Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 2.2

Chapter  2.2

Oho, actually two-faced?

Neither of them noticed that another Omega wearing red clothes, who also came to pay, was looking at Qi Ying with disdain.

When Rong Jing used the original owner’s ‘X’ card, he saw that the amount he owed on it had to be paid off at the beginning of next month before he gets charged with interest. A sense of urgency to make money immediately came over him.

The world has changed but how come ‘X’ hadn’t? He searched the names of all the celebrities back in his world but they didn’t appear here.

After paying the bill, his phone rang. Rong Jing looked at the caller ID causing his heart to jump slightly. He put his slippers back on the disinfection machine and walked out quickly.

As soon as he left, the Omega wearing red clothes stopped Qi Ying and said, “Hey, why were you so mean?”

The caller was the original owner’s mother. The voice on the other end of the phone was cautious, “Your father said that he would unfreeze your cards if you come back.”

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After those words, there came a beep beep sound, and the call ended.

Whatever the circumstances were back in that home, it’s all inside the original owner’s memories. This phone call also meant that his running away episode has now come to an end, and he might receive another call later.

However, he was more worried about facing his mother, who’s most familiar with the original owner, than the embarrassing situation he might encounter back at that house. It’s going to be a problem if they found him strange, even though he has yet to debut in the film and television industry. 

He also didn’t plan to act like the original owner, even if only for a short time. It would be too cruel and unfeeling to act like another person for the rest of his life.

He returned to the cat cafe to say goodbye to Qi Ying but he saw that he still hadn’t left the cashier’s desk and was arguing with an Omega. Their voices were getting louder.

What happened?

This Omega also looked familiar. This person was the person who nodded at him.

This person, who was wearing a red t-shirt and looked androgynous, confidently ruffled his long curly hair, “I’m willing to take care of him, how old is he? And who told you that an Alpha is obligated to work? If you want someone mature, why don’t you become one yourself?”

Qi Ying, who had pride to protect, was annoyed at being rebuked and glared at the other person, “Wooow, I can smell your slutty little ass from here. This is between me and him. You’ve got nothing to do with it, please don’t get involved.”

The other person retorted, “You said it yourself, you asked for a break up. That means he’s single now! He’s free! You’re so annoying, you know that? You don’t even take off your sunglasses when you go indoors. You think you’re so famous? Excuse me, we don’t know you! Hahaha~”

Qi Ying was hit where it hurts the most. A fight between the two began, and the place became noisy and lively.

Rong Jing, who was the center of their conversation, tried to recall their demure and gentle appearance.

It is true that most of the time, Omega gives other people the impression of being sweet and charming. Even if Qi Ying’s quite rude, he’s still soft-spoken.

But when Alphas are not around, ohoo, they seem to show their true colors.

Rong Jing looked at them in disbelief and also found that the other Alphas around him also had a similar expression. Perhaps their inherent impression of Omegas had been shattered. Seems like although this world was different, their views can still be kind of shared.

One of the Alphas sitting in the distance looked at him and gave him a thumbs up.

An Alpha who can make Omegas fight over him is a wolf warrior in love.

Rong Jing, who was considered a wolf warrior in love, didn’t want to claim this title and silently withdrew from the ‘group chat’.

Amid the begging of several cats, Rong Jing left the cat cafe.

The medicine’s effect is almost long gone. He didn’t want to go to a hospital just to suffer. Also… He didn’t have much money left.

Rong Jing walked on the road in this new world while looking at the scenery and pedestrians. Even the cars here were the same one his previous world had. Actually, except the six genders, there’s not much difference between the two.

He thought of ‘that’ something that was on mind. He took out his phone and entered some words on the search bar.

He typed <Lou Ta’s 365 Days> that the waiter mentioned earlier. The results showed photos of the side profile of the lead actor, Gu Xi. On the picture, light illuminated his face, and only one of his eyes seemed to contain hope. The photo wasn’t very special but its idea was attractive enough.

The plot of the movie is about a person who was born into a poor family whose only source of living is through other’s good will. His parents abandoned them, and as the eldest son of the family, the protagonist, Lou Ta, had to take the burden of caring for his younger siblings, doing everything to provide for them.

