Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 37.3

It wasn’t until Rong Jing left that Gu Xi’s smile disappeared. He looked around the room and saw that the windows were closed, and only a ventilation machine above his head was working.

It was common for these kinds of villas to have such an airtight room, even the cracks in the doors are sealed. This was to make sure that an Alpha or Omega that stays inside would safely overcome their difficult period without any mishaps.

Gu Xi wouldn’t have to worry about Rong Jing smelling his pheromones once the inhibitor subsides.

As soon as Rong Jing left, the pain in his body shot up once more. When Rong Jing was still here, he could easily divert his attention to him. However, not that he was gone, the river that he had long been trying to stop overflowed.

Inside this dark room, only the light of the phone was on, illuminating his face. He thought of the test questions that he read a while ago and silently hid his head into the quilt.


I always meet up with a therapist regularly. I’m also aware that I could be in a bad state, sometimes. But I’m no psycho. I’m not, I swear.

A long time had passed until he heard a soft knock on the door. Stirred by the noise, though he was physically tired because of taking too many inhibitors, he still tried to get up, excited.

“I’m still awake. What’s up?”

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I believed that he would do wonders.


A few days had already passed by then. They were only strangers to each other before, acquaintances at best. He thanked him for helping him before, but he didn’t do this just because of that. He would always take his job seriously. At that time, he wanted to promote his would-be junior.

Rong Jing triggered his adrenal glands to do its work just because of seeing his performance. He became a different person when he was acting, emitting fatal pheromones all over his body. He was obviously a genius, a man with a hidden talent and he was looking forward to acting alongside him. He thought it would be a shame to miss out on opportunities just because he was having a hard time facing the camera at the moment.

Rong Jing didn’t know why he first thought of Gu Xi when he received the call. He just wanted to share the good news to him as soon as possible. When he saw Gu Xi’s eyes were closed, he thought he had already fallen asleep. 

He touched Gu Xi’s head. Though his face had little sweat, he didn’t have a fever. He was hoping for the inhibitors to finally settle down, and for nothing to happen. He would just stand by next door so he could be ready if anything happens.

Just as he was about to leave, Gu Xi asked, “You do know that this drama has some love scenes, right?”

Rong Jing turned to look at the person who had suddenly opened his eyes. The novel only said that the drama would become popular later, but because it was a drama that didn’t star Gu Xi, it didn’t really show details anymore than that.

Gu Xi stared at the man opposite him with narrow eyes. For the whole day, he felt like Rong Jing only had the upper hand between them. Now, he finally feels like the tides have turned.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be a drama about power struggle?”

“Yeah, it’s a conspiracy drama but with love at its core.”

Rong Jing really didn’t expect that it would be like that. He thought Liu Yu was a serious-minded director. His last movie, Lou Ta, didn’t even have a single scene about love. It was all so dead-serious. “…how many?”

“Well, not that many.”

Rong Jing breathed a sigh of relief. That’s good.


“Just a few heavy scenes, lots of kissing scenes, forced kisses, french kiss, kiss in the xxx…”

“You can’t film that,” How do I do that?

Gu Xi asked, confused, “Why not? That’s what’s written in the novel.”

Rong Jing was left stunned. He had forgotten that this world’s concepts were different from his. This was a world with pheromones, a place full of sexual attraction all the time. It was impossible to forcibly curb nature, and in the eyes of this world’s audience, it was normal to have a couple of an Alpha and Omega though they’re both male.

Well, as long as it’s properly implied with just a bit of heavy scenes but not the real thing, that would be enough.

Doesn’t anyone find that unreasonable? Well, maybe no one does, since I’m the only one who’s being unreasonable in this world.

“You… Do you have any objections?”

“I’m a professional actor,” He didn’t answer Gu Xi directly, nonetheless, he still responded.

“So you can?” Gu Xi asked.

“I can.” Rong Jing wasn’t sure what was that thing Gu Xi was asking he can do, and just answered without thinking.

Though he knew he was being led by Gu Xi, Rong Jing still did not forget to remind him, “Don’t use any more inhibitors, alright.” He couldn’t imagine how painful that really was.

Gu Xi’s lips parted, and it took him a while to utter an answer, “Mm.”


