Hold On, You’re Something Else

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Why is he still acting so shy?

Translator: Nezu

Editor: System Yaoi 

Rong Jing’s cold expression finally showed a little crack.

This was unexpected.

“What’s with that face? Did my name offend you?” Wu Fuyu was very sensitive towards his own name.

“Isn’t there a saying that the more you lack something, the more you want to show it?” Rong Jing’s words managed to hit the nail on the head.

Wu Fuyu almost lost it. Don’t think that he couldn’t tell that Rong Jing actually meant that their family was uneducated!

“Just because you’re Brother Xie’s brother doesn’t mean I can’t touch you!” Uuughh, so exasperating!

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No, I need to do another set of SCL-903Questions used to assess psychological problems. I have to do it now.

Because his CPU couldn’t bear so much information for the time being, Rong Jing decided to stop thinking about it. The most important thing now was that he realized neither he nor Xie Ling seemed to have existed in this novel, or maybe their existence was so insignificant, too unimportant for him to remember.

He had a hunch that this might be a very important clue that may determine some kind of fate.

According to normal logic, this novel revolves around several protagonists. This world was the medium of this fiction, and even though it has been realized, it might still follow certain laws. He had no idea whether his current existence was breaking those laws or not.

However, one thing was certain. The author was not friendly at all to cannon fodders.

No one knew why Rong Jing suddenly stopped moving, looking as if he was suddenly enlightened and had thought of something bad.

Rong Jing looked very pale as he stared at the surface of the pool, with someone still splashing through the water.

“Rong Jing, let go of him first!” Wu Fuyu exclaimed. Man, he’s going to die!

I think you’re the real evil!

When Rong Jing heard the cry, he slowly regained his senses and saw the young man’s hair beneath his feet. He realized that he was still actively struggling.

The lung capacity of this Alpha was quite good. It seemed that most of this second generation kids have learned, were proficient, or have specially practiced diving.

“Whether I let him go or not, I want to ask the victim first,” Rong Jing thought for a moment and asked Gu Xi, who was still having a struggle between heavenly principles and personal desires, “You decide. If you want me to let him go, I will.”

The corners of Rong Jing’s mouth turned up a bit like a hungry wolf as he stared at Wu Fuyu, as if to say ‘Come here and he’ll really be trampled to death’.

Wu Fuyu couldn’t tell whether Rong Jing would really do it or not.

Rong Jing: Nah, I’m acting.

Wu Fuyu looked at Xie Ling who seemed surprised as well. 

Aren’t you going to stop your brother?

Xie Ling, who remained looking cold and indifferent, didn’t respond. He thought that his little brother had something in mind.

Are all the men of the Xie family this crazy?

You still think we’re bullying your brother? Look at him, who has the ability to bully him?

In the end, Gu Xi decided not to throw away the Alpha-scented suit, and endured the repulsion that his body felt. He looked at the hair of the young man, and the feeling of being close to death came up again. Of course he wouldn’t want to let this man go.

Gu Xi stared at the man under the water, as if to return all the pain that he had just suffered.

He lowered his eyes and kept the coldness in his eyes concealed.

He applied for a temporary worker’s certificate in private and used a fake name. If someone was to be killed here, it would implicate Rong Jing.

In the middle of this cold night, Gu Xi, who was wearing Rong Jing’s suit, felt warm.

He stood up and looked directly at Rong Jing, “It’s enough. You can let him go.”

Rong Jing moved away his feet and dragged the man like a dead log out of the water with one hand.

Everyone was shocked. The man was almost 170 pounds, and since he had just come out of the water, he’d probably be much heavier than usual. Everyone viewed Rong Jing as a strong, strange Godzilla.

Rong Jing knew first aid. He began to press the young man’s chest before Wu Fuyu and the others could even call an ambulance.

After a few chest compressions, the young man finally spit out mouthfuls of water one after another, looking like someone who was dying as he stared ahead.

There were many stars in the night sky tonight.

However, as he stared at the stars, Rong Jing’s face suddenly appeared.

The young man became too frightened to move.

Rong Jing smiled warmly, “Don’t worry. I was counting the time. I wasn’t going to let you die.”

I didn’t mean it, I was just thinking about the author.

The young man didn’t believe him at all. In his eyes, this friendly and warm Rong Jing was even more terrifying than Xie Ling’s existence.

He nodded eagerly.

“Did you have fun?”

Because Wu Fuyu said that this was a game, Rong Jing also treated it as such.

When he was dealing with people, most of the time, he would let them have a leeway. However, it also depended on the situation. One example was this. If the person was a hopeless case, he could only let the person think that politeness was a blessing. It was more appropriate to trample all over them.

