Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8 – You’re sick, you’re even targeting Doraemon?! (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Zhou Xiang thought that Wu Fuyu was joking, so he asked him, “Are you sure this is the person that you’re looking for?”

Wu Fuyu found his question quite puzzling, “Yes, that’s him!”

The drawing may not look like the real person, but there was actually a resemblance, ah. Look at that fierce look, exactly the same!

Zhou Xiang realized that the young master of the Wu family really felt like his drawing had no problem.

Wu Fuyu actually couldn’t remember what that Alpha looked like but he knew he’d be able to recognize him if he met him again. He only remembered that the man was taller than him. He liked putting on airs, and he was the kind of person who was really good at hooking up with Omegas using his looks.

He drew that person’s aura. He felt like a soul painter, only drawing a person’s essence.

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So even though Wu Fuyu hadn’t really met Xie Ling a few times before, he was able to naturally ask for help.

Xie Ling looked at the disappearing figure of Wu Fuyu and said, “It seems like the Wu family has spent a lot of time educating their heir,” He may be kind of out of it, but he knew how to fix his problems and do things in order.

Zhou Xiang looked once more at his abstract drawing, looking totally baffled, “Boss Xie, are we really going to look for this person?” It would be really hard to find this person.

The corners of Xie Ling’s mouth slightly raised, “He’ll forget about it in just two days. After all, children’s tantrums don’t last for long.”

Zhou Xiang folded the drawing. It seemed like he’d have to throw it away later. “I see.”

Xie Ling wasn’t interested in other people’s problems. He was only interested in his own people. “Don’t you think that Xiao Jing changed a little?”

Zhou Xiang, who didn’t feel anything: “Umm…”

He just added you on WeChat then ran away again. What change are you talking about?

Xie Ling answered his own question, “I think he’s finally become filial.”

Zhou Xiang: “Ah, yes.” As long as you’re happy.

Xie Ling thought of asking Rong Jing again if he really wanted to continue acting. Though his brother slickly avoided the topic, it was obvious that he didn’t want to give up on acting.

He just couldn’t understand him. What was so good with that profession? Anyone could enter the entertainment circle.

Just then, several project leaders of the company came to the hotel to meet Xie Ling. His assistant led everyone to a car outside the lobby.

Xie Ling inquired first about this year’s film and television investment plans. After hearing the report, he looked at the head of the film and television department with a calm and collected expression on his face, “None of you are allowed to help him!”

Xie Ling gave a deadly order that all Xie-invested film and television projects would reject Rong Jing. 

Rong Jing wouldn’t be able to do anything. He needed to see the reality for himself.

He didn’t believe that Rong Jing would still be able to make a name for himself in the future after wasting all the opportunities he had before.

Children in their rebellious period insist on what they want to do without looking back. They refuse to listen to their elders. The more you scold them, the more they want to do it.

Then let him fail. Only then would he be able to see what was really good for him.

Didn’t the crowd respond to him before? Beijing’s Film Academy was considered to be one of the top film and television academies in the country. Every year, it sends people to the entertainment industry but only a handful of them stand out. 

Actually, the person in charge of the film and television department once had a good impression on Rong Jing. Back then, he was still unaware of the relationship of Rong Jing to the Xie family. He only saw the military training photo of a unique freshman and thought that he was going to be a catch. But after a series of failures, people stopped paying attention to this ‘trash’. 

In their eyes, Rong Jing’s road to stardom had already been erased three years ago.

No one would want to save an unsalvageable talent such as him. The entertainment industry has always been like this. Newcomers couldn’t afford to make mistakes. Otherwise, who would want to invest in them?

On the other hand, Guan Hongyi, who finally gave up on having Rong Jing’s information, sighed endlessly.

Gu Xi made fun of him, “I heard that one sigh takes 40 seconds off your life. If you sigh again, it would equal to half a day already.”

Guan Hongyi asked, “Oh yeah? There’s no scientific basis for that, ah!”

Gu Xi replied, “Well, it’s still open for debate. Anyway, you’re going to see the producer. You have to use a spray mist. You haven’t used it all night.”

Guan Hongyi was still suffering from a hangover. He remembered that he didn’t use a spray mist yesterday. How come his pheromones didn’t come out?

He opened his bag to look for his usual spray and instead found a new one.

“This isn’t mine, who put this in here?” As he asked, a vague memory flashed in his mind. In the dim back seat of the cab, the Alpha stuffed it in his hand.

The Alpha whose contact information he couldn’t ask for!

Ai, he couldn’t ask for his details, this world is unfair!

Gu Xi looked at the Watsons’ X’s rose garden mist spray. He pitied the Alpha who got entangled with Guan Hongyi.

Poor guy. He had to pay for the room and now Guan Hongyi couldn’t forget him. He has to be careful not to be seen by Xiao Hong again.

Before the two separated, Guan Hongyi listened in on the conversation Gu Xi was having with another person on the phone. It seemed that he was about to shoot for a variety show.

“They talk to you directly? Shouldn’t they go through your agent first? Where’s that damned Yang Qi, he’s dead!”

Gu Xi was a popular artist and yet he’s contacting the program team himself? The eff is this?

“It’s fine since my contract’s about to expire anyway. He has his hands full with other artists,” Gu Xi explained. “Besides, he’s going to the wedding anniversary party of a wealthy family head. He’s got some entrance tickets so he’s going to bring a few newcomers. He’s busy right now.”

Styling, matching clothes, choosing accessories, doing hair and makeup. All these would take a long time and they would need to arrive at the venue at around 3 o’clock.

Guan Hongyi knew that this dinner party was hosted by a real estate tycoon clan, the Xie family. Only some of the respectable people were invited and only a small number of people in the entertainment industry were given the passes to attend.

“Your agent’s quite well-connected, huh? But… Do you have plans to go, too?”

Gu Xi raised his hand and lowered the brim of his hat. The sunlight made him a bit uncomfortable. “Why would I? I don’t have a pass.”

Guan Hongyi knew the real reason why he wouldn’t go, but he didn’t want to mention that painful topic to Gu Xi. He immediately changed the subject, “What’s the name of the variety show?”

Gu Xi replied, “<A Day in the Life of a Star>. I asked them to come near Xie Li’er.”

<A Day in the Life of a Star>. A new variety star that showed a new installment for every three stars. Cameramen follow the artists throughout the day with a small camera. After that, seven guest stars in the studio would watch the edited video to talk about it. Because a lot of people had been tuning in to every episode, its rating had been steadily increasing.

To make use of Gu Xi’s popularity, his company gave him a lot of shows to attend this month before his contract expires. Guan Hongyi knew that Gu Xi hasn’t gotten a real break for a long time now.

“You’ll have to record at least until five to six o’clock. Will they really have to follow you? You won’t be able to eat, ah!” Guan Hongyi felt guilty, “You haven’t slept yet. You’re not an immortal, you have to rest too! Ugh, this is my fault! Why did I have to drink so much?”

“If something bad happened to you, I will never be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life,” Gu Xi answered soberly.

Back when he was still young and the northern part of this current city was still considered to be an old city, a lot of people were called ‘garbage people’ because they picked up garbage to eat.

Gu Xi used to be one of them. Then Guan Hongyi picked him up so he treated him like family.

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