family members would scramble to preserve their empty glory. 

Underneath her veil, Chu Jiao did not know that not only did her ‘new husband’ did not attend, but even her target——her ‘father-in-law’ did not attend as well.

This wedding was really making a mockery of her.

Chu Jiao was quickly ushered by the maid into the marriage room.

Sitting on the bed all alone, the peanuts and dried fruit pressing underneath her felt painfully sharp.

When everyone had finally left the venue, she resumed receiving the plot as she indifferently took out peanuts and dried fruits from underneath the marriage quilt and ate them.

The original owner of this body probably hadn’t had a single meal the whole day today since she was starving to death.

The original owner was just a sad supporting female character in the book. Her existence was merely used to bring out the gloominess and darkness within the Shen family…

After marrying in, the original owner never shared the same room with her ailing husband. However, the original owner was a flexible person and could adapt to any situation thrown at her. If she had married a chicken, she would follow that chicken. If she had married a dog, she would follow the dog. As such, she was already content with taking care of her gravely ill husband.

However, even if the trees long for peace, the winds never ceased1 The world changes whether you want it or not.[.mfn]. Matriarch Zhu, who had been eyeing the sizable dowry of the original owner from the beginning, made the first move. She colluded with the First Madame1The first madame here refers to Shen Zhichang’s wife. Shen Zhichang is the first son of Zhu Wanning so they are considered the first household of the Shen Family. and together, they set up a trap, framing the original owner for having a clandestine love affair with a servant. The original owner was captured and failed to clear her name, heartbroken. In the end, she had to prove her innocence by dying.

Later on, the heroine had finally appeared. Not only did she manage to defeat the villains in the rear court, she also cleared the injustice that fell upon the original owner, even making the male lead fall in love with her. But was such a conclusion fair for the original owner who had never done anything wrong from the start till finish?

Chu Jiao sneered.

Since she was here.

She should probably teach the tiger’s den that was the Shen family, a good lesson.

After eating too many peanuts, Chu Jiao felt a little thirsty. And so, she got up and walked to the table, picking up the water jar and pouring fresh water into the glass, drinking it all in one big gulp.

Huh, why did it taste sweet?

She then remembered that this jar was prepared for the formal exchange of wine cups earlier and that it was probably filled with wine.

The strength of alcoholic drinks in ancient times wasn’t that strong. Chu Jiao smacked her lips. En, it didn’t taste half bad at all.

Lifting her hand, Chu Jiao gladly poured herself another glass until she suddenly caught something out of the corner of her eyes, the figure of a person behind the hanging screen.

T/N: And he appears! Welp, that was fast.

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