Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 33.3

Chapter 33 (3)

Many freshmen visited Su Xi in the hospital. Su Xi was one of the top beauties at the university. He has long been targeted by several famous second-generation rich kids.

One of the famous kids is Huang Jian. Huang Jian has taken a fancy to this beautiful Omega but Su Xi was not interested in him. The more he showed indifference, the more Huang Jian liked him and the way he did things became more and more disgusting. For example, Su Xi wanted to go to the bathroom, and now this dumbass was urging and forcing people around him to immediately call the nurse for help. He even wanted to help himself.

Su Xi felt really uncomfortable, looking at the way Huang Jian stared at him.

He did want to sell himself to others. Omega can take advantage of their natural gifts. It’s not like he was stealing from other people. But if he were to actually choose, he would rather pick Rong Jing, a real gentleman, but also a beautiful hot mess. He would surely regret letting this super delish man go away even in his next life if he doesn’t try to win him.


As Huang Jian continued to talk to the people around him, Su Xi immediately found the time to send a message to Rong Jing.

The group of people that visited Su Xi gathered around him. Wu Fuyu, who Huang Jian brought along, was sitting by the window, his mouth closed. He had no intention at all of flattering the Omega.

He was bored, playing with his square 1, a kind of rubik’s cube. The movements of his hands were so fast as he tried to get back the cube to the original solved pattern, the people around him that were watching were so overwhelmed. 

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Meanwhile, Rong Jing, who was holding a bouquet of flowers, knocked on the door.


Everyone’s eyes turned to him.

Who is this? He looked so handsome and also looked very familiar.

When Huang Jian saw Rong Jing, his hands shook as he pointed his finger at him, “AH! You— you— you— you—” Why the hell was this man here now?!

Wu Fuyu, who was sitting lazily just a while ago, suddenly sat up straight. He’s here. Did he know I was here too?

Wu Fuyu’s bored-looking eyes lit up the moment Rong Jing appeared, as if he’s finally found his long-awaited prey, thoroughly making his blood boil.

Just like the people from the Wu family, Wu Fuyu also liked the excitement of hunting and preferred challenging the impossible. The savageness in their genes could not be changed.

Rong Jing glanced at him, and even paused when he saw that certain other young man (Huang Jian).

Huang Jian thought of the time that he was beaten, tied up, and tossed inside a woven bag. When he was found, the people saw him naked. Many staff saw him, making Huang Jia want to disappear at that moment.

What even made him more angry was that The Prince knew that it was Rong Jing who did it to him yet he didn’t pursue it anymore. He even took the initiative to invite him to join their circle but the man had the nerve to refuse.

Rong Jing was just so amazing to have even Xie Ling spoil him. They really couldn’t afford to mess with him. Messing with this small fry also means attracting the attention of the big wigs.

Huang Jian hid his anger in his eyes and braved to say hello but Rong Jing completely ignored him.

Rong Jing placed the flowers in the vase by Su Xi’s bed and asked Su Xi, “How’s your injury?”


“Ah, I, I feel much better. The doctor said that I can be discharged from the hospital next week,” Su Xi actually planned to have Rong Jing come visit him to surprise Huang Jian.

He didn’t expect for him to come so soon and was a bit overwhelmed.

Rong Jing asked him more questions. Seeing that this opportunity was rare, Su Xi introduced some of his classmates to him.

One of the students finally recognized Rong Jing, “I think, I think I know who you are. Y-you’re…”

Another person chimed in, “The man in the university forum!”

Almost everyone froze, and not a voice was heard.

There were a lot of stolen photos of Rong Jing in the school forum because he’s very good looking. However, because his performance mishap was pinned at the wall of shame, threads about him are still very active even after he graduated.

There were still active users who promised that they would eat their keyboards if the day that he would become an actor comes. He’s so popular in the forum that even freshmen students know about him.

Su Xi didn’t know this, and the other students weren’t thick-faced enough to tell him about it now.

Su Xi has been holding back his pee for too long. Because he didn’t want Huang Jian to help him, he endured it until Rong Jing’s arrival. He looked at Rong Jing, his eyes looking very pitiful and said, “Can you help me get on the toilet?”

Rong Jing: “…” You’re on Omega, is that even an appropriate thing to say to me…?

Su Xi also blushed. He was very embarrassed and became tongue tied. 


Rong Jing thought that he could simply come out again after helping him get inside. But before Rong Jing could even hold Su Xi’s arms, he was stopped by another pair of hands. It was Wu Fuyu, who had been silent all this time. He said with a blank expression, “I’ll help you.”

Ever since Rong Jing refused to go to the Wo Xue Clubhouse, he hasn’t spoken to Wu Fuyu. Wu Fuyu hasn’t sent any more messages as well.

Wu Fuyu didn’t look at Rong Jing at all but looked coldly at Su Xi, “What are you waiting for?”

Su Xi never once expected that one day, two alphas would fight over him. He was at a loss for words, “R-right.”

Rong Jing was too lazy to pay attention to them. As long as they don’t bother him, he wouldn’t give a damn about it.

He planned to go to the doctor attending to Su Xi to ask about his current situation. After asking, he looked at the medical tests and diagnostic procedures that Su Xi would go under. He couldn’t help but wince when he saw the exorbitant price that he would have to pay later.