When the door closed again, Gu Xi opened his WeChat and ignored the pile of inquiries caused by his absence. He read only the latest message.

Liu Yu: I’ve found doubles for the kissing scenes. Once you recover, they can join the group.

Two pictures, which showed the side profile of two doubles, were sent. They did resemble him from the back a little.

Though Gu Xi said that the emotions and actions in the drama’s plot were fixed, other people could do ad-libs and add physical contact when acting. However, Liu Yu knew the crazy exploits of some hungry Alphas that Gu Xi faced before. He knew just how much he disliked them, so he thoughtfully hired doubles in advance, to save time when Gu Xi won’t be able to act, and so they wouldn’t have a hard time closing the drama. 

Gu Xi was actually just teasing Rong Jing. It was particularly interesting to see Rong Jing lose his gentle demeanor and look stunned. He typed “okay” but hesitated to hit send. 

Minutes had passed. The Alpha at the door had left, and he could already hear some noise from the room next door.

Gu Xi wrapped himself in the quilt again, with only his head showing, and deleted the words he typed. He changed it to: I think I’d let myself get used to the emotional scenes first. The team is short of money so save it.

Gu Xi stopped Xun Jiarui from getting the lead role. He didn’t want to waste that spot on that kind of person. After that, their main investor withdrew his money and invested in another movie starring Xun Jiarui. The two seem to have a good relationship.

Now, their production team had no budget. Yet, this kind of scenario was the same as what they had in their last film. Liu Yu didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. It was the producer’s job to look for an investor, and he was only responsible for making a good drama.

Liu Yu replied quickly: You don’t have to act tough. When something happens, you’ll surely throw up again and we’d have to delay for a few days.

Liu Yu still remembered what a fellow director once told him. It was when Gu Xi was still a newcomer and he didn’t have enough influence yet to pick the scenes that he wanted. In a kissing scene that he was told to enact, he threw up before his partner’s lips could even touch him because it was too disgusting for him. He was sick for several days. He wasn’t even faking it. It was just Gu Xi’s body reacting naturally.

Gu Xi: This time, I won’t throw up.


Liu Yu: [Will watch in the sidelines.jpg]

Gu Xi’s body hurt but he wanted to laugh, and so he simply smiled as he looked at the last quarter moon outside the window.

Tomorrow will surely be a good day.

Rong Jing slept in the room next to Gu Xi’s. He was frightened by the little devil hiding in the cloak of an angel next door. He was in low spirits for several nights, tossing and turning on the bed.

Gu Xi hasn’t come out of the room for the past few days. The first night, he made a list of the things he needed and placed it on his door. In addition to his daily necessities, he also included three meals a day. The two continued to do this note passing routine silently.

Probably knowing that Rong Jing was next to him, Gu Xi felt relieved. Since he no longer used an inhibitor, his body finally released his strong pheromones. Even back in his apartment, he still felt cold. However, this time he felt warm and slept soundly.

Rong Jing, on the other hand, lived a few days of uneasiness, worried that the inhibitors he used before would finally take effect negatively. He also remembered what Gu Xi said.

He even had a dream, that kind of dream. The next morning, upon seeing his rising glory, he firmly believed that his body had betrayed his mind, and whispered, “I can’t do this, I can’t do this.”

Xie Ling noticed that Rong Jing looked pale and frowned, “Renal insufficiency? I’ll have Zhou Xiang buy you some supplements.”1T/N: I’m not sure if I used the right term, but I think renal insufficiency may cause low sex drive. The word used, “腎虛” has the connotation of a “reduction in masculinity”.

Rong Jing’s face was blank: “…”

Would you be scared to death if I told you I’ve been living with an Omega for a few days now? Big brother, don’t act like you’re not single yourself.

Rong Jing also noticed Xie Ling’s bloodshot eyes and asked, “Big brother must have trouble sleeping at night as well?”

It was Xie Ling’s turn to stay silent, “…”

He didn’t know what Xie Zhanhong had eaten recently as he continued to do his crazy antics. He had been sending him all sorts of Omega into his bed everyday. Even when he tries to escape to the hotel, there would still be ‘surprises’.

Xie Ling had already blacklisted his father. He was too crazy and vulgar.

The two brothers looked at each other…


…and sighed at the same time.

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