Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 37.2

Rong Jing later sent Gu Xi, who had finished drinking the ginger tea, upstairs and gave him a special room. He was still worried about Gu Xi’s mental state. He could feel that Gu Xi was carrying a problem inside him, no matter if it was because of the novel or just the reality. He wanted to be able to pull him back now that it wasn’t that grave yet.

He didn’t want that problem to become so serious, he would attempt multiple times to take his life, like what happened in the novel. He didn’t want Gu Xi to become like that.

“Can I ask for a favor?”

“Go ahead,” Gu Xi sat on the bed, squeezing the quilt in his hand while looking at Rong Jing, his heart starting to race.

He could hear Rong Jing’s thoughts but was blocked by some noise again after the words [no matter if it was because of the—]. This had never happened before. What was also weird was how frequently he could hear Rong Jing’s thoughts, whether it was blocked off or not.


It wouldn’t be strange if Rong Jing thought he was weird. With what he saw in the bathroom, who wouldn’t doubt whether he was sick in the head or not?

Rong Jing asked for Gu Xi’s phone. Gu Xi had no idea what he was going to do yet still handed it over without hesitation. 

Rong Jing looked up the SCL-90 assessment that he had used before to test whether his brain was still fine or not, and asked Gu Xi to do it. He didn’t want to tell him his hidden worries and said, “My brother’s company is presently conducting research about the youth’s mental health. I think it’s sort of a promotion of one of their new products. Can you help me answer it?”

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Rong Jing had always felt that there was something wrong but he just couldn’t tell what it was. In any case, Gu Xi had no problem. He was now somewhat relieved, and he couldn’t just assume now that Gu Xi would take his life any minute.


However, before he left, he remembered another problem that must be solved at present.

He was an alpha, and it was definitely not okay for an Alpha to be around Gu Xi at a time like this.

An Alpha and Omega alone in a room? There’s no way nothing would happen. A beta wouldn’t be a good choice either. When a Beta loses their head, they could even act crazier than an Alpha does.

Should he let Gu Xi call another Omega that he can trust to come here and take care of him? Now that would definitely work.

However, before Rong Jing could even open his mouth, Gu Xi already knew what he was thinking and said coldly, “I’ve once released my pheromones unintentionally and affected an Omega. And as soon as my heat started, I…” He seemed to be thinking of an embarrassing memory.

Gu Xi trembled slightly, looking like a helpless, panic-stricken animal, provoking pity yet his eyes were as cold as ice. The trembling was only for Rong Jing to see. He was an Omega, and although he has never done it, he knew what should be done to arouse the protective desire of an Alpha.

Rong Jing was shocked. Gu Xi’s pheromones were that strong that it could also affect another Omega…

Rong Jing suddenly felt fear, recalling their chance encounter in Maya Shopping Mall. This was difficult. In the novel, this was only mentioned once. Rong Jing really didn’t know, why else would he have the nerve to suggest inviting an Omega to come over? Wouldn’t that only hurt Gu Xi?

Then what should I do? With Gu Xi’s current condition, he shouldn’t be left alone in the villa. Zhou Xiang also said that he could even die as a side effect of taking too many inhibitors. This was no laughing matter.

“Why don’t you stay here instead?” Gu Xi, who seemed like he had mustered up all the courage that he ever could in his life, asked the man.

Never once in my life have I been so selfish. For the first time, I’m going to be selfish and approach you this way.

Rong Jing thought he was hearing voices. Does he even know what he’s talking about?


Rong Jing was dumbfounded and looked at Gu Xi, who had been looking down all this time, as if he was very desperate and forced into helplessness.

It took him a while to say, “I’m an Alpha.”


“I can just easily mark you, you know.”

“…” He looked up at him.

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re beautiful. It wouldn’t be strange for that thing to happen. You think I can stay still when I have someone like you near me?”

“…” Yeah, you can. Remember, you have a gas mask?

Gu Xi didn’t want to recall the image of Rong Jing appearing at the bathroom door. It was a memory too profound to forget.

Noticing Gu Xi’s silence, Rong Jing’s expression suddenly changed. He quickly approached Gu Xi, and sat on the edge of the bed, looking like a different person.

Gu Xi was so surprised that he immediately looked up and saw the handsome face up close. Rong Jing, who no longer showed a gentle smile, looked cold and charming.

The staring contest was on, and suddenly the atmosphere turned tense.

“In case you didn’t get that, let me just say it again. I’m an Alpha. I can knock you down at any time, mark you forcibly, make you mine, and you wouldn’t even be able to resist,” Rong Jing said, his face void of any emotion, suddenly releasing his breath while looking at the powerless Omega who wouldn’t be able to fight him off at this critical moment, “I can just burst through the bathroom door while you’re taking a shower, rip your clothes off while you’re sleeping, or more likely when you’re most uncomfortable…”


Rong Jing slowly touched Gu Xi’s neck, his fingers slightly grazing against the elegant swan-like glands at his nape. A very suggestive move.

That was one of the most sensitive places of an Omega. Gu Xi trembled unconsciously but didn’t run away.

The two stared at each other for a long time.

Gu Xi said calmly, “Oh.”

It was way too calm an answer, as if he was simply stating a very common fact. Rong Jing couldn’t continue his acting. The heck, that didn’t even scare him away?

Thanks to the book, he was aware of how much Gu Xi had paid and done just so he could avoid being marked by Alphas whenever they tried to attack him, and so he knew he wouldn’t just suddenly change just because he helped him a bit. Unlike what others thought of him, he wasn’t a sweet, innocent, naive person.

“You think I’m kidding, but you’ll see what I’m talking about when the time comes,” Rong Jing warned, but now less intimidating as before.

Gu Xi nodded to show that he understood yet he was giving him a look that said I-know-you-can’t-do-it.

Who said I can’t? Why can’t I?

No matter how kind a person is, one would still be annoyed after being doubted about one’s sexuality again and again. Do I have to do the thing for three days and three days just to show that I’m perfectly normal?

Rong Jing wanted to explain himself, but he didn’t know how. Gu Xi smiled at him with a gleam in his eyes.

Rong Jing suddenly remembered a line in the book: as long as he permits, no one would be able to escape his charm. He went out with a heavy heart, but Gu Xi spoke once more, “If you’re staying, then don’t go too far. I’m afraid I won’t be able to call anyone but you.”


Rong Jing didn’t even want to talk, he just wanted to stay quiet. This wasn’t how the shou of this novel was supposed to act, he was sure of that.

Why isn’t he afraid of me? Why does he trust me so much? Do I have to make a move on him just so he’d realize there’s actually a beast hiding inside me?

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