Because Su Xi was an Omega and he was staying in a private hospital, the hospital used the best of what they had. The nursing fee everyday also costs thousands.

Rong Jing sent a WeChat message to Xie Zhanhong with the screenshot of the hospital fee: “Please stop setting me up.”

They’ve only added each other on WeChat for a few days. Xie Zhanhong paid special attention to Rong Jing and so when he received a message, he replied immediately: What an unfilial son you are! You know how much effort this old father of yours spent to find such a great beauty. You don’t even know how to be considerate of adults at all.

Then when are you going to be considerate of the son?

Xie Zhanhong: Don’t forget that an Alpha’s s*x drive is very strong. You won’t be able to hold yourself back for a long time.

Rong Jing: I want to find someone myself.


Xie Zhanhong: The one I picked was so pretty but you still don’t like it? You’re too picky just like your stubborn brother. I’d like to see what kind of fairy you’re going to get for yourself, hahaha!”

Rong Jing: My big brother will have to get married first before me, so no need to worry about me. 

Xie Zhanhong: Makes sense.

He replied with only two words, implying that he understood what he meant and actually thought his son was right.

Rong Jing wondered if he had just given Xie Ling another problem.

Just as he was about to reply to the message, he was suddenly grabbed by a pair of hands as he walked by the fire exit. He was also pushed against the wall by someone, this someone being an Alpha.

The door clanged shut. Rong Jing looked at the Alpha tugging at his clothes. Because of the excessive force, veins appeared on his arm. Rong Jing looked at him coldly, “You’re sick, go see a doctor.”

Wu Fuyu breathed heavily and stared hard at Rong Jing.

His cells that had been still for a week suddenly came back to life the moment he saw Rong Jing. After he realized that Rong Jing might like him, he agonized for a week, thinking about this damned gay. He thought about him everyday, it was so disgusting!

He wanted to tell Rong Jing to stop liking him but the man actually had the nerve to block him in order to get his attention!

The whole week, he couldn’t stop thinking about Rong Jing’s beautiful, indifferent face, his long legs that had neatly kicked the people before, and his eyes that looked bored most of the time but showed sharpness occasionally. All of these things hit him like thunder, and without a warning, rushed straight towards his walls.

He felt disgusted, but also felt a bit excited.

This kind of thinking could lead to a terrible situation, but what if he did it with an Alpha? Maybe it would be more enjoyable with an Alpha than those delicate, flower-like Omegas.

Gazing at Rong Jing’s angular chin and thin lips, Wu Fuyu couldn’t help but gulp. He asked in a very confident yet arrogant tone, “Let me ask you this, do you like me?”

Rong Jing was shocked beyond belief.

What do you mean by ‘like’, dude, which part of your body would I even think worthy to like?

Is he mad or have I gone mad?

And why the f– is this Wu fcking Fuyu getting closer and closer? What the hell is he even trying to do?!

Maybe he doesn’t care about his ding-dong anymore.


Few days have passed but Agent Yang Qi didn’t contact Gu Xi again. None of their threats worked this time. It seemed like Gu Xi was determined to fight them. The expiration date of his contract was getting closer and closer, and Gu Xi had already guarded his brother against their attacks. They no longer have ways to control him.

But how could they be willing to let such a cash cow go in vain? Because of Gu Xi, Shengteng Entertainment was able to attract investments from a lot of bigwigs. Recently, there were also a lot of stars who wanted to change their career and leave. Gu Xi was really too important to the company.

They had to think of another way, a way that would completely take down Gu Xi.

Complacent was the word to describe Xu Shengteng these past few days. The Longhua bank will soon be allowing them to take a loan that would suspend their debt crisis, even if it couldn’t be alleviated. Still, there was a choice of taking the money then escaping later. There were also too many idiots who foolishly gave them money. Just like Xie Jisheng from the Xie family, who wanted to buy Shengteng at a higher price than its market value.

He had many choices, he knew he could still make a lot of money.

Until then, it would be better if he could make Gu Xi more obedient.

Yang Qi brought Xu Shengteng to look for Gu Xi, thinking that Gu Xi wouldn’t ignore them anymore once he saw the boss’ face.

When he tried to open the door with his spare key, he found that the door was locked from the inside. Gu Xi actually guarded his house from him, like he was some kind of thief!

Seeing that Xu Shengteng looked a bit impatient, Yang Qi immediately looked for a locksmith.

When the door was opened, Yang Qi felt nothing, but Xu Shengteng smelled an extremely enticing smell that had leaked out from the gaps of the bedroom’s door. It was a scent that could drive any Alpha into madness. His eyes immediately turned red.

Xu Shengteng pushed Yang Qi away and rushed madly towards the locked bedroom door.

Realizing that it couldn’t be opened the normal way, he simply hit it with his body. The wooden door shook under this intense impact.

The sixth day of Gu Xi’s heat period was the last part of his hardship. The feeling of drowsiness weighed down on him and it seemed that some beast was constantly sniffing him. The strong smell of smoke mixed with the stench of male made Gu Xi suffocate.

He felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to vomit. Who is it?

Dazed, Gu Xi opened his eyes and saw the beast looking at him with red eyes, wanting to tear him apart.

Gu Xi was shocked and broke out in a cold sweat.

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