Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Still okay

Translator: Nezu

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Rong Jing’s reflex arc1Yo idk what this means but google says it’s: the nerve pathway involved in a reflex action, including at its simplest a sensory nerve and a motor nerve with a synapse between. So yeah, there you have it was longer than that of an ordinary person. Rong Jing’s mother once said that when Rong Jing was still inside her stomach, his speed was slower than others, she went past her due date and that he had almost never moved.

Mother Rong didn’t want it to be like this. Would the child inside suffocate like this?

Mother Rong decided to have a C-section, however, the baby seemed like he didn’t want his mother to suffer. So when she arrived at the hospital, the delivery started right away.

Rong Jing looked at his palm and recalled what had just happened at the pool.

He gradually realized what he had done. When he saw the young man pushing the waiter down the pool and saying filthy words, his first reaction was to deter the group of people and to help the waiter.

So he had thought of that one gangster movie he had starred in before. In that movie, after a series of predicaments, he finally sat on the throne and became the godfather of the new generation.

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At that time, his sister had just barely received a female supporting role in a drama. She simply threw a random novel at him after receiving his question and said, “Though it’s smutty, the xiao shou3The bottom. The uke. is quite miserable. Both his body and heart are abused. He’ll be held captive, with foot cuffs and handcuffs but it’s awesome! The best! You only need to understand that in a sadomasochistic novel, the xiao shou only needs to be pampered then molested. If he wants to resist then he’ll be ruthlessly suppressed! That’s the kind of feeling it has!”

The protagonist in the book was Gu Xi. He was a famous Omega. His family was poor but he was constantly striving to improve himself. He had a beautiful golden finger4Kind of like a cheat and only has his career in his heart. His pheromones could attract countless big shots and force them to bow down to him. The more that they liked him, the crazier they became. They do all kinds of forced love and all kinds of things like robbery, arson, car accidents, and forced marking…all of them were bound to have a love-hate relationship with him all throughout the story.

The novel’s tags were sadomasochism, obsessive love and second chances.

There’s something wrong. It’s a sadomasochistic novel, but how can it have a happy ending? Why will the protagonist forgive those who imprisoned him?

He shouldn’t. He must not.

This was probably one of the reasons he only read the beginning of the novel. The protagonist could bear all of the conflicts but he couldn’t do the same.

If he knew that he’d transmigrate into this novel, he would’ve memorized it and engraved it in his mind.

The protagonist had a red lotus on his chest. Whenever he was in heat, this closed flower would gradually bloom. Such a fantasy setting was such an unexpected twist in this ABO world.

This blooming phenomenon was called by the readers as ‘red lotus flame: calamity everyday’.

It meant that once Gu Xi’s pheromones came out, everyone would go dangerously in love. Everyone coveted this red lotus. This was why the title of the novel was ‘Fatal Temptation’.

However, why would a man have a red lotus on his chest?5Red lotus symbolizes the female gen*tals

Is that like the red lotus in Ultraman?

A straight man like him wouldn’t understand and this was not important. He wasn’t interested in Gu Xi anyway. He’d never see this red lotus flame in his life.

There were five prospects in the novel, each of which was either high in status, and has differing personalities. No matter what kind of personality they had, once they met the protagonist, they would all turn into a man-eating wolf, resulting in a series of a controlling love and bondage play.

But the question was, where was the plot going now?

At this time, Xie Ling found his little brother had been watching him from a distance in a daze, like a child that had been left behind.

Xie Ling couldn’t bear seeing him like this, called a waiter and threw a few words to him. Later, a waiter poured a glass of milk and told Rong Jing that this was given by Xie Ling.

This glass of milk looked so out of place in this banquet and received numerous attention.

Rong Jing didn’t notice Ji Leping, who was standing in the distance. He wanted to say hello but didn’t know if he should talk to him. The students in his broadcast were forcing him to talk to him.

“Hey, you’re…” Before he could finish his question, he saw Rong Jing get up and leave.

Rong Jing received Xie Ling’s call and walked over.

Xie Ling introduced Rong Jing to some of the corporate bosses. These bosses tried to recall who this Rong Jing was but some people immediately remembered who he was. He was the son that the Mrs. Xie had brought with her. And so, they didn’t care about him much.

However, seeing that Xie Ling had introduced him to them, the conversation had stirred. Once they heard that he was an alumni of the Film Academy, they started their flowery talk, saying that a masterpiece starring him would surely be done soon, and at that time, they would certainly drag all of their family members to support it.

If someone wanted to flatter, flattery words were needed. If someone wanted to be a hypocrite, then criticisms were needed. It was very simple to utter words that were without any meaning.

Though it was like this, Xie Ling felt that this kind of treatment and fawning were deserving of his brother, so he nodded with reserve and showed a rare, genuine smile.

This scene was supposed to be very harmonious, but Wu Fuyu, who had been watching Rong Jing for a long time, joined in.

Wu Fuyu showed a very handsome smile as he held a wine glass in his hand and said to Rong Jing, “Let bygones be bygones. Are we cool?”

Wu Fuyu was one of the main characters in the novel. When Rong Jing realized that he transmigrated into a novel, everything became clear to him, like everything finally clicked.

It was like the beginning of everything had finally begun, opening the shackles which hampered him.

When he saw Wu Fuyu, Rong Jing suddenly thought of the beginning of this novel. The protagonist had a very unstable estrus cycle. When he went to a mall for an activity, his heat suddenly came. There he happened to meet Wu Fuyu. He rushed directly to the stall where the Omega was, broke the door and grabbed Gu Xi.

However, Gu Xi was prepared. He took out a pepper spray and sprayed Wu Fuyu with it. Then he pulled out a knife and stabbed Wu Fuyu’s important part blindly.

This could be considered as a physical castration.

Wu Fuyu was stabbed and chased out like crazy.

Then in a panic, Gu Xi got into a random cab. This was where the second attack happened.

Rong Jing glanced at Wu Fuyu. Just as Wu Fuyu was about to glare at him, Rong Jing’s eyes slowly looked down.

At three inches, he stopped.

Your little Dingding, is it all right?

Nah. I guess it’s still okay.

A shiver ran down Wu Fuyu’s spine. Where the heck is he looking at? Don’t tell me he’s…gay?

Zhou Xiang, who had been following Xie Ling all the time, also saw where the young master had looked and got goosebumps.

Young master, you’re letting the cat out of the bag…

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