When he grew up, his parents harbored wicked thoughts when they saw him doing well. The protagonist suffered and escaped covered with blood. Finally, he met the first noble person in his life. This person discovered his skating talent and helped him with a short-term systematic training.

But on the day he decided to leave the country, his sister got into a car accident. The protagonist, wrapped in blood-stained bandages, went to the evaluation stage, and did a wonderful ice dancing performance. 

But reality is always cruel. He didn’t do well because he was injured. He didn’t get accepted, and he was once again crushed into dust.

It wouldn’t be too much to say that this movie has become quite a classic because of the actor.

The movie and the lead actor worked together well and brought amazing results.

He remembered about the bragging of the waiter about the last scene of the movie. Rong Jing checked more of the stills of the movie. Even without seeing the movie, it was obvious that it was a hit.

Rong Jing looked through the comments. People said that this was Gu Xi’s first work after being silent for three years, yet it was a stunning, instant hit. This movie was undoubtedly a successful opportunity to bring him back into the public eye.

Some also said that this movie reflects Gu Xi’s childhood, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to portray so well the emotions of his character if he hadn’t experienced it himself. The screenwriter also said in an interview after the  movie’s release that it was indeed inspired after Gu Xi’s life.

However, some fans countered that this was simply because of Gu Xis’ acting skills. His talents couldn’t be simply measured by the standards of ordinary idols.

“Gu Xi… Gu Xi.” Rong Jing murmured these two words in a low voice.

Why did it sound familiar?

Rong Jing scratched his head. This feeling of having something on the tip of his tongue was quite annoying.

However, Rong Jing wasn’t the type of person that obsesses over things. If he couldn’t remember then forget  it.

He believes that people’s memory has many blind spots. Things that are not considered important are automatically put in the corner of one’s hippocampus. These things require a certain amount of stimulation to be recalled.

He didn’t like forcing himself.

In his SCL evaluation, Rong Jing scored F8 = 1.55 in the Paranoia section. A very low score, indicating that he is a person who almost never gets paranoid.

Since he had no idea why he feels so familiar towards that name, he didn’t want to think about it for the time being. There’s another problem that he should face for now, and that is related to whether he can integrate into this world or not.

Fifteen minutes later, a handsome, tall man sitting by a roadside flower bed, was watching the pedestrians with his pair of eyes.

For each noteworthy person, he would pause for a moment longer, and would look like he was thinking about some century-old problem.

Some Omega turned their gazes shyly, some Alphas felt like his gaze was a provocation and stared back angrily. Most of the people just passed by without feeling anything. Rong Jing guessed that these people should be the ones who are called Beta.

Yes. This human observer on the side of the road was Rong Jing. No matter how much data the internet could give him, he thought that field observations would still be better.

This was actually a stupid idea but he couldn’t help but do it. He can’t just ask someone he meets in the future what their ABO gender is.

He didn’t know why people in this world could easily perceive the six genders. It is easy to distinguish the gender between a man and a woman but ABO was confusing. After all, human beings were an ever changing race.

According to a search engine he used, 20% of the population were Alphas. Alphas were mostly strong and tall, which was easy to understand. He could use himself as a reference. 

Omegas are mostly weak and always in need of protection. They have glands at the back of their neck, and they usually are small in stature. 

But he remembered that the official profile he found about Gu XI showed that he was a bit tall, reaching some of the standards of a weak Alpha. Meaning, this data is not absolute.

Omegas account for about 6.5% of the population, far from even the threshold of 10. This makes it reasonable why the original owner was so happy he almost had a heart attack when Qi Ying agreed to date him.

O’s population was too small. Omega with excellent qualities won’t likely force themselves to be with mediocres Alphas. They have the right to pick and choose.

Qi Ying’s previous scoldings for Rong Jing was brought about  by this environment.


Betas, how about the Betas?

Rong Jing thought that he had missed it, and tried to look for it again. Oh, so it was in the corner.

Beta’s relevant information is terribly scarce.

Rong Jing tried to look for more info in disbelief, then he found a few forums that mentioned Betas.

Most of the comments said that Betas were mediocre, ordinary and plain.

So there’s sexism in this world, too? Aren’t Betas important too?

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