Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 33.2

Chapter 33 (2)

Zhou Xiang guided Qiu Xiang out after the two made a basic investment letter of intent on the next cooperation. When he walked out of the building again, he felt like everything that happened was only a dream. Did he actually succeed?

Though the agreement won’t be signed until a few days later, it was settled!

He managed to pull this investment by accident. Anyone would have a hard time believing that something like this could happen. The world truly is mysterious. Before, he thought that the sun was too hot, but now he felt that it was perfectly warm.

He thought of Rong Jing’s white and clean face. A very simple, cute and wealthy sheep that he wouldn’t let go.



Gu Xi was curled up in his blanket, dreaming about something bad, making tears fall from his eyes. An ear-piercing ring tone sounded next to him, waking him up from the hellish nightmare. When he woke up, he couldn’t remember what his dream was about. He just felt like he had experienced hell.

Gu Xi wiped the tear stains on his face and hid under the blanket. He was in too much of a hurry after he entered the house and forgot to turn off his phone. He picked up the phone and saw an unfamiliar number. He could already guess who it belonged to.

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They worked hard to create some half-true and half-fake materials, and Gu Xi was not their only victim.


Gu Xi’s whole body turned cold. He leaned against the headboard and took a deep breath, “You think Shengteng is so great. Once I let out that information, a lot of entertainment companies would want me. As for your blackmail materials, you can put it out if you want. We’re just going to see each other in court later. Even if I can’t sue Shengteng, I can still sue you. For forcing minors to work, for example.”

Yang Qi felt a little afraid to make Gu Xi more anxious, but years of intimidation had become a habit, “You think your brother can graduate if you do this? Don’t forget that he’s still a student!”

Two years ago, his brother went to work in a bar. They used this against him to control him. Afraid that they would be after his brother, Gu Xi continued to obey the company’s orders.

Gu Xi closed his eyes and gasped for air. His heat made him desperate for something.

The hotter his body became, the colder his voice was, “He had been chosen by a Massachusetts professor over there, and you think you can easily do something to him? Don’t make a fool of yourself. Stop talking if you don’t have enough IQ to talk about these things.”

Before, Gu Xi would always feel like he was being restrained by something. Like something was telling him to never resist and to only always obey the arrangements of fate for him.

The turning point of everything was when he met Rong Jing at the mall.

He began to wonder why his previous self never resisted even though he had always wanted to break free.

Gu Xi hung up the phone again, this time, turning his phone to airplane mode. For a very popular star that would always receive notifications on his phone every single day, he hardly ever used this mode except when he’s on a plane.

When your body gets tired, it won’t care about work, money or the future. It would only want to have a good rest.

He pressed his head against the pillow and shook his hands, trying to find something that could distract him. 

Omegas in heat would yearn for the comfort of Alphas. Since his heat was very different from normal, this yearning was also greater than normal.


Gu Xi felt dizzy but tried to find some funny movies to distract him. Yet, he couldn’t help but go to the photos on his phone. His fingers trembled as he scrolled down. It seemed to have its own will. It stopped when it reached the photos of Rong Jing, the photos that he got from the university forum.

This Rong Jing didn’t look like the Rong Jing he remembers, though.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

Gu Xi turned off the screen.

The night has fallen. Gu Xi buried himself under the pillows and fell into a deep sleep once more, but now in an irritable mood.


A few days later, Rong Jing called the police station to follow up with the progress of the murder case.

When he went to the police station to report the case that day, Rong Jing provided the police with the portrait of the suspect, but because it was already getting late at that time and he had only looked at him a few times, Rong Jing wasn’t really sure if the portrait was good.

The police were very friendly to Rong Jing since he was a very important informant who provided key clues to the case. Though they could not disclose the specific situation to him, they told him that once they manage to arrest the suspect, they hope that he could come to identify him. Of course, they would protect Rong Jing’s personal information.

Based on this, Rong Jing was sure of at least two pieces of information. The suspect likely has something to do with information he provided, probably the driver that he met that night. Second, the suspect was still at large.

