Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4 – Ah, Now I See The Light (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

From an outsider’s point of view, one could see that a certain person, who finally chose a bathroom to go into, got pushed and shoved by the rushing person behind him.

Because the force of that person was not that strong, Rong Jing quickly balanced himself. Only the cap he wore fell on the ground.

He was still a bit dizzy and his eyes were still red because of the charming scent wafting all around him. He knew that something was wrong and that something inside of him was about to move, as if trying to break through its shackles.

He wouldn’t be able to control the heat in his body but he could at least control his actions. He bit his tongue hard. The rusty taste of his blood brought back a trace of his sanity.

The accidental collision of the two stirred an inexplicable silence to their surroundings in contrast to the noisy, bustling mall. Every nerve of their body conveyed the thrill that they felt from deep within their souls. 

Rong Jing, with his blurred vision, noticed that the other person was about to fall. He endured the dizziness he felt, tried to help the other person and let go of him immediately.

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Well, this was his first time. Even when he knew that this was normal, but to experience it himself… He couldn’t quite stand it.

People here were so modest with their descriptions. Only just tempting, they said? No shit.

Rong Jing went to the cubicle for Alphas to solve his physiological needs. When he came out, he still felt a bit dizzy even as he pressed his temples with one hand.

Though the situation awhile ago was quite grave, the scent that once pervaded the air had now dissipated with the help of the mall’s air purification equipment.

Rong Jing had totally lost his strength now. He thought that he was a man with great willpower, because in his past life, he had endured both pleasure and hardship. When he saw the concept of the six genders, he was quite confident that he would be able to handle it. Turns out, he had clearly overestimated himself.

It was wrong of him to immediately make judgments about things he didn’t understand and to rush into this whole new world unprepared.

Rong Jing glanced at the cubicle for Omegas, and got a whiff of a little bit of the scent that was still detectable in the air.

Though he knew that there weren’t many people who would come here because this was a bathroom for VIPs, there was no guarantee that no one else beside him would come here at this time.

He planned to buy a bottle of cologne nearby to block and cover the smell in the air, otherwise the person inside might get into a dangerous situation.

He only walked a few steps forward when he suddenly thought of something then he went back towards the cubicle for Omegas.

Gu Xi immediately felt uncomfortable when he got out of the car. He became even more dizzy after standing on the stage for a while. He thought that he was only tired and that a quick rest in the lounge would fix his problem.

He also brought a mist sprayer with him to cover the scent in the air. He didn’t think much about his condition and let his manager wait in the car first; however he also brought an inhibitor with him to take precaution and prevent ‘accidents’.

He walked alone all the way through the special corridor to the VIP bathroom. But on his way, he unexpectedly felt even more uncomfortable. Each step he took felt like stepping on cotton, he almost couldn’t walk.

After his life had become quite stable, his heat had become extremely unstable. Sometimes he didn’t go into heat even after several years. And other times, his heat came three times a month.

Before this time, he hadn’t been in heat for a year and a half. Now this feeling had become a bit unfamiliar to him.

Adult Omegas who refrain from doing s*x were bound to have their heat for seven days every six months. During this time, Omegas should stay inside their homes and wait for their heats to pass but most Omegas also had their own work and studies that they were committed to, so it was actually hard to just stop doing their work. 

Just like Gu Xi, he’d pay for the breach of his contract if he ever called for a sudden break. He’d usually use inhibitors during his heat to survive—

—even when most inhibitors could do damage to the human body.

By the time he reached the vicinity of the restrooms, it had become difficult for him to see. He knew that his smell would have surely caused a pack of hungry wolves to eat him without thinking, had it not been for his misty sprayer.

In the midst of his dizziness, he vaguely saw something ahead of him, looking like a statue or something.

But he didn’t expect that this statue was actually human, not to mention that it was a rather reserved Alpha. Gu Xi immediately felt despair.

Why is an Alpha here?

