Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 31.1

Having confirmed that the TV series he was supposed to be in was withdrawn, Qi Ying felt that it was because of his inappropriate actions towards Xie Ling that time. He had probably annoyed him. He wanted to make amends but he couldn’t even see him, not even the corner of his coat.

Though the attitude of the building’s receptionists has been very good, he could see the contempt hidden in their eyes. He didn’t want to be a nuisance. Of course, his backer didn’t know that he planned to hook up with Xie Ling. The backer thought that Qi Ying had done something that had offended Xie Ling and reminded him to behave next time. Everybody knew that Xie Ling was a very busy man. He would only usually meet with the big bosses. He wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to small minions like him.

Though this thought of being only a minion made him uncomfortable, Qi Ying could only admit that this was true.

He had finally persuaded his backer to reinvest in a low-cost TV series for him and to use one of the Xie’s studio bases, which were considered quite large. The Xie family’s investment on the entertainment industry could be considered ‘small’ if compared to their other investments, but their studio’s equipment was still really good, and the rent for their studios was still at a reasonable price.

Whenever a production crew needed a venue for post-production special effects editing, they would be willing to make an appointment to rent the Xie’s studio base’s for half a day.


A staff member went to communicate in advance with his team and agreed at the beginning. However, when he heard the name Qi Ying among the actors, the person in charge froze. The name sounded familiar, so he asked for more details about Qi Ying. After a while, he called again, saying that the studio has been rented to another crew and that they should look somewhere else.

The Xie’s studios are the most cost-effective choice for a studio base, so it was hard to find a replacement. They checked the other Xie’s studios but none agreed to take them. When the producer finally felt like something was going on, he didn’t know what to do. He had heard something about Xie Ling saying, ‘I don’t want this 38-liner thing to hang around near the Xie’s buildings.’

Of course, they knew that Xie Ling was from an affluent family and would only show the arrogance of a noble son. He wouldn’t say those exact words. However, one thing was certain, the Xie had blocked this 38-liner actor named Qi Ying.

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Qi Ying forgot about his backer next to him and walked towards the young man. “Why are you here?” He asked audaciously. The tone of his voice had become arrogant, the voice that he would use when facing Rong Jing. 


An alarm set off in Rong Jing’s brain when he saw the original owner’s ex-boyfriend. This omega is not to be underestimated because this person occupies a lot of space in the original owner’s memories. He makes trouble for him, whines a lot, and acts like a spoiled child around him.

Rong Jing was not very good with handling this clingy type of people. He found this situation a bit tricky, since the choice of remaining silent before was no longer going to work.

I have no choice. I must remain strong in the midst of adversity.

Rong Jing’s facial expression suddenly changed. His original gentle temperament disappeared, revealing some reserve and indifference, “Why shouldn’t I be here?” He said that, like a naturally distinguished noble man.

Just those words were enough to set the authoritative tone that he wanted to show.

Qi Ying stood looking at Rong Jing with his mouth agape, one could even tuck a few eggs in his mouth with how big his mouth was open. In the face of this completely changed Rong Jing, he couldn’t help but back off a little.

Rong Jing had never been this imposing before, causing Qi Ying to stumble over his words. His previous haughtiness had waned a little. “Are you… the missing young master of the Xie family that had just been recognized?”

It happened just recently, so he didn’t know the important details. If not, he would definitely know!

Rong Jing sneered at him, “I’ve always been one of the young masters of the Xie family. That fact has never changed.”

That directly shattered Qi Ying’s growing illusion.

“No way! You rented and lived in a basement before. You couldn’t even bother to buy yourself your own bag!” But you were willing to buy me designer bags. He just didn’t have the heart to say this part.

He knew how much money Rong Jing had spent for him all these years. It was still okay if he had only spent money for him for a few months, but he did it for several years! Maybe he wouldn’t be able to find another person who could love him that much in his life!


Rong Jing was a head taller than Qi Ying. He looked down at him and slowly bent over. He whispered on the side of his face, “I was just playing a game with you, but that’s all over now.”

“No, that can’t be…” Qi Ying shook his head.

“Do you remember the last thing you said to me? I remember it word for word.” Qi Ying was now looking a little downcast. Rong Jing looked him up and down and spit out only one word, “Loser?”

That was what Qi Ying called him in their last conversation.

Qi Ying’s face, which had always been thicker than the Great Wall of China, had now turned red. No words were needed to determine who was the real loser now.

His previous sarcastic remark about Rong Jing lingered over his head like a spell. 

When Rong Jing was just about to leave, he saw Zhou Xiang standing nearby. He came down to pick him up, and had been there for a while. Rong Jing blinked innocently.

Zhou Xiang almost didn’t recognize this young master. The Rong Jing just now was like the Rong Jing that he had seen by the pool at the banquet the other day. That person looked particularly powerful and tough.

Why did he keep his identity from Qi Ying? Did he do that to test whether he was sincere or not? Now that Qi Ying’s previous actions have completely hurt him, he’s missed his only chance with this Great Golden Mountain.

Qi Ying didn’t notice before the change in Rong Jing back when they met in the cat cafe. However, this time, he saw very clearly that there was no longer a trace of humility or deep affection for him in Rong Jing’s eyes.

Rong Jing regained his initial demeanor and left.

Qi Ying’s eyes contained little confusion and sadness.


He thought Rong Jing would always wait for him. He thought he would remain in the same place even when he got tired of playing. 

Now the tides have turned.

Zhou Xiang politely came over to give the final blow, “Mr. Xie said that only he could bully his brother. If others touch him even only for a mere second, then they should be ready to bear his wrath.”

Wow, damn, that was so cool.

Those weren’t the exact words Xie Ling said but he did mean to say that they have to go over him first if they wanted to bother his brother. Zhou Xiang just felt the need to change the words to really express what his boss Xie feels.

Zhou Xiang turned his head away from Qi Ying’s crumbling appearance and walked quickly towards the elevator, where his young master was still waiting.

Qi Ying endured the looks of the people watching the show and their disdain, trying to not care about it. 

When his backer realized that they were in an embarrassing position, he came over to pull Qi Ying but saw him in a state of panic. Qi Ying’s blank eyes were filled with tears. He clung to his backer, saying, “Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t I know?”

No one could answer his question. He seems to have lost the only shortcut to having a good life and the only person who could love him wholeheartedly. It was him who pushed away the man who cared for him more than his own life.

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