Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8 – You’re sick, you’re even targeting Doraemon?! (2)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

After Gu Xi sent off the very worried Guan Hongyi, Gu Xi called his little manager, Mo Dian, and told him that he didn’t have to come over. It was too much to ask his manager to stay awake for two and a half days.

Gu Xi waited for the show’s crew. Because no rehearsal was prepared beforehand, Gu Xi was able to temporarily choose the meeting place himself. The crew also knew that they did not have the luxury to waste the time of a star like Gu Xi. They needed to accommodate their guests. 

However, some complications happened. Gu Xi’s agent not only raised the pay sharply, he was also hard to contact. If Gu Xi hadn’t contacted them himself, they would have already pulled back.

The host asked Gu Xi’s permission to start recording. Gu Xi still felt a bit dizzy even after he took off his hat and mask. As he touched his chest, the heart inside of it was beating fast. He asked himself, would I suddenly die one day?

But he still had a lot of work to do before he could let his sudden death happen.

After taking a pill to regulate his heartbeat, he nodded to the host. 

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“Uswze usw… lekv vbyv ryav swv fwpv dso,” Qw Dk qlzv y ckv lxcyaaypple.

“Okay,” the host held back her laughter.

The shooting continued. The host asked Gu Xi a simple question, “Did Gu Xi sleep in the hotel last night?”

Gu Xi smiled, “I went to a studio for a recording yesterday so I decided to look for the closest hotel and sleep there.”

The cameraman took a good montage of the hotel. Of course the hotel’s name will be blocked out to avoid being told off by the audience that they’re putting off pervasive ads.

“Oh, were you recording for the new series  <Lu Wang>? I heard that your role is a villain this time?”

The host had cleverly done her homework before meeting Gu Xi so she was very well-informed. Of course, this kind of inquiry was also a way of introducing the new series to the public.

Gu Xi answered, “Ah, yes. We had some problems with the recording a while ago since the location of the site was near a construction site.”

“Did you have problems playing the role of the villain? After all, you don’t look like a villain at all,” the host asked. Actually, she was confused. Gu Xi immediately became popular after debuting because his angel-like appearance made people become obsessed. It was hard to imagine him as a villain because of that.

Gu Xi blinked. Under the camera, his thick eyelashes which resembled butterfly wings looked particularly seductive and charming, “Why, can’t I be a villain?”

“Ah, yes, of course, you can,” the host was charmed by the look in his eyes. Her heart skipped a beat and she couldn’t help but just agree to the idol.

At this moment, she probably would’ve agreed to anything Gu Xi would say. She suddenly remembered her colleagues’ warning when they heard that she would be working with Gu Xi today.

They told her, “Don’t get too close to Gu Xi. Don’t stare at him, and don’t smile at him.”

Back then, she didn’t mind much of what they told her. She has worked with stars many times before to care so much about them. But now she finally realized what they meant. Gu Xi could easily provoke other people’s deepest and most hidden desires. Even a Beta like her became attracted to him.

They talked for a few more minutes. Then Gu Xi received a task from the directing team to take the subway to go to the Film Academy.

Half a month ago, Gu Xi received an invitation from the Film Academy to give a speech to the students today. That was his planned itinerary for today.

The program team also thought that his itinerary was good. Almost all of the people watching the show were focused on Gu Xi’s segment, while the other two stars were not so popular.

His task was: To take the subway without being recognized. If he ever finished the task, he’d be given the chance to refuse a task the next day. However, if he gets recognized, he would need to cooperate with the directing team and play a game with the person who recognized him.

Each guest on this show was given various mini games to arouse the viewer’s enthusiasm.

Gu Xi, who had been lying low for the past three years, really didn’t have that many solid fans. Though his movie was a hit, his popularity had declined for a while so he needed this kind of support.

He took the task card but didn’t immediately make a move. By this time, the car had already travelled a long distance. He looked at the toy store near the entrance of the subway. After a  moment of hesitation, he asked, “Can I go there first to buy something?”

The host was curious about what he was going to do. They liked artists who were flexible, “Then go show us what you’re going to buy and we’ll decide if you can keep it~”

Gu Xi entered the toy store and unexpectedly bought a simple version of a blue fat doll’s suit, a thin jumpsuit with a round mascot head.

With that mascot head, he basically became unrecognizable. But since the jumpsuit was thin, his figure and clothes inside were still vaguely visible.

The host guessed that the number of viewers during this episode would surely increase!

Gu Xi was too good. He was a popular star yet he chose to do something out of his image. He was really determined to finish the task.

At first, the directing team thought that they had a good chance at winning this task. Who wouldn’t recognize a star amidst a crowd of people? A star’s temperament, appearance and clothes were different compared to an ordinary person so it would be easy to spot him. But now that he was disguised, who would be able to recognize him?

