Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 33.1

Chapter 33 (1)

Before the child was taken away, he re-entered the Xie building. Then, the man met the legendary guardian that he was looking for.

The tall and thin man named Qiu Xiang, followed the handsome young man all the way to the top floor of the Xie building. He heard the passers-by calling the child ‘young master’. Only then did he realize that this young man who spoke those big words actually had a very big background.

They went to the vice president’s office. The afternoon sun was high in the sky, baking the buildings around with intensifying heat. The man in front of the window walls was clad in an impeccably crisped suit. His piercing gaze contained coldness that could give people the chills.

The man’s head was buried in the documents he was holding. He looked very unapproachable. 


The young man who said that he wanted to invest was now sitting at the desk, talking to the man casually.

The tall and thin man said a bunch of nonsense that seemed very insignificant at first, but the man who was busy with his office work did not even pause to listen to him. He wasn’t slow in approving the documents on his hand, and even glanced at the stock market’s situation on his computer. This image made people feel embarrassed to even bother him for a second.

Yet, he listened to the young man about how he met the tall and thin man downstairs and how surprised he was about his proposal. The problem was that the young man hadn’t read his proposal carefully at all!

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Therefore, although Xie Ling was the Vice President, he’s actually the recognized head of the company.


Can I actually outwit this remarkable person to accept my proposal?

Xie Ling examined Qiu Xiang once more. When he ran downstairs, he suddenly wanted to buy Shengteng. Now, he suddenly picked up a small company that was about to close down. Xie Ling suddenly remembered the days when he was young. He thought that his brother was still a big kid that has yet to take shape, after all. He was like him before.

Xie Ling was quite pleased. At least, this time Rong Jing did not get depressed even after being told to stop acting and even willingly began to learn to do business. Though the way he did things still seemed a bit amateurish, at least he was already starting to learn how to do things. This behavior should be encouraged.

Xie Ling talked with Qiu Xiang for a while. On the other hand, Rong Jing continued being a flower vase1just a pretty face at the side.

Xie Ling looked at his younger brother, who was now pretending to be good again. He would always look very obedient every time he did something bad. He guessed that Rong Jing pitied this person. Two million wasn’t much, but just like he said before, money doesn’t grow on trees. It was okay for him to invest but he should also check the proposal very carefully first. If it was just a useless asset, he wouldn’t let this younger brother of his to invest and give away that money for nothing.

The companies that he chose for Rong Jing all had great potential. If he had once let his emotions affect his work, the Xie company would have never survived this dog-eat-dog world.

Xie Ling ignored Rong Jing’s request to get five million. Two million was enough to buy 60% of this small company’s shares. Besides, this person also looked like they care about their company so much. He probably wouldn’t be able to sell more than that.

Xie Ling called Zhou Xiang to assess the small company to check its financial status and specific field of work. After further verification, he would sign the contract. 

Rong Jing wanted to say something else but when Xie Ling glanced at him, he immediately closed his mouth. He knew that this was Xie Ling already yielding to what he wanted.

However, Rong Jing was worried about time. He knew that the natural law of this world was against him. Since it would take days before the assessment ends, a lot of things could happen and change. But the current situation couldn’t be better. Rong Jing looked at Qiu Xiang as if he was some kind of fresh, tender and fat sheep.

He felt a bit greedy. And also a bit cautious.

Yet when he thought of the original Xie family in the novel declining til nothing was left of them, the guilty feeling inside him subsided.


In the novel, the Wu wasn’t very optimistic about this project so only 800,000 yuan was given to Qiu Xiang.

Wu Hanqi was a calculative person. He invested in different kinds of small companies and believed that some day, one of these small fishes could grow into a big one. As a matter of fact, this kind of strategy was indeed a good one.

The Wu Hanqi in the novel was only a side character, only watching how the people around him rise and fall.

Now, Rong Jing was worried whether he could change the novel’s plot again but he still couldn’t get rid of the layer of fog in his mind trying to cover up his memories. He was only able to go against this world’s will because he happened to meet Qiu Xiang today. The real cheats belonged to the characters of the novel so it was really hard to make a move.

The more Rong Jing used his head, the more it hurt.

As long as his actions affect the main plot, or how the characters will gain power, this world will try its best to stop him from changing the plot again.

“Brother, I want to take a nap,” Rong Jing rubbed his eyes and pretended to be sleepy.

Xie Ling saw that Rong Jing was looking very sleepy and pointed to the small lounge in his office that he has never let anyone in. He didn’t feel anything wrong letting his brother in there.

Qiu Xiang stared at the two with his mouth open. They were obviously talking about a very serious investment yet the young man just went to sleep. His guardian didn’t even care.

Xie Ling didn’t simply let him sleep. He also made a call to his secretaries to bring in some snacks inside so the little brother would have something to eat later.

Rong Jing said goodbye to Qiu Xiang. Worried that the plot would cause trouble to him again, he especially told Qiu Xiang to sign the agreement immediately after the evaluation. At this time in the story, a lot of people promised to invest in his project without really having the intentions to do so. He should take advantage of this time now. This is a crucial point.

How could he let this large duck fly out from his mouth?


Qiu Xiang agreed with Rong Jing. The Xie was going to be his first investor. Before he left, he told Xie Ling, “You shouldn’t dote on your brother too much. What if he encounters some dishonest people out there? He’d easily get tricked.” Good thing that he met me this time.

Xie Ling thought of Xie Jisheng often losing hundreds of millions, even billions, and compared it to Rong Jing’s two million. It isn’t even enough to buy a car. This is doting? This is just a daily expense for his little brother.

As he thought about the unknown poison in his glass of wine before, he felt that a brother only asking only two million for an investment was too filial already. Of course, he wouldn’t say these things to an outsider like Qiu Xiang.

“Instead of worrying about others, why don’t you go back and work on your app as soon as possible. If you fail, you’ll have to give all of your money to Rong Jing.”

As soon as Qiu Xiang heard this, he was frightened to death.

The younger brother may not be reliable but the older brother is very reliable.

If he fails this, he’d definitely lose all of his money to the Xie family.

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