Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19 – So he’s two-faced? (1)

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi

Wu Fuyu’s body stiffened. He almost crushed the wine glass that he was holding. It wasn’t because it was his first time encountering an Alpha interested in an Alpha. He knew some of those weird people who wanted to experience a different kind of pleasure; who thought conquering an Alpha makes them a real man.

However, he only thought of them as perverts. He had never once thought that he would meet a pervert himself.

Is that the reason why this Godzilla keeps on trying to get my attention again and again? He succeeded, alright!

Rong Jing only glanced at it for a second and then looked away. He was simply curious.

According to his conclusions, the Omega that stabbed Wu Fuyu in the novel should be Gu Xi. Recalling the soul-evoking smell of the guy, his nose suddenly became itchy. He might never be able to forget that feeling that was like having ten bottles of Erguotou.

Stop thinking about it. It’s only going to make you addicted.

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The exaggerated expression on Wu Fuyu’s face receded. He quickly squeezed through the crowd, bowed and respectfully shouted, “Dad.” Wu Fuyu, who had always looked like he wasn’t afraid of anything, looked very obedient as a bird in the face of the person who had just arrived.

Xie Ling put the matter regarding his little brother behind at the moment, glanced at Rong Jing, who was looking very dazed once again, and straightened his tie. “Go, go greet them.”

Seeing Xie Ling paying attention to the person who came, Rong Jing thought that they might just be some kind of big shot.

Most of the guests had already arrived but this person came late. Based on the surprised expressions of the people around, it was probably rare for this person to come to parties. The people gave way to Xie Ling seeing him coming over.

The person who came was tall. He was dressed in a well-tailored suit, his hair meticulously tended. His facial features and Wu Fuyu’s were similar except his eyes looked very gentle and showed fine lines, indicating his old age. A pair of golden western glasses rested on the bridge of his nose, giving him the air of elegance and wisdom. He was like a cup of tea brewed in a warm winter, rich and full of mellow charm, his smile giving the feeling of spring breeze.

“Xiao Ling, you’ve grown taller. I’ve read a few articles about your recent acquisitions. It is indeed true that each new generation excels the previous,” The man stroked the top of Wu Fuyu’s head, his affection showing. “My boy has caused you trouble.”

There weren’t a lot of people who could carelessly call Xie Ling as ‘Xiao Ling’ even if they were older than him. Social status determines their attitude towards the other person.

Xie Ling showed a rare smile and said, “Uncle Wu, I’m flattered.”

As soon as Rong Jing’s eyes narrowed into slits, he finally realized who the person was.

The name of Wu Fuyu’s father, Wu Hanqi, was taken from Lu Xiang1Han Dynasty scholar and author’s <Nine Sighs> in the Songs of Chu2ancient books of poems: So much frustration, my worries boundless. Wu Hanqi’s name is pronounced the same as to not have sorrow3吴含戚  and 无含戚. It’s meaning implied that he could grow up carefree and without worries.

The reason why he should be carefree was because Wu Hanqi is a beta. It was common knowledge that a beta only needs to be carefree in his life. However, Wu Hanqi was different from this common belief. In the midst of bankruptcy, he stood out among his Alpha brothers and inherited the Wu family. He issued a series of reforms, raised funds, persuaded regional leaders and reaped the benefits of state funding projects, such as the Omega gland suppression patch that was developed by his family.

The Wu family’s business originally started out roughly, and after running wild for so long, their path had become very difficult.

Wu Hanqi was the biggest contributor in saving the Wu family that was about to collapse then, single-handedly building it up from almost nothing. It wasn’t too much to say that the Wu family was his own empire.

Unlike others, Wu Hanqi did not ignore Rong Jing, who was standing beside Xie Ling. He looked towards him with a hint of gentleness and nostalgia, “Xiao Jing, do you recognize me? I haven’t seen you for years. Why don’t you give Uncle a hug?”

Wu Hanqi opened his arms and was welcoming the hug of a long-awaited reunion, seeming to miss Rong Jing very much.