Rush hour was just about to end but there were still a lot of people around. But even though Gu Xi’s clothes were eye-catching, people would only glance at him, and think that wearing such a suit was just a part of his job, then leave.

Gu Xi entered the station without a problem. Three cameramen followed him from a distance. A few of the station’s management staff stopped them twice but after some explanation, they were able to film again. The thrilled management staff even asked for Gu Xi’s autograph. Gu Xi graciously signed the staff’s clothes.


After the breakfast that he so wanted to escape from, Rong Jing successfully found the nearest subway station to the hotel, thanks to a navigation app in his phone.

When he turned on his phone to delete this background app, he saw that the movie he watched yesterday had suddenly played automatically. He rewound it back to the part that he hadn’t seen yet and put a bookmark to watch it later.

Gu Xi’s acting skills really impressed him. He was a soulful actor. Rong Jing thought that it would be exciting to act with him.

But then he was reminded of his current situation so he shook his head. His reputation at the moment was bad, and no program would ever dare to pick him up and yet he was hoping to work with a top star? 

You think you can work with Gu Xi? No, you can’t.

After one stop, he arrived at the first two stations from the city center. There was a sudden influx of people. People followed the flow of the crowd to the middle car of the train.

The subway railroad’s display was broadcasting today’s weather. It was intended to inform the commuters inside the train. 

All of a sudden, news broke in the middle of the broadcast. A headless female corpse was found near an abandoned construction site in the suburbs. According to the investigation, the female was an Omega. Her limbs showed signs of struggle to varying degrees and her head was nowhere to be found.

This was the third time that something like this happened this month. The police asked for the help of those people who were familiar with the current case. They also reminded all Omegas to go out as little as possible during the night.

After hearing the news, several Omegas around Rong Jing became pale.

They were already having trouble with facing Alphas around their surroundings and now they even have to face this kind of problem. How could they not worry?

“So cruel, didn’t even leave a whole body behind!”

“Is there no surveillance camera on the side of that road? Didn’t they say that the whole city was well-monitored?”

“That part is where the old city was. Buildings there are all being demolished and a lot of construction sites are being erected. Who would install a surveillance camera there?”

“Besides, why would someone even go there in the middle of the night?”

Right, who in their right mind would go there in the middle of the night?

Rong Jing saw in the news that there were no street lights in that area. It was possible that the killer was familiar with the area so he knew his way around even though it was dark.

The killer could be someone who lived nearby that area or someone who used to live there.

The display on the screen went back to the weather forecast again. As a habit, Rong Jing started to think about what he just saw.

He could only contemplate about the crime using the given information to the public. But he also believed that the police had already covered it, so he didn’t need to worry about it.

Rong Jing was looking at the subway signs when he noticed a pair of sneaky hands appearing in the gap of the crowd not far away from him. It was reaching out to a student wearing a short skirt. Just then, the person suddenly moved because of the flow of the people, impeding the plan of the subway wolf.

Rong Jing frowned and observed that pair of hands. He could vaguely see the profile of the owner of those hands. The person wasn’t that tall and was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He looked like an honest office worker.

The black-rimmed glasses guy seemed to have seen another prey. Like a mouse attracted by cheese, his face suddenly turned red and his breathing became laboured.

The man suddenly focused in the direction Rong Jing couldn’t see. Rong Jing paused. He knew what those sudden changes of his behavior meant. The prey he saw could be someone in line with his tastes. He would never let this opportunity pass.

Rong Jing, mind your own business. You can’t even manage your own problems. You’ll only cause trouble.

That was what he thought but he couldn’t help but stare at the man’s twitching hand. He touched a white-collar worker, so the worker glared at him. He moved away for a moment, but it was clear that he was not done yet.

After a few seconds, Rong Jing closed his eyes, then he squeezed past the place where the man once stood. He was glad that he was tall and that he had an innate advantage in finding people.

He searched the whole car without finding the man. Then suddenly, he noticed a man sneakily coming out of the corner. It was the black-rimmed glasses guy!

He was moving towards a guy wearing a blue jumpsuit. Though he was wearing a jumpsuit, it was thin so his waist and hips were still visible.

The black-rimmed glasses guy’s breathing was ragged, and his eyes looked very alarming. At a glance, his prey really looked good even with his jumpsuit on.

His breathing became even more uneven as he imagined the suppleness of his prey’s body and stared hard at those special places.

Yet before he could even touch his prey, a big hand suddenly grabbed his hand hard, with a strength that almost seemed to crush it.

He couldn’t help but scream because of the pain, “Aaa—”

A cold voice from someone was heard, “You’re sick, you’re even targeting Doraemon?!”


The author has something to say:

Bro Jing: To even target a cat…

Xixi: Eeeeeeeeeh?

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