Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1 – Ten Bottles of Erguotou

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Beta, like Alpha and Omega, occupied their rightful place in the encyclopedia, including their definition, reproduction concepts, gender characteristics, and etc.

But that’s all there was. Except for some web pages, the rest only covered a few data about Beta.

This idea was enough to show that Alphas and Omegas were the ones who got the most attention. 

Rong Jing browsed for a long time before he found a relevant article.

Betas contributed to make up the largest percentage of the population. They were the cornerstone of this normal functioning society. Almost every industry had a Beta figure. Because they were not affected by pheromones, they were flexible and could work anywhere unlike ‘AO’. A lot of them stood out as excellent talents.

Rong Jing came to develop a natural affinity for Betas. They were unlike Alphas who were vulnerable to great emotional and physical fluctuations, or Omegas who were considered as walking aphrodisiacs.

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— This is simply metaphysics, you need your intuition to discern other people’s gender.

To sum it up, if you transmigrate to this world, first, look at other people’s features and then just guess what gender they are by your… gut feeling.

After being bitten by a mosquito for the fifth time, Rong Jing decided to call it a day. As expected, a second call arrived.

The person who called was someone who couldn’t be offended according to the original owner’s memories. Some foreign language dialogue was heard on the other end of the phone, and the voice of a secretary translating the words.

The caller’s voice was rigid and filled with dominance. A voice that belonged to an Alpha alone.

“It’s me. I have three more meetings to attend, so I’ll keep this short. Aunt Han should have told you already so I won’t tell you again. Remember to come back tomorrow night.”

Rong Jing didn’t reply. The tone of the speaker on the other end became increasingly stern, “There should be a limit to your childishness. Don’t go too far and make everyone feel embarrassed.”

The other person was the eldest brother of the original owner, Xie Ling. The ‘Aunt Han’ he mentioned was the original owner’s mother, Han Lianmei.

Xie Ling always spoke in an intimidating tone, with a high-handed attitude even over the phone. This overbearing demeanor of his could provoke an Alpha’s irritability gene and draw their hostility.

This tense atmosphere affected Rong Jing almost instantly. People near him could feel the suffocating feeling of being strangled by the throat. They all immediately walked away from him.

But even when he was angry, Rong Jing still looked calm on the outside.

Thinking of the disgusting reasons why the original owner ran away from home, Rong Jing answered, “Nothing changed. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll come back and do something worse?”

There was a pause on the other end. It is unknown whether it was because of Rong Jing’s sarcasm, or if the other person was surprised at Rong Jing’s change of attitude. The usual Rong Jing was always mum. This kind of sarcastic tone was hardly heard from him.

After a long time, the person replied, “You’re, still, and will always be a member of our Xie family.”

The original owner might not have heard the deep meaning in this person’s words before, but this time, Rong Jing heard it.

He didn’t say that he believed in Rong Jing, but he didn’t also take sides, which was already considered rare in the Xie family.

The original owner was very afraid of Xie Ling. In his eyes, Xie Ling and his stepfather were brutal and unreasonable. 

But humans were inherently complex creatures. What you see about them wasn’t always necessarily true.

Rong Jing wanted to use his own eyes to observe everything around him and only use the original owner’s memories as reference.

“If you don’t care about it then there’s nothing for me to be afraid of. So…” Rong Jing knew that if he refused this, their conversation wouldn’t end on a pleasant note. “I’ll come back.”

Xie Ling was satisfied with Rong Jing’s answer so his voice softened slightly, “You can use your credit cards now. Go buy yourself a set of clothes.”

Several of Rong Jing’s cards were frozen by his step father. Rong Jing wondered what Xie Ling used to convince that stubborn middle-aged Alpha to unfreeze them. He asked, “I’m just coming back for a meal. Why do I have to buy myself clothes?”

“Didn’t Aunt Han tell you? There’s a party at home tomorrow night to celebrate Dad and Aunt Han’s tenth wedding anniversary.”

Rong Jing didn’t see the need to celebrate especially since his mother was married yet she was treated like a slave in an old society serving her masters. But it could be clearly seen that his mother had a soft spot for her son.

Since he took over this body, he had to take up the responsibility to carry on the original owner’s problems, that was the reason why he couldn’t refuse the invitation.

Rong Jing hung up the phone and stood still, thinking about the situation in the Xie family and what role he was supposed to play in it.

Only when he returned to his senses did he realize the oddity of his surroundings. The ten-meter radius around him was empty. No one walked near him.

Rong Jing had a question mark on his face. What happened?

Rong Jing smiled apologetically to the people around him, clueless as to what he should do. 

The expression on the faces of the people steering clear away from him was understandable, though. He didn’t actually need to feel apologetic, instead take this opportunity to go along with this world’s trend.

This world reflected the law of the jungle. If he wanted to fit in, he had to learn the laws of this world.

His smile also seemed a bit silly. No one would think now that the angry aura actually came from him.

The square was very close to the intersection. Many cars were now stopped because of the red light. In a silver gray car, a manager found a strange scene in the square and whispered, “I think something happened over there.”

This warning drew the attention of the person taking a nap on the side.

A man looked out of the window and realized that they had now arrived near today’s event venue. He looked very tired as he pressed his temples. His face was obscured by the dark shadows falling from the roof of the car.

In the hazy darkness, only his eyes appeared sharp and bright as it gazed at the tall Alpha in the middle of the square. 

His voice sounded like a clear spring in the mountains. The air around him carried a fragrance that was only unique to him, “That’s an Outburst.”

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