Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 31.2

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When Zhou Xiang got into the elevator, he saw his young master had put away his cold demeanor but was looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Young master, just now…”

“How did I do?”

Zhou Xiang was taken aback. “What, was all that just an act?”


Rong Jing sighed helplessly, “Of course, it was. That Omega person is kinda hard to deal with. I needed to do what I did, otherwise I won’t be able to get rid of him at all.”

He once did the same thing for a role he got before. He was able to use that for the situation earlier. Zhou Xiang thought, though, that his actions and his previous behavior might make the other person fall in love with him again. Then again, being too good to them was also worrisome.

Zhou Xiang sighed, “I finally know now why you chose acting despite all the difficulties you have to face. You’re really good at it.”

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“Zlp. Ya. Dkl byp clld ynvkdt yp wpwyz yde pllxp vs byhl clld wdyqqlnvle.”

Rong Jing frowned. 


Same as usual, huh? Somehow, Rong Jing remembered the time he parted ways with Gu Xi, whose smile didn’t show any shadow at all. He could feel his heart hurting a little bit.

Zhou Xiang smiled and guided him to the office door. Rong Jing greeted the secretaries that they met along the way. When he reached the door, he took a deep breath first before knocking.

“Come in,” a cold voice from inside the room said.

Xie Ling was sitting on a leather sofa. Behind him were the window walls, and a small building under the clouds and a blue sky. The whole office was wide with simple decorations. Still, it carried a dynamic atmosphere.

Seeing Xie Ling sitting there steadily made Rong Jing breathe a sigh of relief.

Big brother is alive. Not killed by the plot. Thank goodness.

Xie Ling did not raise his head to look at him, instead he tossed at him a stack of documents that he had long prepared for Rong Jing.

Rong Jing looked at it, looking puzzled, “Is eldest brother going to invest in a company? I don’t know much about this.” I’m kinda useless in this stuff.

This stack of documents was the thing that Zhou Xiang was preparing when Rong Jing called him to send a helicopter to Xie Ling’s location. The documents contained information collected by Xie Ling, most of which were relatively good prospects in the business world or had good investment value.

Xie Ling wanted to laugh at this unsatisfactory thing in front of him. He looked up and said, “I’m giving this to you. First, I’ll give you a hundred million. Go pick some from that stack and see if you could handle a company yourself.”

He’s giving me a hundred million but he’s acting like it’s only ten yuans. In the novel, how exactly did Xie Jisheng go mad?

A few years after Xie Ling died, the prodigious Xie family collapsed and was gobbled up by the Wu and several other families. 


Thinking about it now, the Wu family was the one who profited the most, huh?

“Brother, I want to tell you something but I’m not sure if I should say it or not,” Rong Jing’s face turned a bit unpleasant. There are things that I have to say frankly.

“If you know that I won’t like it then it’s better to keep your mouth shut.”

Xie Ling suddenly remembered the guide that he read before on How To Get Along with Your Brother. He shouldn’t be too coercive, and should be gentle. However, he felt that he had already been as patient as possible.

If this were not his little brother, he would have already slapped him to death.

“I… I still want to tell you.”

“Then say it.”

“I really have no talent for business.”

I’m actually a business start-up blackhole.

Back then, he managed to bring down ten companies to bankruptcy and almost had his family lose all their money.

That was before Rong Jing entered the entertainment industry. Though the Rong family was not considered a powerful family, they were still considered wealthy after accumulating enough from the previous generations. This was the reason why Gu Xi felt a hint of sophistication and elegance from Rong Jing. This wasn’t because of the Xie family but because he was nurtured in his original home.

When he came of age, his family gave him a considerable amount of money. This was the same for all the children of the Rong family. The eldest sister was single so she used all her money on all the boys she wanted and partied every night. The second sister bought several islands. Rong Jing bought a scooter that cost him 100, 000 yuans, thinking that being low-key was the best thing to do to avoid the pervasive show business.


At that time, he was still young, far from being mature as he was now. He even thought of starting a career of his own. It turned out that he was still naive. He was very active in investing his money in companies. Eleven companies, as a matter of fact.

The first ten immediately went bankrupt and went into liquidation while the last one survived, barely maintained by fan crowdfunding. That small company, called A Hundred Thousand Light Years, was the one that he started from scratch. It enabled people to temporarily store parcels or letters that people wanted to keep for the future, and send them according to the time that they wanted, either to themselves or to others.

Since it wasn’t for profit, it could not make any money.

After fans found out that it was his, they crowdfunded it in order to prevent it from going out of business until the time that Rong Jing transmigrated to this world.

Rong Jing placed his head in his hands with an exasperated sigh.

“You haven’t even started yet, why would you say that you have no talent?” Why was he being pessimistic?

Xie Ling’s eyes carried a bit of uneasiness. He worried that Rong Jing was still the same as before, that he would continue to reject the Xie family, and refuse to accept him as his brother. He would push them away if he does not consider them his real family.

“You give me now a hundred million. Next time I’ll be over a billion in debt.”

Rong Jing tried to make matters a little more serious. His brother should expect much from. The ugly truths should be said first.

“The Xie family is enough for you to get up again. You can take it.”

Rong Jing thought of a certain meme back from his previous life, “So set a small goal, lose 100 million first?”1This meme is from 2016 that came from this: https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/trending/2016-08/30/content_26640348.htm

I’m sure this kid wants to die, Xie Ling thought. Being on the receiving end of Xie Ling’s death stare, Rong Jing immediately added, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”


He simply wanted to lighten up the mood, and didn’t mean to make the other person angry. He wasn’t really planning on doing that. Rong Jing’s demeanor at the moment was far different from his unfriendly approach with Qi Ying earlier. He was well-behaved in front of Xie Ling, just like an innocent little sheep.

However, Xie Ling knew that this seemingly well-behaved little brother of his wasn’t actually good at behaving. He could do some earth-shaking things from time to time. Being this obedient now was just an illusion where there was no conflict.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, so stop joking around. Take these documents and read them. Once you pick what you like, look for Zhou Xiang. Later, I’ll look for a professional manager for you.”

The companies that were in the documents were actually companies that Xie Ling had handpicked himself, companies that he considered good. He didn’t want Rong Jing to start with nothing. He had expected for this brother of his to mess up. He wasn’t really expecting him to do well. He just wanted to have Rong Jing have a goal in life. He didn’t want him to act for a living, getting tired day and night just so he could have food on the table.

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