Wu Fuyu looked at Rong Jing, seemingly very surprised. Why would his father know Rong JIng, who was young and had no reputation to speak of?

Rong Jing did not move and simply looked at Wu Hanqi with an expressionless face. The original owner’s memory consisted of his memories for more than 20 years. He needed time to soak it all up. Rong Jing also couldn’t remember immediately the memories that the original owner didn’t deem important or didn’t want to recall.

Rong Jing searched for a memory from every nook and cranny of his brain from the time the original owner followed his mother to the Xie’s mansion. The mansion was very uncomfortable to the original owner. He felt like a beggar who had strayed into some kind of big palace. He felt like he didn’t belong there.

At that time, Xie Ling found that his little brother liked small animals but had never raised one before because he was allergic. Xie Ling specially chose a Sphinx cat, a breed of cat known for its lack of fur.

He didn’t expect that his brother’s allergy was more serious than he thought. What made the original owner react was not the cat’s fur but the proteins present in the cat’s saliva and sebaceous glands. The Xie’s second son said that Xie Ling deliberately tried to play Rong Jing for a fool, and only him, a fool, would believe that they would accept an illegitimate child. 

The original owner believed that this was true but didn’t give up the cat despite feeling sad. He still liked the cat, his only friend in the empty mansion.

However, the cat was tortured to death by his second brother and his friends. He saw the cat lying on the ground with burns all over his body, dying, and large teardrops fell from his eyes. When the original owner seemed to hear the cat’s desperate cry and request, he ended the kitten’s pain with his own trembling hands.

While he was crying, he buried the dead kitten in the garden. It was during one of the Xie family’s parties. When Wu Hanqi came out for a walk, he saw the little Rong Jing, who was crying uncontrollably.

Seeing that the child was out of breath, he took the crying child back to his place to play for a few weeks until Wu Hanqi finished his work and had to go back to Shanghai before sending the child back to the Xie family.

However, the original owner was very reluctant to part ways with him at that time since Wu Hanqi was the only uncle who treated him kindly.

He chased after the car and wanted Wu Hanqi to take him away.

Rong Jing covered his face for a moment and felt ashamed to remember that the little Rong Jing burst into tears and asked Wu Hanqi to take him away.

Children’s words carry no harm, children’s words carry no harm.

The original owner did not like this memory because he felt like he had been abandoned by his favorite uncle, Wu Hanqi.

However, Rong Jing analyzed the original’s owner’s memory and thought that from Wu Hanqi’s micro expressions, he didn’t care about the child at all. He only had fun raising and teasing the kid.

Seeing everyone look at Rong Jing, Wu Fuyu’s eyes glowed with fire. He felt like Rong Jing’s silence was an insult to the Wu family.

Rong Jing came forward and politely hugged Wu Hanqi. He caught a whiff of the man’s cologne from his exquisite diamond cufflinks. It wasn’t overwhelming, like a gentleman from an ancient family. Nothing like an arrogant master at all.

Colognes are generally used only by Betas since their scent does not contain any scent of the pheromone.

Wu Hanqi let go of Rong Jing, his big hand patting Rong Jing’s shoulder, as affectionately as he did to Wu Fuyu earlier, “I haven’t seen you for almost nine years. You grew up in the blink of an eye. You’re as tall as me now.”

“Uncle Qi hasn’t changed at all. You still look very young,” Rong Jing said because it was the truth. Wu Hanqi looked very young for his age, standing next to Wu Fuyu, looking like his brother and not his father.

“Ah Fu, Xiao Jing is a bit older than you. You two should get along well in the future,” Wu Hanqi instructed in a warm voice.

Wu Fuyu smiled and nodded.

If you knew that this Xiao Jing you’re talking to is a pervert and is interested in your son, would you still smile, Dad?

“Hahaha! Old Wu! What wind has brought a rare guest like you here?” Xie Zhanhong said while laughing heartily as he went down the stairs. He was holding Han Lianmei’s wrist as they walked down together.

Xie Zhanhong was now properly dressed. Han Lianmei, who was with him, looked like a budding flower. With her charming smell and her flushed cheeks, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what the two just did.