He knew that his pheromones were different from other Omegas. His pheromones were insanely charming and tempting even if he tried to cover it with a mist sprayer. 

Faced with an Alpha, he gritted his teeth and pulled out the knife he was carrying. If this Alpha ever thought that he could take advantage of him, it was going to be his biggest mistake in life.

To his surprise, the other person helped him when he almost lost his balance and immediately let go of his hand. 

He definitely would have smelled his pheromones after being that close to him. But he didn’t have time to think about it. He put back his knife in his clothes. He wanted to leave quickly.

But when he saw the cap merch that fell on the ground, he felt fear and rushed into the toilet.

Rong Jing was unaware that during this critical juncture, he almost met his doom under a knife.

Gu Xi stopped thinking about anything else and skilfully opened the inhibitor that he had hidden in his sleeves. With his trembling hands, he injected the liquid into his vein and tried to take a few deep breaths. He took out his mist sprayer and sprayed some on the glands at the back of his neck.

He sat weakly on the toilet seat, waiting for the inhibitor to take effect. He also felt a little bit of pain.

Gu Xi frowned and closed his eyes tightly.

During this torturous time, he vaguely sensed footsteps approaching. He opened his eyes and looked sharply through the crevice of the door.

Oh no, I forgot to close the door!

He was in such a hurry that he forgot to close it properly. Gu Xi instantly panicked.

Did that Alpha recognize me? No, maybe he was just attracted by my pheromones.

He had seen many Alphas before who acted so polite and righteous yet as soon as they smelled his pheromones, those timid Alphas turned into wolves. He didn’t even dare to report them .

In his current situation, head-on confrontation with them was nothing but a pipe dream.

He listened to the distant footsteps getting closer and closer. The sounds of shoes stepping on the floor danced on the tip of his heart.

It’s getting closer!

Gu Xi stared at the space in front of him, wondering how long the door could withstand the Alpha’s attacks.

He pulled out his self-defense knife again and bent over to pick up a mini taser gun that he had put in his shoes. He held on to these things as if it were his only hope to survive. He breathed softly for fear of being heard.

Just as Gu Xi finished getting ready to fight, he heard the footsteps stop at the door.

A gentle voice spoke, “Sir, shouldn’t you apologize first for bumping into someone?”

The man’s attitude was not as intoxicated as he thought it would be. He showed inexplicable calmness but Gu Xi stayed silent. He didn’t let his guard down for a moment.

Worried about the other party being dizzy, Rong Jing shouted again, “Sir?”


Gu Xi slammed his hand at the door, as if to show that he’s not someone who’s easy to mess with.

Rong Jing secretly thought that he was so energetic so he probably didn’t faint.

He came here to see if the other person needed help. But since the man didn’t answer, it meant that he didn’t. Adults know the art of not disturbing someone else.

He pressed his temples to alleviate his dizziness once again and slowly closed the door, preventing all leaking scent from escaping and keeping the other person in a safe environment for as long as possible.

Though he didn’t get an apology, Rong Jing didn’t care. There was no need to hold on to that. After thinking for a while, he closed the other five toilet doors so that others wouldn’t be surprised. Even if someone came in and smelled something, they wouldn’t immediately find the source.

Just as he closed the last door, he saw a man and a woman, both well dressed, open the main door of the bathroom and enter.

Rong Jing looked around. He still smelled a bit of the scent around the air. He approached them quickly and said, “The toilets here are not allowed to be used for the time being.”

The two looked at the unfamiliar man wearing old-looking clothes and were just about to ask for the reason why, when they suddenly smelled something.

The female Omega only thought that it smelled good. Because it was already light and faint, it smelled more like some kind of perfume. But it was different for the male Alpha. He could sense that it was the scent of an Omega. A very good Omega.

The male Alpha took a few more sniffs and instantly revealed an intoxicated, ugly expression. His mouth instantly emitted a low growl as if someone in heat, and tried to search for the source of that tempting scent.

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