Rong Jing also took some time to visit Teacher Hu. Mr. Hu and his wife have been unable to have children for years. They adopted a female Omega with low intelligence more than a decade ago. When Mr. Hu went to identify the body of the victim that day, he found that the dead Omega was not their adopted daughter but the clothes that the victim was wearing belonged to her.

That could mean that their adopted daughter might have been hidden by the suspect and is probably still alive. Now the police are racing against the clock to solve the case. When Rong Jing visited the couple, he found that they temporarily left their work, waiting for news at home for fear of missing any calls.


When Teacher Lu saw Rong Jing at his doorstep, he felt very relieved.

After being a teacher for so many years, seeing students come to see them when they encounter difficulties was what motivated them, teachers, to continue their profession.

This subtle warmth was the greatest comfort during the search for their daughter.

Mr. Hu tried to gather himself and said, “Fortunately, an ardent citizen has provided a portrait of the suspect, otherwise no one would know how long it would take to solve this case. People usually forget the faces of strangers they meet along the way.” Not to mention that the face of the suspect was very common, a type of face that was very easy to forget no matter how many times one sees it.

Rong Jing, the ardent citizen, smiled, “The suspect will be found right away.”

“By the way, how was your audition for Imperial Power?” Though he stood his ground against the opinion of the masses and recommended Rong Jing, Mr. Hu still felt that the possibility of him being accepted was low because his phobia was quite serious.

Nowadays, most of the people in the entertainment world are handsome and beautiful but nearly half of them went through plastic surgery. Still, they still manage to look so natural in their photos before their debut because of photoshop.

Mr. Hu was a person who liked genuine beauty. He admired Rong Jing’s face that has never been touched by a knife, and admired his enthusiasm for acting. However, after graduation, this child completely lost his enthusiasm after having his heart broken.

He was very pleased to see that the current Rong Jing has more enthusiasm than before. Because of this, he was even more looking forward to this child’s future.

Rong Jing counted the days that have passed and thought that three days has already passed since his audition yet he has yet to receive a phone call.

Although he had expected that the response wouldn’t come fast, as a man who has won the awards Best Actor and Film Emperor in his past life, he felt that the more he lived, the more that he went back. Fortunately, the family members of his previous life didn’t know, otherwise he wouldn’t have the courage to face them.

Mr. Hu patted him on the shoulder, “I could talk to some…”


Rong Jing answered, “Teacher, let me do it myself.”

This teacher has been ridiculed for several years because of the accident years ago. This time, he even recommended Rong Jing. Many people said that he was helping a poor man who couldn’t even do anything by himself.

“I’ve been busy for a while. I only started acting again after being busy.” Rong Jing remembered the task of spending a hundred million. He knew his brother wouldn’t let him go until he finished this task.

Mr. Hu only thought that Rong Jing was busy with a part-time job to fund his dream since he was known in the university as a very poor person. There were a lot of students in the university that were like him, all dreaming to become a popular star someday.

However, Mr. Hu did not know that Rong Jing’s part time job at the moment was going against the will of this world and working hard to spend a hundred million.

Two days later, Rong Jing finally remembered the companies with the golden finger cheats in the novel.

He knew that this world would not let him remember the novel completely. On his first few days here in this world, he felt like his head was going to explode. He could only remember a few things. Maybe he even remembered them wrong.

So, he decided to make things simple and used a very stupid method.

He looked at all the big and small companies in the country. When a certain name of a company particularly makes his head hurt, that was when he knew that he got what he was looking for.

This kind of idea really was sure to make this world’s law go mad. It was pretty good. Even if he made a mistake, there’s still Zhou Xiang who could do the market value assessment for him. 

Coincidentally, the few companies that would attack the Xie in the future were actually included in the stack of documents that Xie Ling gave him. Rong Jing has no regrets with his method. The rest of the companies that he needed to find were enough to keep him busy.

He studied with Zhou Xiang for five to six days. If it weren’t for Su Xi’s wechat, asking him shyly when he could come visit him in the hospital, Rong Jing wouldn’t have remembered that he had kicked a beautiful and fragile Omega back at the hotel.

As the one that hurt him, Rong Jing has to go to the hospital to express his regret and show that he was truly sorry.

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