Xie Zhanhong had always been known to be lustful and eager for meat since he was young. He really lives up to his reputation.

The crowd looked at the two Xie brothers with meaningful expressions. However, Xie Ling and Rong Jing ignored these gazes.

They looked at Rong Jing with changed thoughts because of his interaction with Wu Hanqi just now. Everyone was like a bee smelling honey. Those who were originally ignoring him became enthusiastic to greet him, especially those several second and third-tier stars who just thought of Rong Jing as handsome but weren’t really interested in talking to him.

Rong Jing felt like Wu Hanqi had given him a lot of trouble. When an omega idol came over to talk to him, he casually looked for an excuse to go outside and get some air.

Xie Ling looked around, his expression back to normal, and asked, “Where is Xie Jisheng? Has he not come yet?”

Zhou Xiang answered, “The second young master just called to say that if the third young master is here, he wouldn’t come.” The second young master has always hated the third young master.

Xie Ling’s expression suddenly turned cold, “After that kind of thing happened, does he still think we’re all blind?

“Where is he?”

“I heard the sound of a car’s engine on the phone just now. It sounded like he was on some kind of a road curve.”

Road curve? What else could he be doing but racing.

Xie Ling pressed his temples hard, apologized to the people talking to him and walked out the banquet hall to personally call Xie Jisheng. From a distance, he saw Rong Jing who had quietly sneaked outside at some point and was in a daze in the garden.

That place… was the place where the cat he gave was buried. When they were still young, Xie Ling only wanted to take care of his brother. He had never thought that his brother’s allergies were actually very serious. After that incident, his little brother had become more distant.

Suddenly, a large labrador rushed out from the corner of the villa and ran straight towards Rong Jing, as if seeing the bones of his dreams.

Xie Ling’s expression turned grave. He was about to run to stop the dog. He had asked one of the servants to keep an eye on this stupid dog. It was an old dog in this villa. He didn’t expect that the dog would be so smart to open the lock of its cage by itself.

Rong Jing was still looking very dazed as he tried to recall the story of the novel. He still wasn’t sure whether Wu Hanqi was involved in the attacks of the novel’s protagonists or not. He was often called by the novel’s readers as ‘6x’, one of the popular characters after the five prospects. The only Beta after the protagonist whose actions are almost undetected. Wu Hanqi became popular because of his gentle looks and elegant beauty. Other readers also call him beauty.

He always shows up to help Gu Xi at a critical time, making it look like he’s interested in Gu Xi, but also seems like he’s just playing with him. Gu Xi respected this man, but he was afraid of him as well. He stayed away from him most of the time.

If the guy that Rong Jing met in the mall was really Gu Xi, then that means it hasn’t been long since the plot started. They were still in the beginning. Gu Xi should be in the middle of his heat at the moment.

Gu Xi had always had difficulties during his heat. He would use lots of inhibitors during this time. Because his heat is very unstable, his pheromones become stronger. Only an Alpha whose pheromones match his could alleviate it by temporarily making a mark. Unfortunately, no Alpha in the story ever matched with his pheromones. It would also be hard for Gu Xi to test if an Alpha matched him since all the Alphas that he’s met wanted to permanently mark him.

Rong Jing was busy thinking about all these things when he suddenly felt something approaching him in a hurry.

He looked at it and saw a Labrador with its tongue out, followed by a running waiter. Rong Jing reflexively felt his whole body getting itchy.

In his previous life, he was very popular with furry animals. His family even laughed at him, teasing him that he was a friend of the forest, and that when he entered a forest or a grassland, the animals would gather around him as if there was a feast.

However, he was allergic to them now in this life.

Fortunately, the waiter managed to pull the dog’s leash in the nick of time and stopped the Labrador who was trying to pounce on Rong JIng.

Rong Jing thought that the waiter looked so familiar and almost didn’t recognize him since the man had already changed his clothes. “Ah, you’re the one who just… Thanks. I’m a little allergic to cats and dogs.”

It was the waiter that he had saved earlier.

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