He was very reasonable, so what he would end up doing would simply depend on the person he encountered.

As Wu Fuyu approached, he heard what Rong Jing said and felt like it was said for him to hear.

Rong Jing added, “I love peace. It’s best to solve problems without violence. You understand that, right?”

The man nodded in a daze. Rong Jing finally let him go. The young men and women on one side went to pick up the almost dying young man.

He didn’t know when the young man in his coat had left, leaving only a puddle of water in the place where he once sat.

Rong Jing wasn’t a person who yearned to be thanked. Since that person had escaped the clutches of those who bullied him, he could only hope that he’d be okay and stop being so unlucky.

“Finished showing off your bravado?” Xie Ling reprimanded as he took his brother away with a strange expression on his way.

Rong Jing showed an awkward yet polite smile and blinked innocently at Xie Ling.

Wu Fuyu stared at the back of the Xie brothers as they left. He hadn’t felt this kind of intimidation and provocation from his peers for a long, long time.

It made him feel angry and made his blood boil. It was as if every cell in his body was screaming and boiling. This was the gene that belonged only to their Wu family. It was normal for them to play games. However, when things turned serious, their faces changed faster than anyone else.

“Find out who that waiter is. I want to know everything about him.”

“Prince, are you interested in that waiter?”

“I didn’t have much interest at first but now… Look for him first.”

You think you can run away? Let’s see how things go.

On the other hand, the two brothers had already gone out a long way.

Xie Ling mocked, “You seem very proud.”

Rong Jing went back to his adorable and obedient behavior, “I don’t dare, big brother.”

“Heh, now you know that I’m your big brother. I thought you already forgot,” Xie Ling was more or less relieved to see his brother was fine. However, as he thought about what happened, he knew that the matter was far from over. Wu Fuyu was a patient hunter. 

Now, all of their guests had basically arrived.

“Father asked you to go to the dressing room to talk with Auntie Han. She’s very nervous. Go there first and stop being stubborn.”

Xie Ling took another look at his obedient, unfamiliar little brother. Whether his brother had a split personality or not, there really was a big difference between how he acted before and now.

If he is like this, how am I supposed to continue scolding him?

“I’ll deal with you later when this is over!” Xie Ling hurriedly went to the banquet hall with Zhou Xiang.

He had been away for a long time. As the host, this was very rude and very uncalled for.

Every family had its own share of problems, ah.

Rong Jing also had a headache. He had yet to sort out the large amount of information that he got.

I’ll think about it later. I’ll go see the original owner’s mother for now. This is someone that I’m bound to come across.

Granted that he was exposed, he could only face the oncoming problems head-on.

Rong Jing went upstairs and came to the dressing room that he remembered in his memory. The door was not closed.

“Ah~” An ambiguous voice sounded.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh?

Rong Jing paused for a moment with his hand on the doorknob.

Inside the room, a man’s ragged panting intertwined with someone’s rapid shallow breathing could be heard. Rong Jing’s face suddenly became hot, like a red-hot shrimp.

The man who was exercising inside sensed someone outside the door.

He said lazily and casually, “Who’s there?” 

He didn’t feel embarrassed of being discovered at all.

“It’s me, Rong Jing. I’ll come back later,” As if feeling something burning behind his neck, Rong Jing decided to leave.

The man smiled and rubbed the person under him firmly, “This son of yours is already an adult. Why is he still acting so shy?”

Though the woman was old, she still had her charm.

“He’s still young,” the woman said shyly, feeling a bit embarrassed to let her son hear them.

“Young? He had already graduated from college. Is he still proud to be a chick? I’ll send an Omega to him later. Let him eat some meat.”

Rong Jing, who hurriedly went downstairs, covered his burning face.

The stepfather of the original owner, this human motor, lived up to his reputation.

At this time, Rong Jing was unaware that later tonight, there would be a massive surprise waiting for him in his bed.

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  1. Lanmu17

    Somethings I forgot to say last chapter: Xixi’s alpha phobia is really disheartening… I can’t imagine what he must have gone through as a child. Now for this chapter… Wu Fuyu: What is wrong with this Xie family? Are they all psychos? Our Dage: My bro has split personality?! How can I scold this demure, cute baby brother? Meanwhile… Dad Xie: Kid’s too innocent. Gotta fix that. Jingjing:*gets shivers all over his body* On another note… I keep getting reminded of that time where Jingjing talked of there not being any rights for alphas. It really is similar to our world. Women aren’t condemned for sexual violence or harassment, men are supposed to feel privileged to get it. However, if it’s a man, it’s looked upon really badly.