Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2 – Ten Bottles of Erguotou

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

The manager felt like he had heard that word before, but he had a hard time trying to recall the meaning.

The man knocked his manager’s forehead and laughed lightly, “Didn’t I tell you to study concepts about our culture?”

Alphas were naturally superior to the other genders in terms of physique, cellular activities in their bodies, and physical ability. But those advantages come with consequences—aftereffects such as being overly active, being prone to emotional instability or overload.

When an outstanding Alphas gets angry, the normal operation of their cells may be disrupted causing chaos inside their bodies. Overconcentration of blood to their brain may lead to a decrease in blood oxygen saturation in the body which may create a relative increase in toxins and vascular pressure.

So it wasn’t a misconception that anger tends to make the brain hypoxic1of, relating to, or affected with hypoxia: resulting from, causing, or experiencing inadequate levels of oxygen in the tissues and cells of the body.

Alphas need to learn how to regulate themselves otherwise this phenomenon would get more serious over time.

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How did Rong Jing manage to control this complicated thing? He didn’t even have an inkling about the six genders, let alone something this complex, so how? He had only worked by his intuition.

He suddenly felt a palpitation for no reason. It was as if a cold-blooded animal was staring at him.

Rong Jing abruptly touched his suddenly beating chest. He looked around but saw no one. He attributed this to a sudden hallucination after transmigrating into this world.

He felt anxious for a while. Maybe because he had drunk too much in the cat cafe.

At this time, the sky had completely turned dark. The night life of the city had officially begun. 

Due to bathrooms occupying large areas, public bathrooms were rarely seen by the roadside. Rong Jing looked at his phone with only 5 percent battery remaining and quickly searched for the nearest bathroom. He found one inside a nearby shopping mall.

As soon as he arrived at the mall, he found that several entrances were packed with people.

Screams broke out one after another. Many young men and women were holding banners. 

Rong Jing had seen this kind of scene before and thought that maybe a star was coming over. The only thing weird he found was this crowd consisted of a variety of six genders. This scene could be quite intense and a little scary for an earthling like him.

The original owner of the body was an introvert and was afraid of crowds. Though Rong Jing was not afraid, the original owner’s body reacted to this scene, making his muscles tense.

Rong Jing took a few deep breaths. He has always been good at regulating his emotions.

After he calmed down, he walked in with the moving crowd, looking for signages to search for the bathroom.

But the bathrooms were full. Probably because there were too many people, and some of them had even become impatient. Two Alphas even clashed before they could even reach the bathroom door. Security guards rushed in to maintain peace and order.

Rong Jing wanted to go to the second floor but was pushed back to the first floor by the crowd. He couldn’t get used to the smell of the six genders. He looked around at the dazzling array of stores and tried to search for another bathroom.

There can’t be just one bathroom on the first floor of such a large mall.

Some distance away from a resting area, a few girls with hair bands were giving out fangirling/boying items. They saw Rong Jing standing in place like a lost lamb. The two pushed each other before they eventually decided to walk towards Rong Jing together.

They greeted him with a smile and asked him if he came to see today’s RM jewelry launch. Only then did Rong Jing notice a sign board next to the resting area. 

Isn’t that the idol, Gu Xi he had looked up on the internet?

As soon as the name Gu Xi popped out, the feeling of familiarity welled up inside him again. This weird feeling was like scratching an itch through one’s boots. It felt uncomfortable.

The ambassador of this jewelry shop seemed to be Gu Xi. Seeing that he did not deny their question, the two girls looked at each other and excitedly asked a few questions to Rong Jing about Gu Xi.

Because he had just read about some of his profile information, Rong Jing answered all their questions correctly then said strangely, “But why are you asking me?”

“Don’t you know? Aren’t you here to see Gu Xi?”

“Ah, no.” I simply have an internal emergency.

“Then why do you know so much about Gu Xi? You even know his height and weight!”

The two girls didn’t believe him at all even though his face looked like he wasn’t lying. They thought that maybe this Alpha was quite shy. He looked tall and big but acted cute. The two generously stuffed him with some expensive fan merchs, a bracelet and a cap with Gu Xi’s face printed on it.

Rong Jing originally wanted to refuse but when he looked at the cap and saw the beautiful face no matter from which angle he looked at, he thought ‘Who’d be willing to throw this away when it looks like this?

Rong Jing was only interested in women but there was no need to refuse a chance to appreciate beautiful people and things. Gu Xi belonged to this category: boys who take good care of themselves when they go out.

The bracelet he received was made of black leather. A pendant hanging below was a small version of Gu Xi’s face. Rong Jing put it on like the other fans.

The two girls showed him the direction to the main arena, where the stage had been set up and the host’s passionate voice could be heard.

Rong Jing was also quite curious about Gu Xi. Now that he had an opportunity to see him, it was likely that he might remember something if he met him. However, what he needed to do now was to attend to his physical needs.

While holding back a blush, Rong Jing asked the two girls sheepishly if there were any near bathrooms here with fewer people.

The two were familiar with this mall so they knew one bathroom that was usually used by VIPs. They pointed him to that direction, which wasn’t shown on the signages.

The two girls were so enthusiastic and even drew a map for Rong Jing.

Rong Jing guessed that these two girls were probably VIP themselves, otherwise they couldn’t have known clearly where that bathroom was. Then he suddenly thought of a sentence from the internet back on his previous life: Fans these days don’t even feel shame when chasing stars.

Rong Jing thought that some fans on the forum said that Gu Xi never accepted expensive gifts from fans. He thought that what Gu Xi does was right.

Since it was a bathroom used by VIPs, it was quite fancy. It had six rooms, along with a lactation room and several lounges. It covered an area twice that of an ordinary restroom. It almost looked like a small apartment.

Rong Jing, though, was already used to seeing this in his last life. He only sighed and began to get down to business.

For fear of going to the wrong room, he looked carefully at the icons at the top of each room. 

Having a background knowledge was one thing, but applying the concepts in real life was still quite hard. Please pardon this stranger’s awkwardness while surviving in this foreign world.

When Rong Jing stepped forward, he didn’t notice a man walking in a hurry behind him. His long straight legs were wrapped in suit pants. The curves of his legs could be vaguely seen.

The man was holding something in his hand and immediately tucked it in his sleeve. He was wearing a cap and a black mask.

He walked in such a hurry that he bumped into Rong Jing, who had just decided which room he should enter.

There’s a faint scent that kind of wafted over, en?

It was an inexplicable scent. Every molecule of it emitted a fatally attractive smell that could cause goosebumps. An unfathomable, good smell that could cause a physiological stimulation.

There was no Alpha that could refuse this scent, and Rong Jing was naturally not immune to it. His body instinctively craved and sniffed for more, making him more dizzy.

This kind of dizziness was just like what he felt when he drank ten bottles of Erguotou2A chinese liquor at a dinner party in his previous life.

In this current state where he seemed like he had downed ten bottles of Erguotou, he now seemed a bit muddled and drunk.

This tempting scent pervaded the air. Rong Jing’s eyes turned red, the cells in his body seemed to have been activated.

No, not good.

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